It’s official folks: Sony registered a new high end camera in China and I am sure it’s the A9III

Have you heard the news? Sony has recently registered a brand new high-end camera in China, and the excitement among photography enthusiasts is reaching its peak. Many speculations are circulating, but one model seems to be on top of everyone’s wish list – the highly anticipated Sony A9III. As Sony’s flagship mirrorless camera, the A9 series has already established its reputation for pushing boundaries in the realm of professional photography. With advancements in technology and formidable features from its predecessors, photographers have their hopes high for the A9III to revolutionize the industry once again. In this blog, we will delve into the stunning possibilities this camera might offer and explore what we can expect from the Sony A9III.

It’s official folks: Sony registered a new high-end camera in China and it is likely the A9III


Exciting news has emerged as an official Chinese agency recently registered a new Sony camera model. Speculations are rife, and it seems highly probable that this new registration pertains to the highly anticipated A9III. In this article, we will delve into the details and provide you with the latest information on this exciting development.

Key Registration Details

The registered Sony camera model carries the code “ww559681.” From the limited information available on the registration, we can determine that it supports both 5.1 and 2.4 G, the latter being common to mid to high-end cameras. This suggests that we may be looking at a camera in the mid to high-end range, further reinforcing the assumption that this is indeed the A9III.

Trustworthy Sources and Firsthand Accounts

Reliable sources have disclosed that the A9III is expected to be announced sometime between late November and early January 2024. Considering this information, it aligns perfectly with the registration details we just discussed.

Adding credibility to these claims, several individuals associated with Sony have inadvertently stumbled upon the A9III, confirming its existence. A video will be released soon, providing further details on this interesting occurrence.

Historical Announcement Timelines

When analyzing past camera announcements, it becomes evident that Sony generally takes between two and a half to four months to make an official announcement after registering the camera in China. By applying this timeframe, we can anticipate that the new mid to high-end camera, which we believe is the A9III, will be revealed between the end of November and early January.

Unannounced Camera Models

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that several camera models were registered back in June, as depicted in the table. As of now, none of these cameras have been announced. Considering their compatibility with 2.4 G, it is possible that one of them could be the lr1 model. However, this is purely speculative, and we await confirmation from Sony regarding their plans for these cameras.


In conclusion, it is an exciting time for Sony enthusiasts as a new mid to high-end camera is on the horizon. Based on the registration code in China, we can confidently speculate that this camera is the highly anticipated A9III. With an expected announcement between November and January, we urge you to subscribe and hit the notification button, as we will provide you with more detailed information on the A9III and its groundbreaking features soon. Stay tuned for updates and brace yourself for Sony’s fastest e-mount full-frame camera yet, featuring unrivaled autofocus capabilities, frame rates, and more. Additionally, we anticipate the release of new lenses, including the highly anticipated 300 millimeter gem. The Autumn season promises an exciting journey for Sony enthusiasts. See you soon!


Frequently Asked Questions – Sony A9III

Q: What is the latest news about Sony A9III?

A: Sony has officially registered a new high-end camera in China, which many believe to be the highly anticipated Sony A9III.

Q: What are the expectations for Sony A9III?

A: The Sony A9III is expected to be an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Sony A9II, with improvements in various aspects such as image quality, autofocus performance, and processing speed.

Q: What makes the Sony A9III a high-end camera?

A: The Sony A9III is categorized as a high-end camera due to its advanced features and capabilities tailored towards professional photographers. It offers exceptional image quality, superior autofocus, high burst shooting rates, and robust build quality.

Q: Will the Sony A9III be available worldwide?

A: While the camera’s registration in China suggests an imminent release, the availability worldwide will ultimately depend on Sony’s marketing and distribution strategy. Sony usually releases their high-end cameras globally, so it is highly likely that the A9III will be available worldwide.

Q: What are some notable features of the Sony A9III?

A: While specific details are not officially confirmed, the A9III is expected to feature a high-resolution sensor, improved image stabilization, enhanced video capabilities, expanded ISO range, and advanced connectivity options.

Q: When can we expect more information or an official announcement?

A: Sony has not provided any official timeline for the release or announcement of the A9III. However, it is advisable to stay tuned to Sony’s official channels, press releases, and trusted photography websites for updates on the Sony A9III.

Q: What could be the possible price range for the Sony A9III?

A: As pricing details have not been disclosed yet, it is difficult to provide an exact range. However, given its high-end positioning, it is anticipated that the Sony A9III will be priced competitively within the upper range of professional camera gear.

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