My Camera Bag Problem

Do you ever find yourself struggling to fit all of your photography gear into one bag? Whether you’re a professional photographer or just a photography enthusiast, the struggle to find the perfect camera bag is real. It can be a challenge to find a bag that accommodates all of your equipment while still being comfortable to carry around. But fear not, as I have found a solution to this common problem. In this blog, I will share my personal experience with finding the perfect camera bag and offer some tips and tricks for choosing the right one for your needs. Say goodbye to the camera bag struggle and hello to convenient and organized photography sessions!

My Camera Bag Problem

Hi everyone and uh welcome back to snowdonia someone’s got a drone this place is usually completely dead not snow down here as a whole but uh this part of it but even here the car park is full at the moment but this is the last week of school holidays So hopefully everywhere we’ll go back to normal as of next week uh anyway i’m on my way up to the dull and bothy i’m not staying there i’m just going to take some photos of it and i thought i’d get some photos of this uh I want to say roman road on my way up there i’ve got no evidence whatsoever that it’s a roman road just a guess also i might take some shots of this um i don’t know what this is called either well i do but i can’t remember i don’t Know what any plants are called but this stuff i i do know the name of just yeah can’t remember but uh maybe try and single out one of the strands of it maybe go for something like 50 mil f28 to isolate and wait for the wind to play ball something like that Oh and i’ve got a new camera bag for the umpteenth time on this channel let me tell you about that 70 ml f28 well there really is a lot of nice color around this time of year it’s just tricky trying to get it all in one shot but uh well if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun would it right camera bag so you might have noticed over the past Couple of weeks if you’ve been eagle-eyed that uh i’ve had a different camera bag which has been this camera bag this is a shimoda action x 50 which is quite a bit bigger than the camera bags i’ve typically had this is 50 liters or can be 50 liters or Maybe it expands above 50 liters it’s about 50 liters and typically in the past i’ve used bags of about 30 liters so this has in many ways an unfair advantage when comparing it to my other bags because i wanted a bigger bag this is bigger therefore it wins now i asked on Instagram a couple of weeks back if you had any suggestions for bags and lots of you said this and luckily shimoda sent me one so they’ve not asked me to say anything particular in this video they they won’t get to see it before this goes out but uh yeah just so You know in the interest of they sent me this free now i feel like i make a camera bag video every year and that’s probably because i make a camera bag video every year and i’m normally talking about the latest bag that i’ve got and whether or not it’s Taken me any closer to finding the perfect camera bag it usually has the big breakthrough i had a couple of years ago was that i found i needed a dedicated space as this has for camera gear now a lot of the brands will make kind of inserts that just sit within the Bag that you can take out if you so wanted and it just gives you a nice dedicated space for all your gear however they also have room as my previous bag did for all the other stuff that you need to take on a trip so food drinks um waterproofs oh no Sorry i expected the waterproof to be in there it’s it’s actually in here but yeah they have space for all the other stuff you need on a photography trip which some bags that i’ve had in the past didn’t and that always used to drive me mad anyway the biggest beauty of this Bag other than it being bigger than my previous bags is that it’s expandable which i love because normally if you carry a really big bag and you don’t have that much stuff with you which happens on photography trips a lot of the time we don’t want to take loads and Loads of stuff we just want to go on a quick couple of hours hike and we don’t need to take all of our belongings and on those trips if you have a massive bag like this for example and you only put a couple of things in It and let’s say you’re walking up a mountain you’re having to scramble then in that instance you could end up with lots of stuff rattling around and being displaced if you’ve got food and stuff that’s not particularly ideal with this design which is a roll top You can adjust the size of the bag for uh whatever you have which means that all of your stuff photography gear and otherwise will stay secure and i really like that about this bag it’s also a hell of a lot more comfortable than my previous one it’s got kind of expandable shoulder straps I don’t know if that’s the right way to say it but yeah and it’s got a pretty decent spot for my tripod loads of room for things like hydration bladders and yeah just a really nice very well made bag that’s uh well perfect for me and my Needs at the minute i think so i’m not gonna make a dedicated camera bag video again but this is going to be my new bag going forward so if you notice i’ve got a different bag they’re the reasons why i uh i must admit i’m absolutely nowhere near the bother yet I’ve walked i don’t know less than a mile from the car in about two hours but there’s just so much to photograph here there’s an old settlement down there that’s surrounded by sheep at the moment there’s a rock with a tree growing out of it lots of sheep down there as well I really know what’s going on with that uh then there’s wild horses over there i could just stay around here but uh i did tell myself to go to the botty so i will do that via maybe a little detour going to check out that settlement just as soon as i’ve finished my Sandwiches which when i have i can pop the foil back in the bag and do the roll top even tighter than i did before to make sure that my banana doesn’t get hurt if i don’t eat that now so very clever i’m um i’m beginning to suspect that i have a Bit of a camera bag problem if i’m honest i have 13 14 15 camera bags depending on how you define camera bags it’s absolutely ridiculous i’ve got a wardrobe full of them at home and that’s not an exaggeration i should probably think a little bit about how i could do some sort of Giveaway if that would be of interest let me know if you’ve got any ideas but uh yeah silly anyway there is the the settlement and i did want to go and take some photos when there’s some sheep in and amongst it but they seem to have disappeared Which is probably for the best actually because uh well i put a ridiculous amount of cheese in that sandwich and i’m not exactly fleet-footed at the moment i i suspect having not looked at it properly yet that that previous image with the the tree the rock and the sheep Would have been a lot better with a bit of atmosphere fog you know what atmosphere is and i think this is exactly the same but still still worth a shot literally oh i did not check the map properly because i didn’t sign up for boggy uphills i was thinking about five minutes ago This would be a perfect spot in winter i mean not as colorful sure but it’d be nice to do winter but this will be soaking in winter impossible i’d imagine how’s this for a cool ladder over the fence by…

Frequently Asked Questions about My Camera Bag Problem

What is the issue with my camera bag?
The zipper on my camera bag is broken and I can’t close it properly.
Can the zipper be fixed?
Yes, a professional repair service should be able to fix the zipper for you.
How much will it cost to fix the zipper?
The cost of the repair will depend on the extent of the damage and the specific service provider. It’s best to get a quote from the repair shop.
Can I temporarily fix the zipper myself?
There are some temporary fixes you can try, such as using a paperclip or zip tie to hold the zipper together. However, these are not long-term solutions and may further damage the zipper.
Can I still use my camera bag with the broken zipper?
You can still use the bag, but it’s not secure and your equipment may be at risk of falling out. It’s best to get the zipper fixed as soon as possible.

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