Question: Is wedding videography truly a form of filmmaking?

Solution: In this blog, we will shed light on the misconception that wedding videos are equivalent to true filmmaking. We aim to emphasize the stark differences between these two art forms, revealing how a wedding video often falls short of the cinematic experience that true filmmaking delivers. By exploring the unique aspects of filmmaking, such as storytelling techniques, shot composition, and post-production processes, we will showcase the value of hiring a professional filmmaker for your wedding rather than settling for a mere video. Join us as we uncover the distinctions between a wedding video and a true cinematic masterpiece.


When it comes to capturing the precious moments of a wedding day, many people mistakenly assume that wedding videography is the same as filmmaking. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, we will delve into the differences between wedding video and true filmmaking, debunking the misconceptions surrounding these two art forms.

Wedding Video: Not Filmmaking

Contrary to popular belief, wedding video is not equivalent to filmmaking. Many individuals view wedding video as a beginner’s entry into videography, perhaps even as a means to pay the bills. However, filmmaking goes beyond merely capturing footage of a wedding day.

Documentary Filmmaking vs. Wedding Videography

One might argue that wedding videography is similar to documentary filmmaking, as both involve documenting events and capturing real-life moments. Whether documenting a couple’s special day or a random individual or business, the process may seem similar. However, there are key distinctions that set them apart.

The Role of the Director of Photography (DP)

Referring to the acronym DP, it is important to clarify that it stands for Director of Photography rather than its alternative interpretation. It is the Director of Photography who plays a crucial role in filmmaking, bringing the director’s vision to life through the lens of the camera. While wedding videographers may have a basic understanding of cinematography, they do not possess the same level of expertise and artistic vision as a trained DP.

Let Me Show You the Difference

Allow me to illustrate the disparity between wedding video and filmmaking through an example. Imagine meeting an experienced videographer named Sony, who initially started out shooting weddings but eventually transitioned to using Canon cameras. This decision was based on Canon’s ability to capture the perfect lighting, as it enhances the beauty of darker complexions.

Years later, Sony’s work gained recognition, and his talent was acknowledged by renowned filmmaker Peter McKinnon. Peter placed Sony’s film in the top 10,000 films to see by the year 2023, praising its artistic brilliance. This distinction serves as a testament to the difference between wedding video and true filmmaking.


It is important to recognize that wedding video and filmmaking are not interchangeable terms. While wedding videography involves capturing important moments of a couple’s special day, true filmmaking encompasses a vast range of artistic techniques and storytelling capabilities. So the next time anyone confuses wedding videography with filmmaking, let me show you the distinction, ensuring that the art of storytelling through film is given the recognition it deserves.

Let Me Show You – Wedding Video is Not Filmmaking – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Let Me Show You – Wedding Video is Not Filmmaking

Q: What is the main difference between wedding video and filmmaking?

A: The main difference lies in the storytelling approach and creative techniques used. Filmmaking involves a more cinematic and storytelling-focused approach, whereas wedding videos typically aim to capture the event without much emphasis on narrative techniques.

Q: Is it worth hiring a filmmaker instead of relying on a wedding videographer?

A: It depends on the couple’s preference and budget. Hiring a filmmaker can result in a more artistic and visually engaging portrayal of the wedding but usually comes at a higher cost compared to traditional wedding videography.

Q: Can wedding videos be considered as films?

A: While wedding videos can capture the essence of the wedding day, they are typically seen as documentation rather than films. Films often involve a more complex narrative structure, character development, and creative storytelling techniques.

Q: Can wedding videographers incorporate cinematic elements in their videos?

A: Yes, many wedding videographers strive to incorporate cinematic elements like cinematic shots, color grading, and storytelling techniques to enhance the visual appeal and emotional impact of their videos.

Q: What should I look for when hiring a filmmaker for my wedding?

A: When hiring a filmmaker for your wedding, consider their portfolio, style, storytelling abilities, expertise in wedding filmmaking, equipment they use, and customer reviews to ensure they can deliver the desired cinematic experience for your special day.

Q: Are there any benefits of choosing wedding videography over filmmaking?

A: Wedding videography often offers a more straightforward and less intrusive approach to capturing the events of the day. It can be more affordable compared to hiring a full-scale filmmaking team and might better suit couples seeking a traditional documentation of their wedding.

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