Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

Have you ever wanted to make your photos come to life and move like in the magical world of Harry Potter? Well, you’re in luck! In this Photoshop tutorial, we will teach you how to add motion to your still images, creating a mesmerizing effect that will leave your friends and family in awe. From creating simple animated GIFs to adding cinematic effects to your photos, we will cover all the steps and techniques you need to bring your photos to life. So grab your computer and let’s get started on transforming your static images into dynamic, moving works of art!


Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial

What’s up everybody? Peter McKinnon here and today we’re talking about how you can take photos that you’ve already taken and animate them within Photoshop, bringing them to life, making them almost 3D-like. It’s super awesome, it’s a little bit trippy, and it’s actually really easy to do. So, pwah, let’s go! Welcome back, everybody, Monday morning, to another tutorial.

The 2.5D Parallex Effect

Now, I’ll be the first to say this isn’t something I invented, I didn’t create this method, this has been done before, it’s been done by so many people, it’s been taught by so many people. It’s a very popular effect to apply to your photographs. It’s called the 2.5D Parallex effect. Now, before you think, “ah, this sounds confusing, “I don’t know if I’m gonna like it,” or if you think, “ah, I already know how to do that”, here’s the thing: there’s so many ways To do the same thing within this industry. There’s hard ways to do it, there’s fast ways to do it, there’s easy ways to do it, but there’s so many roads to the same finish line, and that’s what’s amazing. So today we’re gonna focus on the easier method.

Animating Your Photographs

So, how do we edit videos and include photos in those videos but make it more exciting? You can do something like this. Here’s that same photo but now the foreground is moving at a different pace and transforming at a different size than the background, which is also transforming And moving at its own pace and size. So you see that weird, trippy, it’s not 3D, but it’s like almost 3D, that 2.5D. Here’s another example. This was a couple hours later, a storm broke out. You got those mountains moving, you got the water expanding at a different rate, Which almost makes it look like it’s moving. It’s just a really cool, clever, unique way to display your photographs within a video.

Selecting the Right Image

Now, before we get started, I wanna thank the sponsors of today’s episode, which are the folks over at Squarespace. They’ve got some brand new summer templates that are just, (whistles) fire, I guess the cool kids area saying. But if you don’t know, which I’m sure you do already, it’s the all-in-one platform where there’s Nothing to install, patch, or upgrade at any time. And if you need a website or a domain or you need a store or a blog, basically an online presence, these are the guys I recommend you go to. They’ve got 24/7 customer service which is award-winning, So if you manage to break the internet in the process they’ll sort you out; you can get your domains there, and like I said there’s tons of award-winning designer templates to choose from.

Animating Your Photos in Photoshop

Alright, once you have selected a photo that you are happy with to animate, bring that into Photoshop and then head over here to the left side, select the pen tool, and then just choose an area on the photo to start, Zoom in, you can hit command plus on your keyboard to zoom in there, and I am gonna start right over here on top of my head with my hat. And literally at this point you’re just making your way around the whole shape, whatever it is that you’re cutting out in the foreground, Just take your time, be slow with it, don’t worry, it takes a little while. But the neater that you do this the better the outcome’s gonna be. You don’t wanna go into the background at all, you wanna try and stay as close and perfect, true to that edge as you can. If you need to move down the screen while you’re making these anchor points you can hold the space bar and that opens a little hand, and you can just drag anywhere you want on the image to get some more room, and then continue making your points. If you wanna curve one of those points just select a bigger distance in between.

Click once, the second one you drag like this, and then you finish off that tail end by holding option and adjust it back to its track, so you’re back on track essentially making those points. Again, space bar to move this down, bigger points here because the arm is a little larger, there’s not as many curves. Slowly making our way down here. And let’s go ahead and speed this up so you guys don’t have to watch for the next 10 minutes me making anchor points. Okay, when you get close to that first point you started with, click on it, and then what you’re gonna do is right click after you’ve joined that. You’re gonna chose make selection. Change the feather radius to like one pixel is what I like to have, I think it’s a good safe spot Is around one, and then hit okay. Now what you wanna do is you want to copy this, so command C on your keyboard, then come down here to the new layers panel and you’re gonna select a new layer, and you’re just gonna paste that on with command V. Alright, so, make sure you’re on the background layer, command click on the top layer you made…


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Make your photos MOVE and COME TO LIFE! Photoshop Tutorial?

Our tutorial teaches you how to use Photoshop to create stunning animated effects on your photos, making them appear to come to life.

Do I need any prior Photoshop experience to take this tutorial?

It is recommended to have a basic understanding of Photoshop before taking this tutorial, as we will be covering advanced techniques. However, beginners may still benefit from following along with the step-by-step instructions.

What kind of photos can I use for this tutorial?

You can use any type of photo for this tutorial. However, photos with strong contrast and clear subject matter tend to work best for animated effects.

Do I need any additional software or plugins to create animated effects in Photoshop?

No, you only need Adobe Photoshop to follow along with this tutorial. We will be using built-in features and tools to achieve the animated effects.

Is this tutorial suitable for all versions of Photoshop?

While the tutorial may be compatible with most versions of Photoshop, we recommend using the latest version for the best experience and access to all features mentioned in the tutorial.

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