LENOVO LEGION 7i PRO – i9 13900HX – RTX 4080 – 64gb RAM Upgrade – Video Editing MONSTER LAPTOP

Are you tired of your current laptop slowing down when it comes to video editing? Do you wish there was a high-performance solution that could handle your demanding editing tasks effortlessly? Look no further than the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro! This powerhouse of a laptop is equipped with an i9 13900HX processor, an RTX 4080 graphics card, and a whopping 64GB of RAM. With this kind of firepower, video editing becomes a breeze, even when dealing with large files or complex effects. In this blog, we will dive into the capabilities of the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro, highlighting its exceptional features and why it is the ultimate video editing monster laptop.

Lenovo Legion 7i Pro – i9 13900HX – RTX 4080 – 64GB RAM Upgrade – Video Editing Monster Laptop

Greetings everyone! Vu of envo films here, back with another video. Today, I want to talk about the amazing Lenovo Legion 7i Pro laptop model for 2023. This beast of a machine is equipped with a 13th generation Intel Core i9 13900HX processor and a dedicated Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU, specifically tailored for video editing tasks. When I purchased this laptop directly from Lenovo, it came with 32 gigabytes of DDR5 5600 megahertz RAM, manufactured by the high-quality brand, High Nix, from South Korea.

Upgrading to 64GB RAM and 2TB SSD

As a video editor, I needed more storage and memory power, so the first thing I did was remove the additional two terabyte SSD from my previous gigabyte Aero 16 laptop and installed it into the Legion 7i Pro. Now, with two terabytes of storage, I have ample space for all my video projects. Additionally, I upgraded the RAM to a whopping 64 gigabytes of Kingston Fury RAM, running at 5600 megahertz. This upgrade allows me to seamlessly handle demanding video editing tasks without any slowdown or memory issues.

Why 64GB RAM is Essential for Video Editing

In my experience, 32 gigabytes of RAM is usually sufficient for YouTubers or casual content creators. However, for professional video editing, especially in the fields of commercial, corporate, and even wedding filmmaking, 32 gigabytes tend to get utilized quickly. That’s why I made the decision to upgrade to 64 gigabytes. It ensures smooth performance and prevents any hiccups or lag during my creative process.

Why I Prefer a PC Laptop over a Mac

Some might question why I didn’t choose to go for a Mac, which is known for its incredible video editing performance. Well, I’ve always been loyal to PC since the beginning. From birth, I came out of my mother’s womb embracing the power of PC. I am an Android user and rely on PC computers for all my needs.

Moreover, laptops like the Legion 7i Pro offer the advantage of portability while still providing exceptional performance. Most video editors prefer to work at dedicated workstations, not on the go. So, having a laptop that can be plugged into a wall socket is no big deal. Plus, I often travel for work and need a laptop that allows me to edit on the go, like in hotel rooms or event locations.

Lenovo’s Remarkable Build Quality

Lenovo is known for creating excellent hardware, and the Legion 7i Pro is no exception. This laptop has a premium feel to it, with a solid, metal build quality. While some gamers may complain about the lack of RGB lighting compared to previous models, I find the amount of RGB on this laptop more than sufficient for my needs. Most of the time, I keep the RGB lights off, focusing on the overall performance and quality of the device.

Laptop Display and Color Accuracy

The only downside compared to my old gigabyte Aero 16 is that the Legion 7i Pro does not have a 4K screen. However, the screen does provide accurate colors, as it is 100% sRGB and Pantone certified. When I need to perform color grading tasks more precisely, I can easily connect the laptop to my 4K BenQ monitor for more accurate color representation.

Price and Performance

One of the most impressive aspects of the Legion 7i Pro is its price-to-performance ratio. This laptop offers exceptional performance at a relatively affordable price compared to other options in the market. To match the capabilities of this laptop, I would have to spend at least $3,500 on an Apple machine or even $4,000 for a high-performance PC. Lenovo has definitely struck a balance between performance and affordability.

Furthermore, the thermal management of this laptop is superb. Unlike other thin and light laptops that struggle with heat management, the Legion 7i Pro maintains its performance even under heavy workloads. I have experienced minimal slowdowns or lag, even when editing projects with multiple layers, graphics, and transitions. This ensures a smooth workflow and helps me stay focused on my editing tasks.


In conclusion, the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro is truly a video editing monster. With its powerful Intel Core i9 13900HX processor, dedicated Nvidia RTX 4080 GPU, and upgraded 64 gigabytes of RAM, this laptop provides the performance and speed I need for my professional video editing tasks. Lenovo’s exceptional build quality and affordable price make it a top choice for video editors who want a reliable and powerful machine for their work.

Lenovo Legion 7i Pro FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Lenovo Legion 7i Pro – i9 13900HX – RTX 4080 – 64GB RAM Upgrade – Video Editing
Monster Laptop

Q: What are the key specifications of the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro?

A: The Lenovo Legion 7i Pro features an Intel i9 13900HX processor, an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card, and

Q: Is the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro suitable for video editing?

A: Absolutely! With its powerful i9 processor, RTX 4080 graphics, and 64GB RAM, the Legion 7i Pro is a beast when
it comes to video editing tasks.

Q: Can the RAM be upgraded in the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro?

A: Yes, the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro supports RAM upgrades. It comes with 64GB RAM, but you can further expand it if

Q: How much RAM can be added to the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro?

A: The Lenovo Legion 7i Pro can be upgraded to a maximum of 128GB RAM, which provides ample memory for demanding
video editing tasks.

Q: Is the Lenovo Legion 7i Pro suitable for gaming?

A: Absolutely! The combination of an i9 processor and RTX 4080 graphics ensures smooth gameplay even in
demanding titles, making it an excellent choice for gaming enthusiasts.

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