Make your life look like a movie (Sony a6700 Cinematic)

Are you tired of capturing life’s moments with mediocre, unimpressive footage? Do you want your everyday experiences to look like they belong on the big screen? Look no further, the Sony a6700 Cinematic camera is here to take your filming to the next level. This compact and powerful camera is designed to capture stunning, high-quality videos that will make your life look like a movie. Whether you’re filming a family vacation, a special event, or just your everyday adventures, the Sony a6700 Cinematic will elevate your footage and bring your stories to life. Say goodbye to dull, amateur videos and hello to cinematic perfection with the Sony a6700.

Sony a6700 cinematic

The Sony a6700 is a versatile camera that can be used to capture cinematic video. While specific settings for achieving a cinematic look can vary based on individual preferences and shooting conditions, some common recommendations include:

  1. Picture Profile: Using a flat picture profile such as S-Log3 can provide more flexibility in post-production and help achieve a cinematic look with increased dynamic range.
  2. Frame Rate: Shooting at 24fps or 30fps can contribute to a more cinematic feel, as these frame rates are commonly used in filmmaking.
  3. Shutter Speed: Doubling the frame rate (1/50 for 24fps, 1/60 for 30fps) can help achieve a natural motion blur, which is often associated with cinematic footage.
  4. Aperture: When possible, using a lens with a wide aperture, such as a prime lens with an aperture of f/1.8 or lower, can help achieve a shallow depth of field, which is often desired in cinematic shots.
  5. 4K Recording: Shooting in 4K can provide higher resolution and more flexibility in post-production.
  6. Stabilization: Using a gimbal or other stabilizing equipment can help achieve smooth, professional-looking footage.

It’s important to note that the “cinematic” look is subjective and can be influenced by various factors such as lighting, composition, and color grading. Therefore, it’s recommended to experiment with different settings and techniques to find the look that best suits the specific project or creative vision.

Make your life look like a movie (Sony a6700 Cinematic)

Have you ever wondered why the idea of turning life into a movie has become so captivating? Is it the desire to be the main character of your own film, or perhaps it’s the longing to share our own story with the world? As we immerse ourselves in the world of movies, we’re taking on emotional roller coasters—joy, sorrow, excitement, and grief. We all seek that connection, that experience that makes us feel alive. Ultimately, it’s about being part of something larger than ourselves, creating our own epic, narrating our own adventures. It’s a process of capturing memories and reliving those grand moments—the ones that fill us with nostalgia and wrap us in a warm embrace as we watch our lives unfold onto the screen. Who wouldn’t want to be the main character of their own movie, showcasing your own beliefs, talent, balance of where you’re from, and the beautiful chaos that we call life? Whether it’s a breathtaking vacation or a simple stroll through the neighborhood park, the magic lies in the gear we have accessible to us. We’ve got so many great cameras, phones, and technology to create, and we have endless possibilities to tell your own story your way through your very own movie.

My Workflow with the Sony a6700

Today I want to show you how to make life look like a movie with the cameras that we own. To get high-quality footage from even almost budget level cameras, you can still get these shots with a phone. But today, I’m showing you my workflow, the tools that I use, and how I get these movie-like footage. Let’s get started.

First, let’s talk about the camera choice. This can be any camera, but for me, that is the Sony a6700. It’s a small, APS-C camera that can do a lot of things. It’s pretty much a Sony FX30 cinema camera that is in a hybrid body, doing photos as well. I think this is the ultimate travel camera, especially to accompany you to make cinematic memories.

The Sony a6700 Anamorphic Lens:

Now, let’s talk about the anamorphic lens. Anamorphic lenses are used in Hollywood movies, and they’re usually huge and cost a lot of money. But this is a fraction of the cost and a fraction of its size. This lens is the reason why my footage looks like a movie—it’s because of its characteristics. The wide aspect ratio that we see whenever we go to the theaters and watch a movie is what sets the anamorphic lens apart.

What makes an anamorphic lens special is its wide aspect ratio. It stretches the frame depending on its squeeze factor. This lens has a 1.5 times squeeze factor, which results in an oval bouquet, pleasing background, distortion, and a wider field of view. This lens provides a soft, pleasing look, similar to what you see in Hollywood films.

Filming with an anamorphic lens can be done with just the lens and the camera. However, some cameras have in-camera features that allow you to desqueeze the footage. If not, it’s doable by desqueezing it while editing in post. Anamorphic lenses usually have a manual focus, so practicing focus pulling skills is necessary. Additionally, the minimum focus distance of anamorphic lenses is different from photo lenses.

Importing and Editing Footage

After importing your footage, you can normalize all the clips by right-clicking on them and hitting clip attributes to desqueeze the footage. You can then set the timeline to a cinemascope aspect ratio for a widescreen look. This process will transform your footage to its final, cinematic look.

With the right gear and techniques, you can make your life look like a movie. The Sony a6700 paired with an anamorphic lens can truly transform your everyday moments into something straight out of a Hollywood film.

FAQ about Making Your Life Look Like a Movie with Sony a6700 Cinematic:

Q: What is the Sony a6700 Cinematic?

A: The Sony a6700 Cinematic refers to using the Sony a6700 camera to capture high-quality cinematic footage that can make your everyday life look like a movie.

Q: What features of the Sony a6700 make it ideal for cinematic footage?

A: The Sony a6700 boasts advanced video capabilities, including 4K recording, S-Log and HLG picture profiles, and in-body image stabilization, which all contribute to creating a cinematic look.

Q: How can I make my life look like a movie with the Sony a6700?

A: To achieve a cinematic look, you can use techniques such as carefully composing your shots, utilizing smooth camera movements, and paying attention to lighting and color grading in post-production.

Q: Are there any specific accessories or lenses that can enhance the cinematic look with the Sony a6700?

A: Utilizing prime lenses with wide apertures can help create a shallow depth of field and cinematic bokeh. Additionally, gimbals or stabilizers can assist in achieving smooth and steady camera movements.

Q: What are some tips for beginners looking to create cinematic footage with the Sony a6700?

A: Start by familiarizing yourself with the camera’s settings and video capabilities. Practice different shooting techniques and experiment with framing, movement, and lighting to develop your cinematic style.

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