Lenses I Wish I Never Bought

Welcome to our blog where we delve into the world of photography and explore the lenses that have left us with a sense of regret. In this digital age, it is easy to get carried away with the vast array of lenses available. As photography enthusiasts constantly seek to up their game, experimentation is inevitable. However, every lens purchased doesn’t always meet our expectations. Whether it be poor quality, lack of versatility or simply a mismatch with our shooting style, we have all experienced the disappointment of investing in a lens that doesn’t live up to the hype. Join us as we share our personal stories and insights on the lenses we wish we had never bought, aiming to help you make more informed decisions when adding to your photography gear.

Lenses I Wish I Never Bought

Sigma 24mm 1.4

The Sigma 24mm 1.4 lens is a wide-angle lens that I bought hoping to add versatility to my photography. However, there are a few issues with this lens that make me regret the purchase.

  • Lack of Versatility: While I primarily use a 35mm lens for my photography, I wanted to try a wider-angle lens. Unfortunately, the 24mm focal length is just a bit too wide for portrait and fashion photography. It tends to distort the subject’s face, making it unflattering compared to the 35mm lens. In retrospect, I could have achieved the same look by simply stepping back with my 35mm lens.
  • In Wedding Photography: As a wedding photographer, I often carry two cameras with different focal lengths. I thought the 24mm lens would be a great addition for tight spaces during the getting ready shots. However, I ended up using my 35mm lens 90% of the time, as the shots taken with the 24mm lens appeared too similar. It seemed like more effort than it was worth to carry and switch between lenses throughout the day.
  • Image Quality: The Sigma 24mm lens produces great image quality, with beautiful color rendition and a nice bokeh effect. However, it has a tendency to miss focus a bit, even after using a focus calibration chart. Though it’s not a major issue for me, it does make the lens feel less reliable.

Samyang 24mm Tilt-Shift Lens

The Samyang 24mm Tilt-Shift lens, also known as Rokinon, is another lens I wish I never bought. Although it offers optically similar quality to the Canon version at a more affordable price, it has limited use and does not justify carrying it around all day.

  • Limited Usage: The tilt-shift effect was popular a few years ago, but it has become outdated, and not many photographers use it anymore. The effect has fallen out of style, and people no longer expect or appreciate it. As a result, I rarely find opportunities to use the tilt-shift lens, rendering it a wasted purchase.
  • Lack of Practicality: Carrying the tilt-shift lens around all day just to capture one or two photos with the effect is impractical for me. The lens requires a lot of adjustment with buttons and wheels, making it time-consuming and cumbersome to use on a regular basis.
  • High-Quality Images: Despite its limitations, the tilt-shift lens does produce beautiful high-quality images when used appropriately. However, the lack of practicality and relevance to current photography trends outweigh these qualities, making it a regrettable purchase.

In conclusion, both the Sigma 24mm 1.4 and Samyang 24mm Tilt-Shift lenses are lenses I wish I never bought. These lenses either lacked versatility or were impractical for my photography needs. While they produced high-quality images, the limited usage and outdated effects made them unnecessary additions to my camera bag.

Frequently Asked Questions: Lenses I Wish I Never Bought

1. What are lenses?

Lenses, in the context of photography, refer to the interchangeable lenses that can be mounted on a camera, providing various focal lengths and features to capture different types of images.

2. Why would someone regret buying a lens?

There can be several reasons why someone might regret purchasing a specific lens. It could be due to poor image quality, limited functionality, compatibility issues with their camera, or simply not meeting their specific photography needs.

3. What factors should I consider before buying a lens?

Before purchasing a lens, you should consider factors such as your photography style, intended subjects, desired focal length range, budget, optical quality, aperture range, and the overall compatibility with your camera system.

4. Can you give some examples of lenses people often regret buying?

While each photographer’s experience may vary, some lenses that are commonly mentioned in terms of regret include those with overly limited zoom ranges, lenses with poor build quality, lenses with excessive chromatic aberration or distortion, and lenses that do not meet the desired artistic or technical requirements.

5. How can I avoid regretting a lens purchase?

To minimize the chances of regretting a lens purchase, conduct thorough research on the lens you intend to buy. Read reviews, compare sample images, and consider renting or borrowing the lens before making a final decision. It’s also helpful to have a clear understanding of your photography needs and priorities.

6. Can I return a lens if I’m not satisfied with it?

This depends on the store’s return policy and the specific circumstances. Many reputable retailers offer return or exchange options within a specified period, given the lens is in its original condition with all accessories and packaging. It’s important to check the terms and conditions before making a purchase.

7. Are there any lenses that are universally regrettable?

While there may not be universally regrettable lenses, certain models or brands may have a higher number of dissatisfied users due to specific issues. However, every photographer has unique preferences and requirements, so a lens that might be regrettable for one person could still be an excellent choice for another.

Remember, purchasing lenses is subjective, and what works for one photographer may not work for another. It’s always recommended to research, seek advice, and carefully consider your own needs before making any investment in lenses.

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