Is this the smallest full frame camera setup…ever?

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to capture professional-quality, full-frame images without lugging around hefty camera equipment? Well, the answer might just surprise you. In this blog post, we explore the realm of compact camera setups and take a closer look at what could potentially be the smallest full-frame camera setup ever created. From travelers seeking convenience to street photographers navigating tight spaces, this innovative solution promises to revolutionize the way we approach photography. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or an avid hobbyist, get ready to discover a compact camera system that packs a punch without compromising on image quality or versatility.

Is this the smallest full frame camera setup…ever?

Have you ever been out running errands just doing daily tasks and see a third opportunity and just think damn I wish I had my camera on me right now and you pull out your phone to capture the moment but it’s just never the same as having your proper camera with you For the kind of image quality that I want taking a professional level camera with me everywhere is just not doable and the quality out of these phones especially now that we can shoot raw is actually really good but you can still tell in a lot of situations that it is a Phone so over the last two weeks I have been taking this camera everywhere with me and if you subscribe to the channel you’ve probably seen this camera already this is the Sony zve E1 and I have paired this up with the samyang 35 millimeter 2.8 pancake lens in the

Practice of taking a camera like this with me everywhere a few things have happened even though it’s only been two weeks of taking this camera around with me I have begin to get into the habit of looking for photography opportunities everywhere I go versus before I would Only be in that photo taking mode when I had a camera on me and it’s honestly led me not only to capture more beautiful photos just from my everyday life but it’s also encouraged me to document meant my life a little bit more and in a very cinematic way because of this Camera because of social media we’ve been conditioned to only document Our Lives when it is aesthetic when it’s worth showing off when it’s instagramable and I think we somewhat see our lives through the lens of others what will other people think or now is a perfect time to whip out the camera Because other people will love to see this aspect of my life but I think it’s really important to document our experiences and the people closest to us authentically and I’ve just really enjoyed doing that with this lightweight camera setup Thank you Foreign [Applause]

Quality Video in a Small Form

One of the best things about this little camera setup is that I can also shoot like a7s3 quality video when I’m out and about so if I see something that would be great for b-roll for another video or I want to whip out the camera and tell a Quick story I can do that without sacrificing any quality and that’s just crazy that that capability is in a camera with such a small form factor and I’ve even taken this camera and lens into situations where I would probably prefer to use a more professional camera or a higher resolution camera like the 30 megapixel a74 that I use most of the time and the photos come out amazing I’ll show a few of them to you on the screen here

Choosing the Right Camera

I know what you’re thinking why didn’t I just go and buy a Fuji camera because it sounds like that would be right up my alley for this kind of thing and there has been a lot of interest in Fuji cameras over the last couple of years mainly because of their pocket size Power amazing features and the film simulation recipes and while I really do like Fujifilm cameras those that have been around watching this channel for quite some time you guys will know that I made a lot of videos about Fuji in the past having owned an xt2 since early 2017. but I have a little bit of a bone to pick when it comes to film simulations I do shoot film quite a lot I just bought a medium format 6×7 camera and I’ve been putting quite a few roles through it despite the expense of the Film and the developing and for me it is quite hard to replicate film even in Lightroom with access to countless you know controls and parameters but one of the misconceptions with film is that you shoot the photo and it just comes out like that that’s just how it looks but Behind the scenes there’s actually a lot of variables that go into film photography there’s obviously the type of film that you use whether you overexpose or under expose that film the exposure time whether you push or pull the exposure in the development process the kind of scanner that you use to Actually scan the film a few weeks ago I actually had the opportunity to scan my own film at a lab in Bali and I got to sit in front of the professional lab scanning setup and actually tweak the photos myself and there is actually a Lot of control that you can get when you scan an image from the white balance the tent the contrast levels exposure I think what a lot of people don’t realize with film that every exposure goes through a Lightroom sort of color grading process and that’s what you pay The lab to do so I think that film simulations are great they are a little bit hit and miss that’s the experience that I’ve had in the past anyway and I just love editing each and every photo myself that is like a huge part of the creative process for me just being able To tweak the feeling of the photo so it represents what it really felt like to be in that moment So yeah I guess the point of this video is to encourage you to get a compact camera setup there are plenty out there you don’t have to have a full frame set up like this this just worked out really well because I already had the camera I Found this pancake lens pretty sure this would be the smallest full frame camera setup like there is that exists I don’t really know I know that there’s another compact full-frame camera the sigma FP I’m not sure if a lens like this exists for that system whether you could make a smaller Setup but for me this has to be one of the smallest out there but yeah whether it’s full frame aps-c Fuji whatever brand I really think that it is awesome to have a camera on you at all times especially a camera that makes stunning images and is really fun to use I think That’s the main thing


So that’s it for me guys I hope you enjoyed this video as always all the photos in this video were edited with my Lightroom preset pack which is kind of like a film simulation as well if you pick the preset pack up Thank you so much it helps to support this channel really appreciate you guys anyone who’s already bought it so far but yeah that’s pretty much it I’m going to get out of here I’ll see you guys in the next video .

Is this the smallest full frame camera setup…ever? – FAQ

1. What is a full frame camera?

A full frame camera refers to a camera that has a sensor size equivalent to a traditional 35mm film frame. It provides superior image quality, dynamic range, and better low-light performance compared to cameras with smaller sensors.

2. What does it mean to have the smallest full frame camera setup?

The smallest full frame camera setup refers to a camera system that includes the camera body and lens, which is extremely compact and lightweight compared to other full frame cameras available in the market.

3. Is there a specific camera setup being referred to?

No, the question is speculative and open-ended. It invites exploration and discussion regarding the possibility of the smallest full frame camera setup ever created.

4. Are there any advantages to having a smaller full frame camera setup?

Yes, a smaller camera setup provides improved portability, making it easier to carry and handle. It allows for discreet photography, perfect for street photography and travel, without compromising on image quality.

5. Are there any drawbacks to having a smaller full frame camera setup?

While a smaller camera setup offers portability advantages, it may have limitations in terms of ergonomics and control placement. Smaller bodies may not provide as comfortable a grip and can have fewer physical controls compared to larger camera systems.

6. Has the smallest full frame camera setup ever been achieved?

There is ongoing innovation in camera technology, and manufacturers are continuously striving to create smaller full frame camera setups. However, whether the absolute smallest setup has been achieved is subjective and subject to individual interpretation.

7. Which full frame cameras are known for their compactness?

Several camera manufacturers have released compact full frame cameras, including Sony, Leica, and Panasonic. Sony’s Alpha series, Leica Q2, and Panasonic Lumix S5 are examples of cameras known for their compact size without compromising on full frame image quality.

8. Where can I find more information about compact full frame cameras?

You can find more information about compact full frame cameras on photography websites, camera manufacturer’s official websites, and online camera review platforms. These resources provide in-depth specifications, user reviews, and comparisons to help you make informed decisions.

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