Let’s discuss those incredible Sony A9III specs!

Sony just revealed the Alpha 9 Mark III, a cool new camera. What’s special about it is that it’s the first full-frame camera in the world with a global shutter.

This means it can take pictures super fast (120 frames per second) without any delay, and it can also capture really quick moments with a maximum shutter speed of 1/80,000 of a second.

Discover the amazing new Sony A9III specs!

The camera has 24.6 megapixels, and Sony says it takes great pictures even in challenging lighting situations. It has a base ISO of 250, which might affect its dynamic range compared to other cameras at that setting. The global shutter ensures that pictures don’t have any weird distortions when things are moving.

Here is a table with the new Sony a9 III specs:

Specification Details
Sensor 24.6 megapixels
Autofocus 759 point autofocus array with more coverage across the sensor
Video 4Kp60 video that is oversampled from 6K and 4Kp120 video without a crop factor
Global Shutter First full-frame mirrorless camera to offer a truly global shutter
Weight 20 grams lighter than the a7R V
LCD Panel Four-axis articulating LCD panel
IBIS Eight-stop IBIS system

Trusted Sources and Pricing

The a9 III will be available from Spring 2024 at a recommended price of $5999.

#1: Video Specs

According to the alleged spec list, the video specifications of the A9III will be similar to the A74, which means no 8K or external RAW capabilities. While this may disappoint some, I believe the A9III is not targeting the high-resolution market, so it aligns with my expectations.

#2: New Body with Built-in Vertical Grip

The source claims that the A9III will have a completely new body design with a built-in vertical grip that uses two FZ 100 batteries. These batteries can be independently swapped without turning off the camera. However, personally, I find this specification unlikely as I see no reason why Sony would go for a camera with an integrated vertical grip. Please share your thoughts in the comments!

#3: Improved Touchscreen

Another interesting claim is that the A9III will feature a new 3.4-inch tilting ultra-bright dual-touch screen that works even with gloves on. This would be a significant step forward, but Sony typically makes incremental improvements, so I remain skeptical about this possibility.

#4: Additional Custom Buttons and Switches

The source suggests that both dials on the top of the camera will have customizable lower contour rings, and additional custom buttons and switches will be included. This would enhance the camera’s versatility and control, making it more appealing to professional photographers.

#5: Dual CF Express Type A Card Slots

This speculation states that the A9III will support dual CF Express Type A card slots and allow direct saving to SSD via USB. This makes sense to me and seems highly likely, regardless of the spec list’s authenticity.

#6: Sensor Cleaning and Dust/Water Prevention System

The alleged spec list mentions that the A9III will feature an advanced sensor cleaning and dust/water prevention system. While the details remain under wraps, it is expected for a workhorse camera like the A9III to be highly reliable and well-equipped in this regard.

#7: Enhanced Autofocus with the New BIONZ Processor

According to the sources, the A9III will boast the new BIONZ processor, supporting enhanced autofocus. The A9III is reported to be the fastest autofocus camera in the world, and a new processor would align with that claim.

#8: 29 Megapixel Sensor with Global Electronic Shutter

While I personally prefer mechanical shutters to avoid artifacts, the spec list suggests that the A9III will utilize a new 29-megapixel sensor with a global electronic shutter, abandoning the mechanical shutter. This aligns with the direction Nikon is taking, and given the need for speed in sports photography, it’s highly likely.

#9: Ultra-Fast Startup Speed

The A9III is rumored to have an ultra-fast startup speed, ensuring photographers can capture those spontaneous moments without delay. This would be a highly desirable feature, especially for professionals working in fast-paced environments.

#10: High-Speed Burst Modes

The spec list claims that the A9III will offer impressive burst modes, including 120 frames per second full RAW burst for two seconds, a 240 frames per second reduced megapixel mode, and a 30 frames per second full RAW burst with compressed lossless RAW. These specifications align with what I’ve heard from reliable sources regarding the A9III’s exceptional speed.

 #11: Enhanced Electronic Viewfinder

According to the spec list, the A9III will feature an electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 4.76 million dots and a dynamic refresh rate of 240 hertz, which varies to conserve battery. This high-resolution viewfinder with improved refresh rate management would be a significant upgrade.

#12: Car and Motorcycle AF Tracking Modes

The spec list suggests that the A9III will include specific AI features for tracking cars and motorcycles. This would align with Sony’s trend of incorporating AI-based functions into their cameras, enhancing the overall user experience.

#13: Advanced Autofocus Performance

As per the spec list, the A9III will boast an impressive 2,200 autofocus points with full coverage, conducting 240 autofocus calculations per second. If true, this would set the A9III apart in terms of autofocus performance and make it the leading camera in this aspect.

#14: Impressive Slow-Motion Capabilities

According to the rumors, the A9III might offer various slow-motion video options, including 960 frames per second (fps) at 1080p in cropped mode, 480fps oversampled at 1080p, and 240fps in cropped 4K mode. These would be exceptional specifications for capturing captivating slow-motion footage.

#15: Voice to Text and Connectivity

The alleged spec list suggests that the A9III will have enhanced voice-to-text capabilities and improved data writing, along with built-in GPS and provisions for 5G cellular connectivity. These features, along with improved Wi-Fi speeds and compatibility with external long-range Wi-Fi antennas, would be highly desirable for professional photographers.

#16: 5G Base D Ethernet

The spec list also claims that the A9III will feature a 5G base D Ethernet point, ensuring robust and reliable connectivity for professionals, especially in broadcast scenarios. This would further solidify the A9III’s suitability for professional use.

In Conclusion

While the above spec list may or may not be accurate, I believe that many of the mentioned features are highly likely to be included in the Sony A9III. From enhanced autofocus capabilities to improved durability and connectivity, the A9III is expected to push the boundaries of mirrorless cameras. Regardless of the speculations, I am eagerly awaiting the official announcement of the A9III, and the actual specifications it will offer!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sony A9III Specs

Should I wait for the new Sony A9III based on Sony a9iii rumors specifications?

It is a personal decision whether to wait for the Sony A9III or not. However, since the rumored specifications are not confirmed, it might be beneficial to consider other factors such as your current gear needs and available alternatives before making a decision.

What are the video specifications of the Sony a9 III?

The Sony a9 III can shoot 4Kp60 video that is oversampled from 6K and 4Kp120 video without a crop factor

What is the cost of the Sony a9 III?

The cost of the Sony a9 III is $5,999

What is the new feature of the Sony a9 III?

The Sony a9 III has a global shutter, which is a first for a full-frame mirrorless camera, allowing the camera to expose every pixel at the same time, resulting in no distortion in both stills and video

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