More than a Photographer in Ukraine (Conversation with Jens Krauer)

Are you tired of the same old photography blogs that only focus on technical aspects and gear reviews? If so, then you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to Jens Krauer, a world-renowned photographer who is more than just a photographer. With a unique perspective and a passion for storytelling, Krauer’s work goes beyond capturing beautiful images – he creates visual narratives that speak to the soul. Join us as we delve into a conversation with Krauer and discover his artistic process, his inspirations, and his latest project in Ukraine. Get ready to be inspired by the man who sees photography as a powerful medium for social change.

More than a Photographer in Ukraine (Conversation with Jens Krauer)

More than a Photographer in Ukraine

Conversation with Jens Krauer


You hear me i hear you i don’t see you yet let me figure that out with zoom yeah it’s always the same it works and then a few days later it all drives me crazy there you go hey you how you doing man i’m okay it’s nice to see you in one Piece yens thank you i appreciate it thanks for for coming on because as you know and we’ve spoken before about what photography is and this notion that a photographer is merely a photographer as opposed to a human being really sticks in my craw i want to use my channel for The totality of what i think photography is and that is humanity uh it’s what icp and cornell kappa coined as a phrase concerned photography but it goes way beyond that because the ends you didn’t go to ukraine from the comfort of switzerland just to take photographs did you no we didn’t i mean I have a long story with ukraine i used to live there i have friends i know the place i know the culture and uh yeah i mean since february the whole world from my friends changed and there are multiple levels to this on one hand I had to personally figure out how to be with them in a situation that i cannot directly support them and out of this came that we started doing a humanitarian work and as you beautifully mentioned i think photography especially documentary photography and to a degree street photography all of these fields They tell the story of these kind of moments and we had two points to take action on one was friends of ours were in dire need of help and on the other hand we also want to show what is going on there so these two things click together and Every time we drive into ukraine we bring humanitarian goods i photograph on site as much as i can as much as it is reasonable to do in regarding or concerning safety and then we return with uh with people in the car back to switzerland so we Came back uh today is the 27th of march we came back two days ago with uh tanya and sergey a mother and a son seven years old from mikaela and igor from stitomius which we both found at the train station in levith and in the meantime have a new home in in Switzerland so yeah we’re going full circle on this how many times have you made this journey now how much time have you spent on the road how many people have you brought across the border so far uh it comes in different parts i mean uh my last three stays in ukraine the last One was last summer where i visited the chernobyl uh things looked a little better at that point of time and then in january and february i went into the area of donetsk directly to the contact line with with the separatist regions and i was there january february i left A few days before the 24th of february which was the outbreak of the the active conflict with the some of the last flights probably available to to regularly fly out of ukraine and once we were back we decided to go back about one and a Half weeks ago and we came back two days ago so we spent two and a half three days driving up through germany poland it takes a long time to cross the border into ukraine so we plan a half a day to a day for that Then stayed four four and a half days in levith itself and returned for another two or three days um on the way there we had a lot of medication a lot of emergency kits for for heavy injuries that we brought up and as i mentioned before on the way Back we brought three people back to switzerland which to us was not 100 satisfying so we’re currently working on bringing this operation to another level and hopefully be able to bring people dozens of people back in into switzerland on the next round well i want to say two things first of All i want to know how we myself included but our audience can help uh in in the funding of those kinds of supplies to those kinds of trips but i also want to commend you for the three that you have already managed to get out my background To save one life the philosophy goes is to save the world so i i just it’s fantastic what you’re doing it’s fantastic what you’re doing what uh and and the fact that you’re in la vie that you just came back from levi and now the missiles are thudding there Once again just a few miles from the polish border is quite something and of course that you were at chernobyl well since your last visit it’s changed a little bit it’s been uh overrun by the russians who as i read a couple of days ago kept the ukrainian staff On site 600 hours straight without a break at gunpoint so really really incredible what was it like as you move from border to border or across border uh again and again what were the people like as you were coming in to ukraine coming into germany coming into poland well i i It was actually i mean to start with the positive things uh i believe politics they need they need their time to make specific to take specific actions and what really made us all who were in in the car uh very happy is that in front of the polish or the border going from Poland into ukraine there were miles of cars and there were two lanes one lane is for official convoys trucks big trucks with stuff and the other one is for for private people and the amount of people i saw the the license plates i saw from all over europe even some american license plates Showed me that despite our politics sometimes needing some time people are actually moving and this fulfilled me with a lot of happiness because we are at the end of the day it’s a lot of drops but there’s a certain amount of drops that will will fill the barrel to a good degree and That was my feeling and then the process going into poland was rather straightforward i have friends in in ukraine who provided me with the right papers to to pass through both borders um into ukraine i think it’s mostly checking if there’s anything harmful coming in at that point in time Going out of ukraine uh with people in our car women children no problem we had one male around the age of 40 and they double checked them to be sure that they are really eligible to to leave the country but it was in in all cases a friendly and a Good experience everybody’s fully aware that that people are there for a reason and nobody’s moving at that point of time without a reason or a high motivation you say that there’s a long story about your relationship to ukraine do you want to share any of that with us Sure i mean in 2011 2012 uh before i became a photographer when i thought corporate life was a good thing and i was wearing and getting promoted and earning a lot of money at all these things i used to work for the european uh soccer association and we organized the European uh soccer championship in ukraine so i came into ukraine as a typical westerner which you know we have our views we have our ways to go about things and quickly i learned about uh eastern culture and things that are important and that have roots there And what kind of a pride exists in in being from the east equally as we…

Frequently Asked Questions about More than a Photographer in Ukraine (Conversation with Jens Krauer)

  1. Who is Jens Krauer?

    Jens Krauer is a renowned photographer and filmmaker known for his exceptional storytelling through visual media. He has traveled the world capturing captivating images, and his work has been recognized and featured in numerous publications and exhibitions.

  2. What is More than a Photographer in Ukraine?

    More than a Photographer in Ukraine is a conversation series featuring Jens Krauer. It provides a unique opportunity to delve into his experiences, insights, and stories from his photographic journey in Ukraine. The series explores the cultural and social aspects of the country through the lens of photography.

  3. How can I watch More than a Photographer in Ukraine?

    You can watch More than a Photographer in Ukraine on the official website of Jens Krauer or through his official YouTube channel. The series episodes are freely available for everyone to enjoy and gain inspiration from.

  4. What can I expect from More than a Photographer in Ukraine?

    By watching More than a Photographer in Ukraine, you can expect to immerse yourself in the beauty of Ukrainian landscapes, culture, and people. Through Jens Krauer’s narrative and stunning visuals, you will gain a deeper appreciation for the art of photography and the power it holds in capturing the essence of a place.

  5. Are there other similar conversations or series by Jens Krauer?

    Yes, Jens Krauer has conducted various conversation series and projects focusing on different countries and regions. Some of his popular series include “Through the Lens of Switzerland,” “Exploring Asia with a Camera,” and “Capturing the Soul of Africa.” These series allow viewers to explore diverse cultures and landscapes through Jens Krauer’s unique perspective.

  6. Can I participate in More than a Photographer in Ukraine?

    Currently, More than a Photographer in Ukraine is a pre-recorded series, so active participation is not possible during the show. However, you can engage with Jens Krauer and other photography enthusiasts through social media platforms, where you can share your thoughts, ask questions, and connect with like-minded individuals from around the world.

  7. Is More than a Photographer in Ukraine available with subtitles?

    Yes, More than a Photographer in Ukraine is available with English subtitles. This ensures that non-native English speakers can also enjoy the series with full understanding. Simply enable the subtitles option while watching the episodes to have the text displayed on the screen.

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