Making a living as a Filmmaker in 2019

Are you passionate about filmmaking? Do you dream of making a living doing what you love most? Well, you’re not alone. In the dynamic world of filmmaking, staying relevant and finding ways to make a sustainable income can be challenging. However, the year 2019 presents a multitude of opportunities for aspiring filmmakers to thrive and succeed in their chosen field. From the rise of streaming platforms to the growing demand for video content across various industries, there has never been a better time to embark on a filmmaking career. In this blog, we will explore the key strategies and trends that can help you make a living as a filmmaker in 2019. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, this is your ultimate guide to turning your passion into a profitable profession.

Making a Living as a Filmmaker in 2019


This place is honestly insane like coming from Australia like we don’t even get snow let alone like these mountains and everything like that it’s just crazy What’s up guys I’m actually in Switzerland at the moment and I’m in the Swiss Alps in a really beautiful little town called Verbier I was like updating my story like my Instagram and stuff when I got here in the past few days and one of my really close friends he inbox me and he was like dude I’m so happy for you like you’re absolutely killing it that’s amazing like how far you’ve come and all this stuff and kind of made me realized this is what I’ve been working towards for like the last six years and been working so hard like a non-stop I haven’t really stopped to like appreciate the fact that I kind of made it to where I wanted to be so it’s been a pretty crazy journey from start man there’s so much to it even though I’m kind of like where I want to be where I wanted to be in terms of like becoming full-time as the creative I know there’s a lot of other people out there who you know still might be in the beginning stages or it’s still their dream you know to take their creative passion and turn it into a full-time job so while I’m like pretty happy with where I’m at at the moment you know I realized that I can actually help those people because I’ve gone through it like I’ve been through this before I started from nothing basically and I know a lot of people out there as well are starting from nothing right now so I think I have a lot of you know advice to offer so that’s kind of what today’s video is all about so this video is kind of for people who are either just starting out or they’ve been in the game for a little while and they just don’t know like the next step they might be like part-time or you know just doing it as a hobby so I’m going to share with you guys my top five tips for turning full time as a creative so while it is a beautiful day outside It is just far too cold to film out there I think it’s like negative six and negative seven degrees and I like my hand was just shaking trying to hold the camera so if moving inside now and we’re gonna get into my top five tips for Making it as a full time creative full time filmmaker or photographer whatever it is that you’re into.

Tip 1: Be Prolific

Everyone’s journey as a filmmaker is going to be slightly different but mine started out how many others do just doing filmmaking and photography as a hobby something to do out of boredom basically my parents Wanted me to go to university and get a education so I could get a good high-paying full-time job but really I wasn’t too into that idea I wanted to be creative I wanted to you know do things that I was passionate about so out of School you know I did at an university I did study film for a little while there but really I wanted to make it on my own I wanted to you know start my own production company that kind of thing so that was kind of my goal from the Beginning so I started making videos for friends like music videos I showed a couple of small concerts in my hometown you know just little personal projects like filming skateboarding things like that just for no money in the beginning so what these little projects did for me Is they helped me learn the skills to become like a decent filmmaker and photographer it was essentially learning by doing the other thing as well is because I was posting all these little projects on social media showing my friends and family and things like that in that kind of circle of people I Became known as the video guy which was actually really advantageous in the beginning that brings me to my first tip which is that you need to be prolific and what that means is that in the beginning at least you need to be doing as many projects saying yes to as many Opportunities as possible in order to get your work out there and generate word-of-mouth essentially you need to become the photography guy or girl videography guy or girl whatever it is that you’re passionate about creating you need to become that person amongst your social circle and what that’s Going To do is that’s going to make you you come up in conversations when people are talking about opportunities or things that they need done that you know might concern like your field of expertise you’re gonna be coming up in those conversations and eventually it’s going to lead to you getting a job or Two after a period of time one or two jobs are gonna present themselves and they’re actually going to be paid opportunities and that actually happened for me in the beginning a friend came to me and he said you know hey you’re that video guy I’ve seen your work around my Sister’s actually getting married next month and it would be cool if you could make a video for her and basically that was just my start into the world of making wedding videos.

