Last day in the Dolomites and drone talk | Ep. 4

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to capture the stunning beauty of the Dolomite mountains from a bird’s eye view? In our latest episode of Drone Talk, we delved into the incredible experience of using a drone to document our last day in the Dolomites. From soaring peaks to crystal clear lakes, the Dolomites offer a landscape like no other – and a drone allows you to capture it in all its glory. Join us as we reflect on our adventures in this mesmerizing region and discuss the unique perspective that drones can bring to travel photography.

Last Day in the Dolomites

Hello and welcome to day four in the Dolomites. Another day that no doubt will consist of seeing some lakes and also several one and a half hour drives. This video is sponsored by Lumix, and all the stills you see were shot on the Panasonic Lumix g9 with a variety of Lumix lenses. All the video was shot on the Lumix G 90, except for the drone shots.

Lake Mishap

The day started with a lunch at a dried-out lake due to a research mistake. The initial plan of visiting Cicada was changed due to the cable car closure two days ago. This led to visiting a plan B location, which was less than ideal.

Mixed Feelings About Drones

The narrator has mixed feelings about drones, particularly when they disturb the peace in serene locations. Additionally, drone photography lacks the connection that regular photography provides since the individual isn’t physically there to capture the shot.

Exploring New Heights

After the lake mishap, the group decided to take a cable car ride to explore a new location at higher altitudes. The breathtaking view and a pitstop for coffee added to the adventure

Sunset at the Church

The day concluded with a visit to a church at sunset. Although crowded with other photographers, the narrator still found beauty in the layers of trees, mountains, and the church in the foreground. The chilly weather didn’t deter the group from capturing the moment.

Looking Ahead to Slovenia

The Dolomites trip comes to an end as the group prepares for the next adventure in Slovenia. A four and a half hour drive awaits them, showcasing the winding roads on the journey ahead. The narrator expresses gratitude to Lumix for sponsoring the video and looks forward to exploring Slovenia with their trusted Lumix cameras.

Thank you for watching and stay tuned for the next video in Slovenia!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is “Last day in the Dolomites and drone talk | Ep. 4” about?

“Last day in the Dolomites and drone talk | Ep. 4” is the fourth episode of a series that explores the beautiful Dolomites region and discusses drone technology.

2. What can I expect from this episode?

In this episode, you can expect breathtaking views of the Dolomites, informative discussions about drones, and tips on how to capture stunning aerial footage.

3. Is this episode suitable for all audiences?

Yes, this episode is family-friendly and suitable for all audiences. It is a great way to learn more about the Dolomites and drone technology.

4. Where can I watch this episode?

This episode can be watched on our WordPress website or YouTube channel. Stay tuned for more episodes in this series!

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