Making Instagram Photos Look Like Art

Are you tired of your Instagram photos looking bland and uninteresting? Do you want to take your photo game to the next level and make your feed look like a work of art? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog, we will discuss some tips and tricks for making your Instagram photos look like masterpieces. From lighting and composition to editing techniques, we will cover everything you need to know to elevate your photography skills and create stunning visuals that will make your followers stop and stare. Get ready to transform your feed into a gallery of artistic snapshots that will leave everyone in awe.

Making Instagram Photos Look Like Art

What’s up everybody pet McKinnon here welcome back to yet another video Welcome Back alas you have arrived it is great to great to have you this video is brought to you by Squarespace more on that in a moment how to add borders to your photos

Why Add Borders

Why do people add borders to their photos? One, it’s aesthetic. It’s a preference. If you like the way it looks, that’s all the justification you need. Two, it’s kind of got like a film thing. Most film photographers add borders to their photos. Three, it also comes down to Instagram. Pet McKinnon mentions that he cares more about the overall look of his Instagram page rather than just individual posts.

Benefits of Borders

Borders can help to make your Instagram feed look more cohesive and curated. It allows you to showcase your work in a way that represents you as an artist and highlights your current body of work. It can make your photos look like they belong in a photo book or a gallery, giving them a more intentional and thoughtful feel.

How to Add Borders

There are different ways to add borders to your photos. One easy way is to use mobile apps like Lightroom or Afterlight Photo. In Lightroom, you can add borders when you go to share your photo. In Afterlight Photo, you can adjust the frame options to add borders to your photos. You can also use preview apps to see how your bordered photos will look together on your Instagram feed.

Engagement vs. Artistic Vision

While adding borders may impact engagement on your Instagram posts, it’s important to prioritize your artistic vision and overall aesthetic. Pet McKinnon mentions that he values the art, community, and process of creating curated posts over just following the algorithm for likes and engagement.

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Overall, adding borders to your Instagram photos can help you create a more intentional and curated feed that showcases your work as an artist. It can give your photos a unique and thoughtful look that sets them apart from the rest. So don’t be afraid to experiment with borders and find a style that works for you.

FAQ – Making Instagram Photos Look Like Art

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my Instagram photos look like art?

There are several ways to enhance your Instagram photos and make them look like art. Some tips include using filters and editing tools within the app, playing with composition, lighting, and angles, and experimenting with different styles and techniques. Additionally, using third-party editing apps and presets can help you achieve a more artistic look.

What are some popular filters for making Instagram photos look like art?

Some popular filters that can help give your Instagram photos an artistic touch include VSCO, A Color Story, Snapseed, and Lightroom. These apps offer a wide range of filters and editing tools that can help enhance your photos and give them a more creative and artistic look.

Are there any specific composition techniques I should keep in mind when taking Instagram photos?

When taking Instagram photos, it’s important to pay attention to composition and framing. Some popular composition techniques that can help make your photos look more artistic include the rule of thirds, leading lines, framing, and negative space. By using these techniques, you can create more visually appealing and artistic photos for your Instagram feed.

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