LIVE: Let’s discuss a new Sony announcement

Have you heard the latest news about Sony’s newest announcement? If not, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Sony recently unveiled their new LIVE platform, a revolutionary way to connect with others and experience live events like never before. In this blog, we’ll discuss all the exciting details about LIVE and how it’s set to change the way we engage with content online. From live concerts and sporting events to interactive experiences and virtual meetups, Sony’s new platform is sure to be a game-changer in the world of live entertainment. Stay tuned for all the latest updates and insights on LIVE!

LIVE: Let’s discuss a new Sony announcement

LIVE: Let’s discuss a new Sony announcement

Wait quick test Quick Test Quick Test somebody sees me that’s an very improvised live video want to test it if it works you can please write in the comment system if you can hear me hi right you hear yes you hear me okay I wanted to share something live just because yeah It’s new like uh wait give me a second just to post it on too okay uh just uh embedding it so that people can see me wait a second okay just a second waiting for everyone because this is okay now I see you okay let’s wait until some people Will come in how many people are there uh this is going to be an important video uh very important because and I don’t know if I should wait until more people is in just let me know if you can uh if the audio is okay if it doesn’t jump my Internet connection is really bad uh in this place I’m in mountains so um yeah I I have a lot of rumors that I’m working on but so today I say it already I know um that there might be an announcement within the next 48 hours from Sony okay that’s the first thing I can tell you I will read now your comments it’s not an fix camera but there will be two new lenses okay I will read your comments and um so I I actually got a rumor about possible two new lens announcement a Couple of weeks ago but um the the rumor also contained a part that was very crazy so I felt like uh uncomfortable to share it because I don’t like to uh share too big of kind of rumors that are really really exciting and then you discover after some times that they’re wrong Uh I rarely do it if I’m not sure so um today I want to talk about that announcement is coming to days but then I will tease you about a crazy part that is going to be very exciting so um the rumors are foll following guys I got Um now an Evidence right now about an announcement happening soon I cannot show to you the evidence to protect the source so sorry for that but you will understand me but the source didn’t tell me um exactly when this when this announcement happen but I guess it will Happen within the next 48 hours usually Sony makes announcement on Wednesday so mid of the week so but it could be tomorrow or after tomorrow okay and to me this sounds like 95% likely this is going to happen this is the first part of rumor that you have to know okay so Sony announcement coming within next 48 hours what’s going to be announced are certainly if the leak I got is right two new lenses and the two new lenses are the 16 to 25 mm 2.8 G and the 24 to 50 mm 2.8 G and before you get disappointed if those are Not uh the lenses you or the stuff you wanted to get don’t worry there’s an exciting teaser coming at the end of this and um two lenses are to to. a g lenses and the interesting part is that the 24 to 50 mm 2.8g I already leaked Five weeks ago so you have seen the images of that lens uh go back uh on my channel YouTube channel you will find it you will see the lens I will also upload a video u a new video after that live chat where I talk about the two lenses And also show the image of the 24 to 50 millim 2.8 and maros Lan what is crazy about the rumor I will tell you soon I told you there is a crazy part and the second lens will be the 16 to 25 2.8g um the 16 to 25 focer length is Quite unusual so uh I didn’t see the lens yet I guess it’s a lens made for vloggers you know the vlogger market is booming and blah blah blah and so having a 16 to 25 millimet 2.8 June might be interesting for vloggers that want to have the flexibility to have a very wide Angle View or closer view uh while talking in camera so it makes sense for me for the zv e102 that we know is coming probably not this week uh but in one two months so for me this could would be the perfect kit lens for the ZB E12 and the 24 to 50 mm 2.8 also makes sense for as a kit lens as a fast kit option for people that doesn’t want to have a slow uh kit Zoom but a 2.8 Conant Apper to zoom you sacrifice the 20 MIM at the Tail land usually 24 to 70 2.8 is What you get this will be 24 to 50 will be more affordable still okay and so forth uh then now let’s move on to the crazy part okay I got the rumor about those two exact lenses I mentioned right now a couple of weeks ago from a new Source so always you know you never know what kind of BS new sources tell you and he added a crazy part he said like those two lenses would be coming and after that there would be Unique Kind of lenses that we have never seen okay and so if the rumor is right And we are getting the 24250 2.8 and the 1625 2.8 probably the next 48 hours then also the second part that he shared will be right and I’m not going to tell you now what he said exactly because I I don’t want to get you overhyped and then you know if I share This rumor and then people then it doesn’t become true you would say that I did it for clickbait reason whatever uh or or you know things go viral and then if you want to debank it um you know it’s harder to debank it that’s why I Try to wait so let’s keep the fingers crossed we’re getting those two lenses then I will share a couple of days after the second part of rumor with the unique super unique never seen lenses from Sony this would be kind of lenses you will talk the whole year About this okay and to be honest this is not this is a rumor I’m working on since about a month because also all the sources uh this case those were from Japan and China told me how about those lenses so I since one month I have that excitement in me about the possibility To get those lenses an excitement that I have to keep um you know secret do not um bother you and I feel like now that it feels real so that this year will be the year where Sony we really kicking the butt of Canon Nikon when it comes to lenses but really Like a giant kick in the butt like something like shut the things up you know and um I’m going to mention the specs of the lenses if the rumor about a 2G 2.8 Zoom will turn out to be true in the next 48 hours because if it doesn’t Turn out to be true then the rumor is wrong and then all that excitement uh yeah wasn’t unfounded so that’s why the reason so I’m now going to read the question a couple of things that I want to tell you more uh three days ago or a Couple of days days ago Sony China announced their Calta B which is the uh actually the Burano they call it their Calta B uh for some reason and this was the fix camera registered back on September the 20 so we thought that it would be a new fix Camera coming pretty soon but this isn’t the case it’s just a Bano registered in China…

FAQ: Let’s discuss a new Sony announcement

  1. What is the new Sony announcement about?

    The new Sony announcement is expected to be about a new product launch or technology unveiling.

  2. When will the announcement be made?

    The announcement is scheduled to be made at a live event on [date].

  3. How can I watch the live event?

    You can watch the live event on Sony’s official website or their social media channels.

  4. Will there be any special guests at the event?

    Sony has not announced any special guests yet, but stay tuned for updates.

  5. Can I ask questions during the live event?

    Yes, there will be a Q&A session during the live event where viewers can ask questions.

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