Moman Power 99 Pro Review: Unique V- Mount battery w/OLED and USB-C

Are you tired of constantly swapping out batteries on your camera during long shoots? Do you need a reliable and efficient power solution that can keep up with your demanding filming schedule? Look no further than the Moman Power 99 Pro. This unique V-Mount battery comes equipped with an OLED display and USB-C port, making it a game changer for professionals in the film and photography industry. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at the features and performance of the Moman Power 99 Pro, and why it’s quickly becoming a must-have power solution for content creators and filmmakers. Keep reading to find out more!

Moman Power 99 Pro Review: Unique V-Mount Battery w/ OLED and USB-C

Hi, I’m Dustin Abbott, and I’m here today to give you a quick review of an innovative new V-mount-style battery. While V-mount batteries have always been pretty standard in my experience, other than slightly different shapes and some obviously having better battery cells than others, for the most part, there hasn’t been much new that I’ve experienced along my years of experience with V-mount batteries.

Unique Features

The concept of the Moman Power 99 Pro interested me, however, is it actually did something different. It is different in three ways. The ways that it can receive power, the ways it can deliver power, and also the way that it displays information.

Power Delivery and Information Display

The Moman Power 99 is unique in that while it has the standard D-Tap power output, it can also be charged via the ubiquitous USB-C, which means you don’t have to lug around a big AC adapter, and also, you can save the cost of buying the AC adapter.

While there is a standard D-Tap output in addition to the V-mount ports, there’s also that USB-A and USB-C ports on the top. And so, you can use it like a large power bank as well. It has 99 watt-hours of storage, which means that you can use it to either power your phone or charge your camera.

The Power 99 Pro can deliver up to 200 watts of power at a max rated current of 15 amps. While most V-mount batteries rely on a few LED lights to show you the state of charge, the Power 99 Pro has an onboard OLED screen, which shows you the outgoing or incoming current to a hundredth percentage point.

Battery Cells and Size

There are eight 18650 power battery cells that make up the internals of the Power 99 Pro. It is all managed by a Texas Instrument smart battery management system, and the batteries are rated for 1,000 recharge cycles. In other words, you’re gonna get a lot of use out of this puppy.

Finally, I also appreciate the very small footprint. Each of the three V-mount batteries I have around this output capacity, are all shaped very differently, obviously. The Watson battery is long and slim, but it’s actually a little bit too long for some of my lights, and doesn’t fit properly.

The Rotolight by comparison is much more compact in length but it is considerably thicker. The Power 99 is thicker still, but it is much smaller in the other dimensions, and has a much smaller overall volume, despite having a slightly larger output capacity of 99 versus 95 watt-hours.

Performance and Price

In use, the Power 99 functions pretty much like other batteries, other than obviously what you can do with the battery and getting that information. In terms of delivering the power in the typical applications, it works pretty much like the others.

The final compelling reason to consider the Moman Power 99 Pro is the price. The Moman retails for 179 US dollars. The Watson retails for 199 US dollars, while the Rotolight is a whopping 299 US dollars, which means that you can almost get two of these for the price of just one of the Rotolight batteries.

So, if you’re looking for a good value V-mount battery that has some unique advantages not shared by others on the market, look no further than the Moman Power 99 Pro. There are purchase links in the description below. Please like and subscribe. Thanks for watching. Have a great day, and let the light in.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moman Power 99 Pro?

Moman Power 99 Pro is a unique V-Mount battery that comes with an OLED display and USB-C charging capabilities, making it a versatile power solution for various professional video and photography equipment.

What makes Moman Power 99 Pro unique?

The Moman Power 99 Pro stands out with its V-Mount design, which is compatible with a wide range of cameras, lights, and other devices. Additionally, it features an OLED display that provides real-time battery status and a USB-C port for convenient charging.

What are the benefits of using Moman Power 99 Pro?

The Moman Power 99 Pro offers long-lasting power, a compact and lightweight design, and advanced features such as overcharging protection and power output monitoring. Its compatibility with USB-C charging also makes it a convenient power source for modern devices.

Is the Moman Power 99 Pro worth the investment?

Many users find the Moman Power 99 Pro to be a worthwhile investment due to its durable build, reliable performance, and versatile compatibility. It is especially beneficial for professionals who require a dependable power source for their equipment during long shoots or projects.

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