Leica M11-P Review: The BEST Rangefinder for Professionals!

Are you a professional photographer in search of the perfect camera to capture precise and breathtaking shots? Look no further, as we present to you the Leica M11-P – a true game-changer in the world of rangefinder cameras! In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features and capabilities that make the Leica M11-P the ultimate choice for professionals seeking unparalleled image quality and versatility. From its sleek design to its cutting-edge technology, this rangefinder camera promises to revolutionize your photography experience. Get ready to elevate your skills and capture moments like never before with the Leica M11-P!

Leica M11-P Review: The BEST Rangefinder for Professionals!

Hey welcome back pet pixel viewers it is Chris Nichols here and I’ve got my hands on the brand new Leica m1p let’s take a deep dive. Now things are a little bit different for today’s video our scheduling’s been crazy Jordan is stuck behind the computer editing like a mad Man so my oldest son Kai is helping us out behind the camera today really appreciate his help and you know when we’re talking about the M11 P here this is a variation of an M11 so I’m not going to go through a full review but I will talk about what’s different from The other M11 models and then talk about an interesting feature which is pertinent to today’s industry especially oh and there’s one more important thing that I think I should really point out today I’m using a 35mm lens believe it or not if you’ve seen our show before You know that this is probably my least favorite focal length and uh I’m challenging myself here to use it also that’s what Leica had to send us but it’s going to be fun we’ll make the best of it.

Aesthetics and Controls

Like many of the Leica M cameras with the p designation have come before, we’ve got some aesthetic changes here. Classic writing on top just as m1p very small on the hot shoe and we don’t have the like a red dot here instead we got the black screw motif there. The camera has a flat black finish, making it very discrete and intended for non-descript street shooting. Control-wise, this is basically the exact same as we’ve seen on the other M11 bodies. I can talk a bit about how I like to set it up. I still don’t like the iso controls on the far left, so I don’t really use it there. I do like though that I can still customize a button press here with this control wheel to bring up ISO and then just turn the control dial very quickly to adjust it. I love that when I’m using manual ISO.

The bottom plate is exactly the same as we’ve seen on other M11s. A more modern style without the removable plate, providing quick and easy access to the battery and the SD card slot. It also has a USBC Port for easy charging or connecting it to the computer. Although the cable sticking out from the bottom can be inconvenient, it’s a minor annoyance. However, what I really love is the upgraded internal memory storage. The M11-P is equipped with 256 gigs of internal memory, same as the M11 monochrome, which is fantastic for photographers who always want to have that backup.

User Interface and Customization

The Leica M11 platform is my favorite Leica that I’ve used to date. Leica cameras are simple and straightforward, with manual controls and a thoughtful interface. The menu button offers a quick menu for easy adjustments with the touchscreen or control pad. The function button can be customized for personalized film styles and the menu can be personalized with favorite options. It also offers the option for different user profiles, making it versatile for multiple users or different shooting scenarios.

Performance and Features

The M11-P is aimed at street photographers and photojournalists. However, one drawback is its startup time, which can be quite delayed. To counter this, it is recommended to leave the camera in sleep standby mode to ensure it is instantly ready to shoot in any situation.

One standout feature of the M11-P is its integration with the C2P information. This camera is part of the Coalition for Content Provenance and Attribution (C2PA), which addresses issues related to AI editing, copyright infringement, and maintaining the integrity of digital content. By storing all the changes made to the files in the metadata, it ensures that the original publisher’s copyright information is retained and any alterations or edits to the file are recorded and traceable. This feature is especially important for photojournalists who need to prove that their work has not been edited or altered in any way.

Overall, the Leica M11-P is an excellent rangefinder camera for professionals, offering aesthetic changes, upgraded storage, and innovative features like C2PA integration. While it may have some minor drawbacks, its simplicity, customization options, and high image quality make it a top choice for photographers in the industry.

Leica M11-P Review: The BEST Rangefinder for Professionals!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes the Leica M11-P the best rangefinder for professionals?

The Leica M11-P stands out as the best rangefinder for professionals due to its outstanding image quality, solid build construction, and advanced features. It offers exceptional performance and unparalleled precision, making it the top choice for professional photographers.

2. What are the key features of the Leica M11-P?

The Leica M11-P boasts a range of impressive features including a high-resolution full-frame sensor, advanced image processor, intuitive manual focus system, superb low-light capabilities, 4K video recording, and a long-lasting battery life. Its sleek and minimalistic design also adds to its appeal.

3. How does the image quality of the Leica M11-P compare to other rangefinders?

The image quality produced by the Leica M11-P is second to none. Its 47-megapixel sensor captures stunning details, natural colors, and impressive dynamic range, resulting in breathtaking photographs. The Leica lenses coupled with the M11-P body ensure unparalleled sharpness and clarity.

4. Is it easy to use the Leica M11-P for professional photography?

Yes, the Leica M11-P is designed to meet the needs of professional photographers. It offers an intuitive interface, customizable controls, and straightforward operation. The manual focus system further enhances precision, allowing photographers to have full control over their images.

5. Can the Leica M11-P be used for video recording?

Absolutely! The Leica M11-P is not only a powerhouse for still photography, but it also excels in video recording capabilities. It supports 4K video recording, enabling professionals to capture stunning cinematic moments with exceptional clarity and detail.

6. Does the Leica M11-P have good low-light performance?

Yes, the Leica M11-P impresses with its exceptional low-light performance. Its high ISO range allows photographers to confidently shoot in challenging lighting conditions without compromising image quality. The noise reduction algorithms ensure that images remain clean, even at higher ISO settings.

7. How long does the battery of the Leica M11-P last?

The Leica M11-P is equipped with a long-lasting battery that provides ample power for extended shooting sessions. Under normal usage, the battery can last for several hundred shots before needing a recharge.

8. Can I use older Leica lenses with the M11-P?

Absolutely! Leica lenses have a long-standing reputation for their exceptional quality and compatibility across generations. The Leica M11-P is fully compatible with older Leica lenses, allowing photographers to take advantage of their excellent optics and unique rendering.

9. Is the Leica M11-P weather-sealed?

Yes, the Leica M11-P features comprehensive weather-sealing, protecting it against dust, moisture, and splashes. This feature ensures that the camera is reliable and can withstand various environmental conditions, providing peace of mind to professionals on outdoor shoots.

10. Is the Leica M11-P worth its price for professionals?

Undoubtedly, the Leica M11-P is worth every penny for professionals seeking uncompromising quality and outstanding performance. Its exceptional image quality, robust build, advanced features, and renowned Leica craftsmanship make it a wise investment for professionals serious about their craft.

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