My 2024 Livestream Setup

Question: How can I create the ultimate livestream setup for 2024?

When it comes to livestreaming, having the right setup can make all the difference in the world. Whether you’re a professional content creator or just someone who enjoys sharing their passions with the world, having a top-notch livestream setup can take your broadcasts to the next level. In this blog, I will be sharing my 2024 livestream setup, complete with all the latest equipment and technology. From cameras and microphones to lighting and software, I will cover everything you need to create a professional and engaging livestream experience for your audience. So, if you’re ready to take your livestreams to the next level, read on to discover my ultimate setup for 2024.

My 2024 Livestream Setup

Setting Up for the Workshop

Guys we’ve made it today is day one of my live cohort based Workshop called creater autonomy and I thought it’ be fun to take you guys along for the journey and give you a behind the scenes look of me setting up my live stream setup which does not look set up at all Right now and as well for you guys just to join in on this Monumental day for me right now it’s a little pit past 3 which means I have less than 5 hours to get everything set up here for the live stream go over my notes one last time and then it’s Showtime so

About Creator Autonomy

Some of you guys are probably wondering what in the world is Creator autonomy and basically it’s my first ever live cohort-based Workshop which means it’s a live workshop with a group of people that I teach and then we have a lot of interaction together and have Q&A and it’s really exciting

International Participants

For this first round we got 10 students from seven different countries which is really exciting a really International crowd and I’m really excited because finally I feel like I’m going to actually be able to interact and go deeper with the people who are part of my community

Learning and Growth

One of my favorite Things about this whole journey so far has been the fact that I just feel so alive now

The Journey of Learning

This has just been a huge season of learning because I feel like whenever you step into something new there’s just so many things you don’t know or have never done before and you just have to learn for example live streaming I’ve never live streamed before that’s been a huge Learning curve for me to figure out all the different steps on how to do a live stream as well creating presentations

Live Stream Setup

So onto my live stream setup I have no clue is this the best way of doing it this is the way that I figured out for myself so in no way is this like a follow me but if You’re interested in seeing my live stream set up this is what it is so here’s the live stream set up in all its Glory we first got the sure m7v mic which is really nice cuz you could just hook it up straight with a USBC cord to Your laptop then we got the zv1 mark 2 my aperture 300X with the light Dome then I’ve got my main Studio display and the way I’ve basically organized my screen here is that here on the left I’ve got my canva presenter where I have my presentation I can see notes and Everything like that what the audience is seeing is the presentation right there I have here OBS OBS is pretty interesting you can actually do a lot of cool things in here uh basically with my main angle like this I’ve actually added my own L to it to get my own look and as Well for the slideshow I was able to then add a little Avatar head circle like there so you see my head in the bottom left corner during the presentation then I’m going to broadcast from OBS to zoom and I’m just going to have a zoom meeting with my students

My 2024 Livestream Setup FAQ

  1. What equipment will you be using for your 2024 livestream?

    I will be using a high-quality camera, a professional microphone, and a reliable computer with streaming capabilities.

  2. Will you have multiple camera angles for the livestream?

    Yes, I plan to have multiple camera angles to provide a dynamic viewing experience for my audience.

  3. What platform will you be streaming on?

    I will be streaming on multiple platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and possibly a custom website for the event.

  4. Will there be interactive elements for viewers during the livestream?

    Yes, I plan to incorporate live polls, chat interactions, and possibly even live Q&A sessions during the livestream.

  5. How can viewers support the livestream?

    Viewers will have the option to donate, subscribe, or purchase merchandise to support the livestream and help fund future events.

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