Lumix S5II X Review – I wasn’t expecting this!?

Have you been searching for the perfect camera that can capture stunning images and videos? Look no further! Introducing the Lumix S5II X, a game-changing mirrorless camera that will exceed all your expectations. This compact and lightweight camera is packed with impressive features and capabilities, making it a top choice for both professional photographers and enthusiasts alike. In this blog, we will delve into a comprehensive review of the Lumix S5II X, discussing its design, performance, image quality, video capabilities, and more. Get ready to be amazed by the power and versatility of this remarkable camera!

Lumix S5II X Review – I wasn’t expecting this!?

Today we have a pretty epic day ahead of us because I’m shooting with the Lumix s52x and I’m gonna be shooting my good friend Jaco doing some trail riding and I’m on a mission to see is this just another ordinary camera release or is there something special to it All

Mountain Biking with Jaco

The Lumix s52x is this just another ordinary camera release or is there something special to it. Alright the man of the hour is here hello yako hello it’s been a long time we have we have a long history yako has not only shot my wedding photos back in the day yeah true many days we’ve been office mates but now we’re just dads if we have no Free time to hang p

Shooting with Lumix s52X

oh so we’ll show this off yeah let’s go do some riding I’m not gonna do the writing you’ll do the writing okay They don’t want to jump it yeah there’s a chicken line so you can go around that’s true and that’s fine Jaco’s complaining about how this is just too easy now for him yeah we’re good at this stuff I could never do what he’s doing right now it would be treacherous Once again he’s making it harder for himself all right so the line over this rock um he’s always hungry for more Trails I am not I’m not a professional non-biker

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Lumix s52x Features

So the Lumix s52x is this just another ordinary camera release or is there something special to this camera and I would say a resounding yes whenever I pick up one of the Loomis cameras I’m reminded of the days when I used to shoot with the Panasonic gh5 and I just remember ah this is why I used to Shoot with Lumix cameras first the stabilization it’s just so dang good I mean I was filming in the middle of a forest with all these plants and branches and roots on the ground and I was filming it all handheld and it looked like it was filmed with a gimbal Gone are the days of needing a gimbal I guess because nowadays camera stabilization is just so dang good the second thing that I love about this camera are the colors and the dynamic range which is probably one of the most important things when you think of Camera the look and the feel of the footage I was shooting everything in v-log and it was super easy to handle all I needed to do was just add the correction Lut from lumix’s website to take it from v-log to reximatum which in layman’s terms just means back to the Normal contrast and saturated look that you’re looking for because of the quality the high bit rate the dynamic range coming out of the Lumix s52x it was actually really easy to color grade and get a nice aesthetic all I did was first add that correction lot to take it From v-log to rec 709 and from there I added a new look that I’m actually working on in my opinion it’s looking pretty dang good and more news will come in the future about this new luck pack that I’m creating from there then I just did some basic adjustments by just Affecting exposure and white balance if you’re new to this whole world of video and you’re not using Color grading Luts essentially they’re just like presets or looks for your footage you can actually check out my store and go buy my cine color grading Luts they go for twenty Dollars my opinion the cine perfect skin tones Lut is the best one so check that one out having these Luts is going to significantly speed up your whole color grading process and as well get you a nice aesthetic to your footage the third thing I love about the Lumix s52x is the Autofocus one of the main reasons why a band and ship from the whole Lumix world with the gh5 was because of its autofocus it just wasn’t very good or reliable meaning I had to shoot everything in manual and that was fine when I was shooting weddings or Commercial work but then I started doing YouTube and vlogging you really do need autofocus I was literally trying to just set manual focus and then try to keep the camera at the precise distance from my face that I had set the manual focus at and it was just a headache to Vlog With the gh5 and manual focus so the fact that the Lumix s52x has the new phase detection autofocus it’s just so reliable and so good and I feel like I’ve put this camera to its Paces you know I was shooting a mountain biker in the middle of force all these trees all Around and my friend Jaco was wearing a jacket that was similar color to the forest but still the tracking just stayed on really well I mean look at this one shot of Jaco coming down the hill and I’m following and panning and the tracking just sticks on to him the Whole time if at some point the autofocus didn’t work I would probably actually say it was more user error than camera error because it was my second time shooting with the Lumix S5 II cameras so if thought of focus wasn’t working it was probably my fault but Yeah the autofocus on this camera is just unbelievable long gone are the days of having to shoot in manual focus where you literally had to figure out your focus yourself now you can just

Frequently Asked Questions: Lumix S5II X Review – I wasn’t expecting this!?

  • 1. What is the Lumix S5II X?

    The Lumix S5II X is a mirrorless camera produced by Panasonic. It is known for its compact size, high-resolution imaging capability, and advanced video features.

  • 2. What are the key features of the Lumix S5II X?

    The Lumix S5II X features a 24.2MP full-frame sensor, 4K 60p video recording, 5-axis in-body image stabilization, and a variety of shooting modes and effects for both photography and videography.

  • 3. How does the Lumix S5II X compare to other cameras in its class?

    The Lumix S5II X is known for its excellent image quality, robust build, and advanced video capabilities. It competes well with other mirrorless cameras in the same price range and offers a good balance of features for both photography and video production.

  • 4. What are the pros and cons of the Lumix S5II X?

    Pros: High-resolution sensor, 4K 60p video, 5-axis stabilization, compact and weather-sealed body. Cons: Limited lens selection for the L-mount, slightly lower battery life compared to some competitors.

  • 5. Is the Lumix S5II X worth considering for professional use?

    Yes, the Lumix S5II X is suitable for professional use, especially for photographers and videographers who value portability and advanced video features. Its full-frame sensor and high-quality lenses make it a versatile option for a range of professional applications.

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