Is THIS the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?!

Is THIS the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?! Excitement is building in the photography community as rumors circulate about Nikon’s potential successor to the highly popular Nikon Z8 mirrorless camera. With the Z8 earning high praises for its impressive specifications and groundbreaking technology, many are eagerly awaiting the next installment in Nikon’s lineup. Photographers and enthusiasts alike are speculating whether the rumored Nikon Z9 could surpass its predecessor and set new benchmarks in the industry. Combining enhanced features, improved performance, and possibly even more compact design, the Nikon Z9 could be a game-changer for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Let’s dive into the rumors and explore what the future might hold for Nikon’s mirrorless cameras.

Is THIS the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?!

According to reports from Jared Polin at, there are rumors circulating about the potential successor to the Nikon Z8. While specific details are still uncertain, it seems that Nikon may be releasing a new full-frame retro-style mirrorless camera, possibly named the ZF.

Canon Files Patent for Tilting Viewfinder

On a different note, it appears that Canon has recently filed a patent for a tilting viewfinder for their Eos R style of cameras. The drawings suggest that this viewfinder can not only telescope but also tilt up. While this feature may not be particularly useful for still shooters, it could be beneficial for capturing hero shots from low angles, such as at sporting events. It is worth noting that current cameras do have flip-out and rotatable screens, but their positioning often leads to distorted lines in images. Canon’s design, on the other hand, would allow for better composition and image quality in such situations.

An Unfortunate Delivery Experience

Switching gears, Polin shares a somewhat unfortunate anecdote about a recent package delivery from FedEx Ground. The package was left outside for an hour without the driver knocking or ringing the bell. Polin’s intention in bringing up this incident is to inform his audience that when it comes to shipping valuable items like cameras or electronics, it may be better to opt for FedEx Express or UPS rather than FedEx Ground. Although experiences and quality of service may vary depending on the driver, Polin personally recommends UPS based on his positive experiences.

Issues with the Nikon Z8

Turning back to Nikon-related news, there have been some reports of issues with the Nikon Z8. Initially, there was a service advisory regarding potential problems with locking lenses into place. While Polin’s camera was part of the advisory, he did not experience the reported issue himself and believes that it was blown out of proportion. More recently, there have been reports of broken lugs on some Z8 cameras, which hold the camera strap. Nikon is currently investigating these reports, and it remains to be seen whether this is an isolated incident or a more widespread problem. Polin expresses his confidence that Nikon will address the issue and provide updates when more information becomes available.

A Potential Full-Frame Sequel: The ZF

Finally, there are rumors swirling around the potential release of a full-frame sequel to the Nikon ZFC. The ZFC, released a few years ago, was a crop sensor retro-style mirrorless camera. While Polin had some issues with its plastic body, autofocus, and lack of ergonomic design, it seems that Nikon is undeterred and may be planning to introduce a full-frame retro-style camera called the ZF. Speculation suggests that it could feature a similar sensor to the Z8 and Z9 models, improve autofocus capabilities, and be priced at around $2000. Additionally, it may come with new features such as a black and white mode, better build quality, a single SD card slot, and a small grip. However, Polin emphasizes the importance of maintaining good ergonomic design, as simply adding retro dials does not automatically make a camera comfortable to use.

In conclusion, while the details are still uncertain, it seems that Nikon has some exciting developments in the works. Whether it’s the potential successor to the Z8, a new tilting viewfinder from Canon, or the rumored full-frame ZF, photography enthusiasts can look forward to the future of mirrorless cameras.

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FAQ – Is THIS the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?!

Frequently Asked Questions – Is THIS the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?!

1. What is the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?

The Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR is an upcoming camera model that is speculated to be the successor of the Nikon Z8 camera.

2. Is the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR confirmed by Nikon?

No, Nikon has not officially confirmed the existence of the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR at the time of writing.

3. What are the rumored features of the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?

There is a lot of speculation around the features of the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR. Some rumored features include a high-resolution sensor, improved autofocus system, advanced image stabilization, and enhanced video capabilities.

4. When will the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR be released?

The release date for the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR has not been announced yet. It is advisable to stay updated with Nikon’s official announcements or trusted sources for the latest information.

5. How much will the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR cost?

The pricing details of the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR are unknown at this time. The cost will likely be determined by the camera’s specifications and market demand.

6. Will the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR be compatible with existing Nikon Z-mount lenses?

It is anticipated that the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR will retain compatibility with existing Nikon Z-mount lenses, as Nikon has been committed to maintaining backward lens compatibility within their Z-series lineup.

7. Where can I find more information about the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR?

You can find the latest updates and official announcements regarding the Nikon Z8 SUCCESSOR on Nikon’s official website or reputable photography news sources.

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