My New Favourite Camera Bag.

Are you tired of lugging around a heavy and bulky camera bag that just doesn’t fit your style? Look no further, because I have found the perfect solution! After trying out numerous camera bags, I am excited to share with you my new favourite camera bag that has completely changed the way I carry my photography gear. This bag not only provides ample space for all my equipment, but it also looks sleek and stylish, making it the perfect accessory for any photography adventure. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to convenience with my new favourite camera bag! Join me as I share the features and benefits of this game-changing bag.

My New Favourite Camera Bag

Welcome to My New Favourite Camera Bag

Hello everybody welcome to what I think is probably about the 84th video I’ve made about camera bags on this channel. I do love camera bags but it’s perhaps getting a bit silly. I can’t even promise you that this will be the last one for a long time either.
Because I think I’ll make more in future but anyway basically if you’ve watched any other videos on this channel about camera bags you’ll probably know that the past couple of years or so
this has been my my go to daily bag for about two years it’s the mind shift back like 26 later.

Reasons I Love This Bag

There are a number of reasons that it fits my brief. Firstly, you can fit all your camera gear in the back of it which I like. There is also room in the back for things like my laptop which is crucial if I’m going away anywhere if I’m going away for more than one night I’ll take a laptop so they can edit photos. This has a dedicated laptop compartment and if you don’t have a laptop there’s also room for things like layers, burritos, and water that kind of thing too. However, all that stuff has to fight for the same space.

New Discoveries

I’ve discovered the joy of hydration bladders since I’ve been mountain biking and there’s nowhere really to put a hydration bladder in this apart from the Laptop compartment but if you put it in there there’s no room for other things like layers and stuff which means the sooner or later you end up using the camera compartment to put like a burrito there and your water jacket in there.

New Findings

Recently, I mentioned that Emily and I are moving house again soon hopefully and then hopefully it will never move ever again because it’s a nightmare but I was going through the cupboards and stuff. Working out what I’ve got and where that would go in a new house and I came across a bible that I was hoping to get out soon anyway for some camping which is this an f-stop sucker which was very kindly sent to me by f-stop. This an f-stop sucker which was very kindly sent to me by f-stop. I was looking at this bag and I was thinking this is perfect for all of my photography needs in that there’s really to fit all of my camera gear and there’s access to it from the back again.

The New Lotus Bag

The Lotus bag is a smaller version of the sukkah and there’s room for all my camera gear. This is an ICU and I see you don’t know what that stands for but basically maybe an integrated camera unit into maybe that’s it but yeah.

Comfort and Durability

One of the things that I wanted to test with this bag was how it worked with hydration bladders. I forgot mine not the end of the world because I’m sure a hydration bladder fits in the place it’s supposed to in this bag and therefore it works fine but It would have been nice to have some water it’s quite hot sweating but if you can see thirsty as well I always get a little bit nervous when I’m reading reviews and people are talking about build quality because for me build quality and longevity are exactly the same thing they’re entwined and trying to work out the longevity of a product based on having spent a few hours with it.

My New Favourite Camera Bag FAQ

What makes this camera bag special?

This camera bag is special because it is designed specifically for photographers with compartments for camera bodies, lenses, and other accessories. It also has extra padding for protection and comfortable straps for easy carrying.

Is the camera bag waterproof?

Yes, this camera bag is made of waterproof material, keeping your valuable camera gear safe from the elements.

How much gear can the camera bag hold?

It can hold a DSLR or mirrorless camera body, 2-3 lenses, a flash, and various smaller accessories like memory cards and batteries.

Does the camera bag have a warranty?

Yes, the camera bag comes with a 1-year warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.

Is the camera bag comfortable to wear for long periods?

Yes, the camera bag has padded straps and a padded back for comfort even when carrying heavy gear for extended periods of time.

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