Tip 2: Under Promise and Over Deliver

My second tip is to under promise and over deliver with every single client for every Opportunity that you get you need to be going above and beyond for that client to really surprise and delight them at every opportunity that you can get at this stage it’s really easy to afford you know spending an extra one or two hours to make that project extra-special Add an extra edit on to it an extra minute on to your deliverable add extra photos even spending extra time shooting you can really afford to go that extra mile in order to please your client so even if you can’t over deliver or give something extra on a particular job even Buying a small gift for your client this is a token of gratitude to them for hiring you will really help to separate you from the rest of the market and just that small gesture alone will help you to get more jobs in the future and your Word of mouth is going to be a lot stronger with that client they’ll remember you for longer and they will definitely recommend you more often.

Tip 3: Get Testimonials

My third tip is to get a testimonial from each and every client testimonials are huge at first I thought it was a little Bit cliche a little bit cringy you know to use testimonials but I decided to give it a shot I put a couple on my site and it made a massive difference I learned very early on that one of the biggest things holding potential clients back from hiring you is not quite having The confidence in your ability to deliver exactly what they’re after so putting testimonials up on your social media or on your website will really help your potential clients to like overcome that barrier of you know not exactly knowing you know if you’re going to do a good job or not the fact that They can just see that other people have used you and you know enjoyed using you enjoyed interacting with you and and at the end of that experience also got a really good product from you that really helps to eliminate those barriers in their mind overcoming objections from clients is One of the biggest things that you can learn when moving into that creative industries and selling yourself you know as a videographer or a photographer but will probably go into that more in detail in another video so just a little bonus tip if you can…

FAQ: Making a living as a Filmmaker in 2019

Frequently Asked Questions – Making a living as a Filmmaker in 2019

Q: Is it possible to make a living as a filmmaker in 2019?

A: Yes, it is possible to make a living as a filmmaker in 2019. With the advancement in technology and the rising demand for video content, there are numerous opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their skills and earn a living.

Q: How can I find work as a filmmaker?

A: There are several ways to find work as a filmmaker in 2019. You can start by building your portfolio and showcasing your past projects to potential clients or employers. Networking and attending industry events can also help you connect with people who might be looking for filmmakers. Additionally, online platforms, freelance websites, and job boards specifically catered to the film industry can provide you with job opportunities.

Q: What are some potential career paths for a filmmaker?

A: As a filmmaker in 2019, you can pursue various career paths. Some common options include working as a director, cinematographer, editor, screenwriter, producer, or even specializing in a niche field like documentary filmmaking or visual effects. It’s important to assess your interests and skills to determine which career path aligns best with your goals.

Q: Can I make money from my own films?

A: Yes, it is possible to earn money from your own films in 2019. You can distribute your films through various channels, including online platforms, film festivals, or even self-organize screenings. Monetization can come from ticket sales, selling rights for distribution, licensing music used in the film, or partnering with brands for sponsorships and endorsements.

Q: How can I stay relevant and competitive as a filmmaker?

A: To stay relevant and competitive as a filmmaker in 2019, it is crucial to continually upgrade your skills and stay updated with industry trends and technology. Take advantage of online learning platforms and workshops to enhance your expertise. Collaborating with other professionals, attending film festivals, and staying active on social media platforms can also help you build and maintain a strong presence within the industry.

Q: Are there any funding opportunities available for independent filmmakers in 2019?

A: Yes, there are funding opportunities available for independent filmmakers in 2019. Various organizations, government grants, film commissions, and online crowdfunding platforms offer financial support for promising film projects. It is important to research and apply for these opportunities to secure funding for your independent filmmaking endeavors.

Q: Do I need a formal education to become a successful filmmaker?

A: While a formal education in filmmaking can provide you with valuable knowledge and skills, it is not a strict requirement for becoming a successful filmmaker in 2019. Many filmmakers have achieved success through practical experience, self-learning, and networking. However, formal education can offer structured learning, industry connections, and a supportive environment for growth, so it is worth considering based on your personal circumstances and goals.

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