Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6

Are you looking for creative ways to capture the world around you during lockdown? Look no further than episode 6 of Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion. In this episode, we explore innovative techniques to capture stunning still photography in a time when movement is limited. From experimenting with long exposures to capturing the beauty of everyday objects, this episode offers a wide range of tips and inspiration for photographers of all skill levels. So grab your camera and join us as we discover new ways to find beauty in the stillness of lockdown.

Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6

Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6


Lockdown photography has become a significant trend during these challenging times. With limited opportunities for outdoor activities, many photographers are exploring new ways to capture stunning visuals during lockdown. In this episode of Stills in Motion, we’ll delve into the creative process of capturing captivating images while adhering to lockdown restrictions.

Exploring New Perspectives

Despite the restrictions, photographers have found ways to capture compelling visuals near their homes. The challenge of working within a limited radius has sparked creativity and ingenuity.

Photography as a Form of Exercise

For many, taking a daily bike ride has become a way to not only get much-needed exercise but also to seek out beautiful scenes to capture. Even a simple ride on familiar roads can lead to discovering new photographic opportunities.

Adhering to Government Guidelines

As lockdown restrictions vary, photographers are navigating the nuances of permitted outdoor activities. This has led to a renewed appreciation for familiar surroundings and finding beauty in unexpected places.

Adapting Gear for Efficient Photography

Many photographers have adjusted their equipment to be more agile. Handlebar bags that offer easy access to camera gear have become popular among enthusiasts seeking to capture fleeting moments during their bike rides.

The Unpredictability of Photographic Moments

Photographers describe moments when they stumble upon a scene that demands immediate attention. These spontaneous encounters, often encountered during bike rides, have led to the capture of stunning and unique visuals.

Reflecting on Photography as a Necessity

For some, the act of capturing an image is as essential as the need for sleep. Photography has become a vital means of expression and exploration, even in the constraints of a lockdown environment.

Appreciating the Rituals of Photo Trips

Even with limited routes and familiar scenes, photographers derive joy from ritualistic encounters with the same landscapes, observing changes over time and the little surprises encountered along the way.


In this episode of Stills in Motion, the unique challenges of lockdown photography have revealed a resilient and resourceful approach to capturing captivating stills. The act of combining outdoor exercise with the pursuit of visual beauty has proved to be a salient way for photographers to navigate these unprecedented times.


1. What is Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6?

Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 is the sixth episode of a photography series that focuses on creating still photographs with an element of motion during lockdown.

2. When was Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 released?

Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 was released on [date].

3. How can I watch Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6?

You can watch Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 on the official website or YouTube channel of the photographer hosting the series.

4. What can I learn from Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6?

In this episode, you will learn techniques for capturing still photographs with a sense of motion, even while in lockdown. The photographer will share tips and tricks for creating dynamic and engaging images within the constraints of the lockdown situation.

5. Is Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 suitable for beginners?

Yes, Lockdown Photography – Stills in Motion Ep.6 is suitable for photographers of all levels, including beginners. The episode will cover foundational concepts as well as more advanced techniques, providing something for everyone.

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