JURASSIC PARK PHOTO CHALLENGE: Can I Replicate this Famous Scene???

Are you a fan of the iconic movie Jurassic Park? Have you ever dreamed of stepping into the shoes of the adventurous characters and experiencing the thrill of being chased by a T-rex? Well, look no further! Introducing the Jurassic Park Photo Challenge, where you can recreate your favorite scenes from the movie and capture them in all their glory. Whether you want to replicate the heart-pounding moment when the T-rex escapes its enclosure or the awe-inspiring sight of the brachiosaurus towering over the park visitors, this challenge offers you the opportunity to bring the magic of Jurassic Park to life. Let your creativity soar as you embark on this exciting journey to replicate these famous scenes and win exciting prizes!

Jurassic Park Photo Challenge: Can I Replicate this Famous Scene?

Jurassic Park Photo Challenge: Can I Replicate this Famous Scene?

The Challenge

[Applause] oh [Applause] Jared poen fronos photo.com and today’s challenge well it’s kind of simple but it’s also not very simple. We have a replica Jeep from the movie Jurassic Park and my buddy Troy challenged me to get a great photo that looks like he’s in the movie. He had the perfect barn to photograph in, but the only problem was there’s no lights inside of this barn. But the good news is we teamed up with Zan who just released the moles g200 LED lights that are by color. Now, what did we bring out to photograph with? Well, I brought two different systems – the Fuji gfx 100s and the Canon R3 – because I want all of those megapixels for this movie-like shoot.

The Lighting Setup

The moles g200 LED lights prove to be perfect for this shoot. With the ability to go from 2700 de Kelvin all the way up to 6500 de Kelvin, we were able to achieve the desired color temperature for the scene. We set the background to be a bit warmer, while keeping the light on me a little cooler. Each g200 light provides 200 watts of power, but by pressing both buttons together, you can get up to 300 watts of max power. The lights are compact and come with whisper-quiet fans that only turn on when needed, making them ideal for video shoots and interviews.

The Scene and Atmosphere Aerosol

The scene we were replicating was from Jurassic World where Zach and Gray stumble upon the visitor center. We wanted to capture this scene in both stills and video, so we went wide to show the whole scene. To enhance the atmosphere, we used atmosphere aerosol to create a sun-drenched look that further brought the scene to life.

The MOLUS G200 Lights

The moles g200 lights are not only compact and easy to carry, but they also provide great flexibility. With only two buttons on the back, you can easily adjust the color temperature and brightness. The lights come with a Bowen Mount, allowing you to attach various accessories. For this shoot, we used the Manny Ortiz light Dome to soften the light. The g200 light is priced at $379, making it an affordable and versatile addition to any photographer or videographer’s arsenal.

The Final Results

Thanks to the moles g200 LED lights, we were able to capture stunning photos and videos that replicate the iconic scene from Jurassic Park. We experimented with different scenes and props, showcasing Troy in various outfits and poses. If you’re interested in seeing more themed shoots like this, please leave a comment suggesting a new idea. Thank you for watching!

JURASSIC PARK PHOTO CHALLENGE: Can I Replicate this Famous Scene??? – FAQ

Q: Can I participate in the Jurassic Park Photo Challenge?

A: Absolutely! The Jurassic Park Photo Challenge is open to everyone who wants to participate.

Q: How do I enter the challenge?

A: To enter the challenge, you need to submit a photo of your recreation of a famous scene from Jurassic Park.

Q: Where do I submit my photo?

A: You can submit your photo on the official Jurassic Park Photo Challenge website. There will be a submission form for you to upload your photo.

Q: Is there any cost to participate?

A: No, participation in the Jurassic Park Photo Challenge is completely free.

Q: How many photos can I submit?

A: You can submit only one photo per person for the challenge.

Q: What should be included in my photo?

A: Your photo should include your recreation of a famous scene from Jurassic Park. Be as creative as you can!

Q: Can I edit my photo?

A: Yes, you can edit your photo as long as it remains a faithful recreation of the scene you have chosen.

Q: Are there any specific rules or guidelines for the challenge?

A: Yes, there are some rules and guidelines that you should follow. These will be provided on the official Jurassic Park Photo Challenge website.

Q: How will the winners be selected?

A: The winners will be selected by a panel of judges who will evaluate the submissions based on creativity, resemblance to the original scene, and overall quality.

Q: What are the prizes for the winners?

A: The prizes for the winners will be announced on the Jurassic Park Photo Challenge website. There will be exciting rewards for the top participants.

Q: When is the deadline to submit my photo?

A: The deadline for photo submissions will also be provided on the official Jurassic Park Photo Challenge website. Make sure to submit your photo before the deadline ends.

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