Leica M 11 Three Months Later: Outstanding – but I Didn’t Expect THIS…

Are you in search of a camera that will revolutionize your photography experience? Look no further than the Leica M 11. Launched just three months ago, this mirrorless camera has already garnered immense praise for its exceptional quality and performance. However, as I delved deeper into my usage of the Leica M 11, I stumbled upon an unexpected surprise that completely changed the way I approached my shots. In this blog post, I will share my experiences with the Leica M 11, its outstanding features, and the unexpected aspect that caught me off guard, leaving me in awe of this remarkable camera. Get ready to be amazed!

Leica M 11 Three Months Later: Outstanding – but I Didn’t Expect THIS…

This article provides an update on the Leica M 11 camera after three months of use. With its outstanding features, the author shares their unexpected experiences with the camera. Check out some relevant information from the video by KEH, a trusted seller of used camera gear since 1979.


The Leica M 11 has proven to be a remarkable camera, and the author responds to the requests for a follow-up report on their experience. While initially skeptical of the need for a follow-up, the author acknowledges the value of spending more time with the camera to share additional insights. They particularly emphasize their love for the image quality and their decision to purchase the camera with their own money.

Lighter and More Convenient

One notable benefit of ordering the Leica M 11 in black is the aluminum top plate, making it lighter than the silver M 11 or M10 series. The author highlights the impact of this lightweight feature during their street photography workshops in New York, where they walk 10 miles a day. Additionally, the inclusion of a USB-C port and 64 gigabytes of internal RAM proves to be convenient for the author’s shooting needs.

Compact Lens Kit

The compact size of M lenses allows the author to carry multiple lenses, including a 24, 35, a pair of 50s, and a 90, all in a hip pack. They also laud the improvement of the Visoflex 2 over the previous version, emphasizing its usefulness in urban landscape photography. The author appreciates how leaving off the rear screen makes the camera smaller, lighter, and extends the battery life.

Superior Grip and Metering

The author commends the grip for the Leica M 11, as it allows them to remove the battery and SD card without detaching the grip itself. The built-in Arcus Swiss-compatible foot further adds to its convenience. Although the initial implementation of highlight-weighted metering was flawed, firmware updates have resolved this issue.

Expensive Upgrades and Lens Choices

The sensor of the M 11 offers impressive resolution and dynamic range, prompting the author to upgrade their lens kit. However, the cost of new lenses, such as the Apple Silicon 35, proves to be more than they anticipated. As a more affordable alternative, they opt for the Voigtlander lenses, which still offer compelling results. The author also considers adding a Super Elmar lens to their collection.

Back Seat to the SL2

While the Leica M 11 excels in many areas, the author acknowledges that their SL2 camera takes precedence in specific shooting conditions. Autofocus, image stabilization (IBIS), and weather sealing are factors that sometimes make the M 11 less suitable than the SL2. Nevertheless, the author occasionally carries both kits for varied shooting needs.

Availability and Technical Issues

Unfortunately, the Leica M 11 is currently scarce and in high demand. The black version is back-ordered, and various stores have limited stock or potential pre-order options. The author also faced an unfortunate issue where their M 11 died after capturing less than a thousand frames, and they are still awaiting a replacement. They recognize that such glitches are common with new product launches.

Consider the M10 as an Alternative

Given the availability and potential issues with the M 11, the author suggests considering a used Leica M10 as a more affordable alternative. The M10 has already undergone several debugging stages and offers excellent performance. KEH is recommended as a reliable source for finding used cameras, with competitive prices.

Support and Conclusion

The author expresses gratitude to KEH for sponsoring the video and providing valuable resources for camera gear. They encourage viewers to support their work by subscribing, engaging in the comments, and exploring their website for additional content. The article concludes by inviting readers to join the author as a patron or support them through various means listed in the conclusion.

Frequently Asked Questions – Leica M 11 Three Months Later

Leica M 11 Three Months Later: Outstanding – but I Didn’t Expect THIS…

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: What is the Leica M 11?

The Leica M 11 is a high-end digital rangefinder camera produced by Leica Camera AG. It is the latest model in their prestigious M series, known for its exceptional build quality and superb image quality.

Q2: What are the standout features of the Leica M 11?

The Leica M 11 boasts several outstanding features, including:

  • Improved 47.3MP full-frame CMOS sensor
  • Upgraded Maestro III image processor
  • Advanced ISO range for low-light performance
  • Enhanced autofocus system with improved accuracy
  • Integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

Q3: How has the Leica M 11 performed after three months of usage?

The Leica M 11 has exceeded expectations in terms of performance. Users have reported exceptional image quality, impressive dynamic range, and superb handling. The improved autofocus system has also been lauded for its accuracy and speed.

Q4: Is the Leica M 11 suitable for professional photographers?

Absolutely! The Leica M 11 is highly regarded among professional photographers for its exceptional craftsmanship and unmatched image quality. Its full-frame CMOS sensor and precise manual focusing make it a top choice for professionals seeking ultimate image control.

Q5: Are there any unexpected drawbacks or issues with the Leica M 11?

While the Leica M 11 is an outstanding camera, some users have reported a shorter battery life than expected. It is advisable to carry spare batteries during extended shooting sessions. Additionally, the camera’s premium build quality comes with a higher price tag compared to other digital rangefinders in the market.

Q6: Does the Leica M 11 support interchangeable lenses?

Yes, the Leica M 11 is compatible with Leica M-mount lenses, allowing photographers to interchange between a wide range of exceptional optics for different shooting needs.

Q7: Is the Leica M 11 weather-sealed?

Yes, the Leica M 11 features weather-sealing, protecting the camera from dust and moisture. However, it is essential to take precautions and avoid excessive exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Q8: What accessories are available for the Leica M 11?

Leica offers a wide range of accessories for the M 11, including:

  • Leica M-mount lenses
  • External flash units
  • Battery grips
  • Camera straps
  • Carrying cases

Q9: Is the Leica M 11 compatible with external flashes?

Yes, the Leica M 11 supports external flash units that can be mounted on the hot shoe. It offers TTL flash exposure control and compatibility with Leica’s SF 40, SF 60, and SF 64 flash units.

Q10: Where can I find more information about the Leica M 11?

For more detailed specifications, features, and the latest updates about the Leica M 11, you can visit Leica’s official website or refer to reputable photography websites and forums.

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