Are you a professional content creator, graphic designer, or engineer looking for the ultimate powerhouse in the world of laptops? Look no further, because Apple has unleashed the M1 MAX MacBook Pro, featuring unparalleled performance and mind-blowing capabilities. This groundbreaking machine revolutionizes the way we perceive laptop technology. But before you get too excited, let’s take a step back. The M1 MAX MacBook Pro is not for everyone, and in fact, it might not be for you. In this blog, we will explore the reasons why this extraordinary device might not be the right fit for your needs. So, let’s dive in and explore whether this powerhouse is a pro or a pass for you.

All right time to open box number two

Uh the first one was the dji action two which again i had to go by with my own money and this one which i also had to go buy with my own money so maybe hit the like button below that that would be Super helpful for me and a bunch of you guys guessed this one right also this is the brand new oh there it is look at that thing macbook pro with m1 max and now the thing is i know there’s been a bunch of videos out there on this Thing already so today we’re going to kind of do like a first look for myself see kind of what all the hype is about but then i’m also going to talk about like like who is this computer for this is a this is like a desktop replacement style Laptop so so like who’s this thing for who who should be out there spending this much money on a laptop who needs this much power and if you weren’t to get this laptop what uh what laptop should you get because apple has like a crazy good lineup of laptops Right now spoiler alert if you’ve been waiting to buy a new laptop and and you’ve been like i just i want to wait until maybe some new stuff is out new stuff is out all the new stuff is out if you’re looking for a laptop yeah it’s it’s time to buy one hopefully I’ll be able to help you today figure out which one you should buy first though let’s get this thing open just because i’ve had it sitting here for like four days and i didn’t open it because because once i open it then i gotta spend all the time to set it up And i can’t can’t just let it sit there and i just haven’t had time to do it okay dokey

oh holy heck it is as fat as everyone says it feels

it feels like my old macbook pro it’s not the this is the 2019 macbook pro and it is
Significantly thicker than the 2019 macbook pro is it also hang on let’s get this off look at that oh my goodness oh it’s so pretty it’s much more like squared off they everything’s all squared off it really does look like the old macbook pro like before maybe like two Generations before this guy this is it’s kind of what macbook pros look like when i was in college this is what the macbook pro looked like so for sure a few a few generations before this one oh what else is in here we’ve got the mag safe adapter cord spoiler alert if You don’t know anything about this computer they brought magsafe back which i am so stoked on because i loved magsafe and i was really bummed when they got rid of it that might be a theme of this video is things apple got rid of and then brought Back silly silly silly and then in here as well is the very large power brick this is now a 140 watt power brick which is a beast of a power brick can you tell how big that is where’s the other one this is the power brick from This 2019 computer and this is from the new one so significantly taller the same in the other dimensions really but significantly taller and like this power brick from the 2019 macbook pro the cord is detachable which is not new but new to magsafe back when we had mag safe the Cord wasn’t removable from the power brick so if your cord got frayed or got messed up you had to buy this whole thing and that was super annoying also the cord on here this is a braided cable instead of just the i’m not pulling that out instead of like a rubber cable this Is actually braided which should make it better for like like tangling braided cords they just don’t tangle as easy so when you when you wrap them up and you chuck them in your bag when you pull that out of there it should it should come undone and not tangle so easily Very happy with the magsafe very happy magazines back and i like the braided cable uh physically this thing is almost a half a pound heavier than this guy so this is i mean it’s added some heft it seems almost identical in the other dimensions like length and width it’s It’s really just the thickness that is different this is a good bit thicker but the big difference between these two computers and and the one that i feel like well there’s lots of differences but the one that i feel like i’m gonna feel most on a day-to-day basis is the Ports are back we have got ports and i’m so dang happy about it so on this side we’ve got that magsafe connector very nice we have two usbc ports and a headphone jack notably the headphone jack is in a weird spot it’s always been like the furthest up on your ports so It’s either it’s always been it’s always been like far all the way to the very top up here and on this guy now it’s in the front on down here then on this side what is maybe one of the most important things to myself as a photographer as a Video creator is apple brought back the sd card reader of all the ports for them to have taken away that was the one that i was like ow but why like we didn’t have another way to transfer files from sd cards is what everyone was shooting on to our Computers without an sd card reader and now now it’s back and it makes me very happy that it’s back it makes me feel like it was silly that they ever took it away so i don’t want to give them a ton of credit because i think a big story again On this computer is things that apple took away and then now they’re giving it back to us so i don’t want to cheer too loudly and reward apple for taking things away from us in the first place then on the side we’ve also got another usbc port and an hdmi port which is Super super important but it is hdmi 2.0 instead of 2.1 not that big of a deal to me i don’t think but but we’ll see as we kind of use this computer more you guys want to be the first ones to open it up and see this is what it looks like oh That’s such a great feeling oh new keyboard the keyboard is new this keyboard is got like a black inset all the way around it and this guy was silver that was silver between the keys and now now we’re looking at all black between the key it looks nicer actually It looks like more unified in there and very notably the touch bar is gone that is one thing that i don’t mind that apple has taken away now because i have never liked the touch bar on this computer very cool idea when it first came out i was actually very excited for When it first came out because i was like oh how clever they could do lots of different things with that touch bar almost give us touch controls for our computer and i feel like either developers just didn’t pick it up and do much clever with it or maybe it just Wasn’t a good idea i’m glad they tried it it was clever but i’m very happy to see that i have all of my normal keys back again the main one being the volume keys i don’t know why that was the biggest annoyance on the touch bar was i Would have to…

M1 MAX MacBook Pro FAQ

M1 MAX MacBook Pro FAQ

Is the M1 MAX MacBook Pro suitable for everyone?

No, it might not be suitable for everyone.

What makes the M1 MAX MacBook Pro different from other MacBook Pro models?

The M1 MAX MacBook Pro is powered by the M1 MAX chip, which offers significantly improved performance and capability compared to previous MacBook Pro models. It features a high-performance CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine, providing unparalleled speed and efficiency.

What are some key features of the M1 MAX MacBook Pro?

The M1 MAX MacBook Pro offers a stunning 14-inch or 16-inch Retina display, advanced camera and microphone, enhanced audio system, redesigned keyboard with improved key feel, and a wider range of connectivity options including Thunderbolt 4 ports.

Why might the M1 MAX MacBook Pro not be suitable for everyone?

The M1 MAX MacBook Pro is a professional-grade device aimed at power users, creative professionals, and those who require extensive computing power and resources. It comes with a higher price tag, and if you don’t need its advanced capabilities, you may find it unnecessarily expensive.

Which users could benefit the most from the M1 MAX MacBook Pro?

The M1 MAX MacBook Pro is ideal for video editors, photographers, musicians, software developers, and other professionals who demand cutting-edge performance and require intensive multitasking capabilities. If your work involves complex tasks that require heavy processing power, this MacBook Pro model can greatly enhance your productivity.

Are there any alternatives to the M1 MAX MacBook Pro?

Yes, Apple offers a range of other MacBook models, including the M1 MacBook Air, M1 MacBook Pro, and Intel-based MacBook Pro models. Depending on your specific needs and budget, these alternatives might be more suitable for you.

Where can I find more information about the M1 MAX MacBook Pro?

You can visit the official Apple website or authorized resellers for detailed specifications, pricing, and availability information of the M1 MAX MacBook Pro.

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