Luminar Neo Review. NEW Panorama stitching

technology in Luminar Neo Review: Is it really a game-changer? If you’re an avid photographer or just someone who enjoys capturing stunning landscapes, you’ll know the struggle of perfectly stitching your panoramic shots together. It can be time-consuming and often ends up with unsatisfactory results. But fear not, because with the release of Luminar Neo, a revolutionary image editing software, the panorama stitching process has been completely transformed. This blog post will dive into the new panorama stitching technology in Luminar Neo and its potential to revolutionize the way we capture and edit breathtaking panoramas. Get ready to say goodbye to tedious manual editing and hello to seamless, jaw-dropping panoramas with Luminar Neo’s cutting-edge features.

Luminar Neo Review


This article is a review of Luminar Neo, a photo editing software developed by Skylum. Luminar Neo recently added panoramic features, which offer users innovative tools for stitching and editing panoramic images. In this review, we will explore the panoramic stitching capabilities of Luminar Neo and discuss other notable features.

Panoramic Stitching

Luminar Neo’s panoramic stitching module allows users to easily stitch together multiple images to create panoramas. To access this module, go to the Extras section and click on the stitching option. Once selected, the module will install and you can begin the stitching process.

To demonstrate the stitching capabilities, let’s use a five-image panorama shot at Waikiki Beach in Hawaii. Simply drag the images into the panoramic stitching module and click Start. Luminar Neo will display the selected images and offer various projection options, such as cylindrical projections.

One impressive feature of Luminar Neo’s panoramic stitching module is the ability to adjust the projection by dragging parts of the image, making it easy to fix a crooked horizon. Once satisfied with the projection, click Continue. Luminar Neo will then offer an auto crop option, allowing users to adjust the composition of the panorama. After making any necessary adjustments, click Crop and choose to save the panorama.

Luminar Neo also offers the option of creating panoramas from videos. By dragging a video into the stitching module, users can select the start and end points of the pan and Luminar Neo will automatically generate the panorama. This feature is particularly useful for photographers who want to create panoramas from aerial or drone footage.

Multi-Level Panoramas

In addition to standard panoramas, Luminar Neo supports the creation of multi-level panoramas. These panoramas are created by combining images shot in different rows or levels. To create a multi-level panorama, select all the images and drag them into the stitching module. Luminar Neo will automatically sort the images and stitch them together.

If any mismatch issues occur during the stitching process, Luminar Neo provides easy solutions. Simply click on the options menu and enable Distortion Correction and Vignette. These corrections can help fix mismatches caused by distortion around the edges of individual images. After applying the corrections, restart the stitching process and Luminar Neo will generate a seamless multi-level panorama.

Editing Features

Besides its stitching capabilities, Luminar Neo offers a wide range of editing features. In the Develop section, users can find basic adjustments for exposure, highlights, shadows, and more. Luminar Neo also includes AI-powered tools for enhancing specific elements of an image, such as the Sky Enhancer for improving sky detail.

One standout feature of Luminar Neo is its detailed adjustments. Under the Details section, users can fine-tune small, medium, and large details independently. This allows for precise sharpening and tonal adjustments to achieve desired levels of detail in the image. The sharpening feature offers great control without overdoing it.

Luminar Neo also provides editing tools specifically designed for landscape photography. The Landscape section offers settings like the golden hour effect, which enhances the overall look of the image, giving it a warm and golden appearance.


Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing software with impressive panoramic stitching capabilities. Whether you’re creating standard panoramas, multi-level panoramas, or panoramas from videos, Luminar Neo provides intuitive tools for stitching and editing. Its extensive editing features, including AI-powered enhancements and detailed adjustments, offer photographers the ability to create stunning and realistic images. If you’re looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly editing software with innovative panoramic features, Luminar Neo is worth considering.

Luminar Neo Review – NEW Panorama Stitching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Luminar Neo Review – NEW Panorama Stitching

1. What is Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo is a powerful photo editing software designed to enhance and manipulate your images creatively. It offers a range of advanced tools and features, including the exciting new Panorama Stitching feature.

2. What is Panorama Stitching?

Panorama Stitching is a technique used to combine multiple images into a single, wide-angle photo. It allows you to capture vast landscapes or large scenes that cannot be fully captured in a single shot.

3. How does the Panorama Stitching feature in Luminar Neo work?

Luminar Neo’s Panorama Stitching feature automatically stitches together multiple images, aligns them, and blends them seamlessly to create a panoramic shot. It intelligently analyzes image content, aligns overlapping regions, and applies adjustments for consistent exposure, color, and tone.

4. How easy is it to use the Panorama Stitching feature in Luminar Neo?

Luminar Neo’s Panorama Stitching feature is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Simply select the images you want to stitch together, choose the Panorama Stitching option, and let Luminar Neo do the rest. The intuitive interface and automated alignment ensure that you achieve professional-looking panoramas effortlessly.

5. Can I make further adjustments to my stitched panoramas in Luminar Neo?

Absolutely! Luminar Neo provides a wide range of editing tools and creative effects to refine and enhance your stitched panoramas. You can adjust exposure, color balance, saturation, apply filters, and even apply selective edits to specific areas within the panorama.

6. What are the advantages of using Luminar Neo for Panorama Stitching?

Luminar Neo offers several advantages when it comes to Panorama Stitching:

  • Automated and accurate alignment of images for seamless panoramas
  • Intelligent content analysis and adjustment application for consistent exposure and colors
  • Easy-to-use interface for effortless panorama creation
  • Ability to further enhance and refine stitched panoramas through advanced editing tools

7. Can I export my stitched panoramas from Luminar Neo?

Absolutely! Once you have created your stunning panoramas in Luminar Neo, you can export them in various file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and more. You can also adjust the output settings such as resolution and quality to suit your needs.

8. Is Luminar Neo available for different platforms?

Yes, Luminar Neo is available for both Windows and macOS platforms, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of computers and operating systems.

We hope this FAQ has addressed your queries about Luminar Neo’s new Panorama Stitching feature. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us!

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