Leica M10-R: 40 Megapixel Pinnacle M (The Full Color Monochrom!)

Are you a photography enthusiast looking for the ultimate high-resolution camera? Look no further than the Leica M10-R. With its impressive 40 megapixel sensor, this camera is the pinnacle of high-resolution photography. Not only does it capture stunning color images, but it also offers the option to shoot in black and white with the same level of detail, making it the full color monochrom. The Leica M10-R is a game-changer for photographers who demand the best in image quality and performance. In this blog, we’ll explore the features and capabilities of the Leica M10-R and why it stands out as a top choice for professional photographers.

Leica M10-R: 40 Megapixel Pinnacle M (The Full Color Monochrom!)


There’s something magical about the essentials a freedom from complexity allowing yourself the time to imagine set your intention and then go. This is leica’s m10r the new 40 megapixel color version of the m10 monochrome. Hey everybody, Hugh Brownstone for three blind men and an elephant and today as a completely biased lack of file, he wants to talk briefly about this morning’s announcement of Leica’s m10r.

Leica M10-R: The Pinnacle of Digital M’s

You can think of the m10r as the color version of the 40 megapixel m10 monochrome which makes it spectacular except that it does have the Leica red dot in front rather than the monochrome’s simple flat bladed screw. I guess so you know which is which when you’re in a hurry.

Leica’s Pricing

Of course just one Leica is too dear for most of us to contemplate. Brownstone understands, though he has said many times before, he does not begrudge Leica its pricing. It’s what it takes to continue offering extraordinary low volume, hand-assembled, and individually tested cameras while treating its employees as the heart of a company they are.

Different M10 Variants

This is the third M10 variant since the original launched in 2017, the third time in as many years Brownstone finds himself saying okay this is the M to replace the M8 he sold years ago. But all M’s are extraordinary companions each with its own appeal digital or film.

Reasons Why the M10-R Appeals to Hugh Brownstone

  1. I have a very specific real-world desire for resolution beyond 24 megapixels. I want to be able to walk the streets of New York City with a compact prime attached to a compact camera with the room to crop the images in post.
  2. Although Brownstone is a black and white shooter, the ability to create a level of abstraction speaks to him in a profound way. He finds himself shooting color more and more often.
  3. Even if he prints or displays in black and white, he still wants the color information for the opportunity to color mix a black and white image in post.
  4. Brownstone has found himself shooting more at night, and the M10-R’s gain in low light performance over the M10P may be material to what he wants to do.


None of this is to say the M10-R is perfect but to Brownstone, it is absolutely the pinnacle of digital M’s thus far. While he can’t imagine ever needing or wanting more than 40 megapixels in an M, he’d still be delighted with any of the M10 variants. The M10-R will be available at the end of this month for 82.95 which, while 300 more than the base M10, is the same price as the monochrome and actually 500 less than the M10D or M10P.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Leica M10-R

What is the Leica M10-R?
The Leica M10-R is a digital rangefinder camera that features a high-resolution 40 megapixel full-frame CMOS sensor, making it the pinnacle of the M lineup.
What sets the Leica M10-R apart from other models?
The M10-R stands out for its remarkable resolution and detail, making it an ideal choice for photographers who prioritize image quality.
Is the Leica M10-R capable of capturing monochromatic images?
Yes, the Leica M10-R has the ability to capture stunning black and white images, making it the full color monochrom camera of choice for many photographers.

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