Is the Long Wait Finally over?

Are you tired of waiting for something to change in your life? Whether it’s waiting for a promotion at work, waiting for a relationship to improve, or waiting for a big life event to happen, the waiting game can be frustrating and disheartening. But what if I told you that the long wait might finally be over? In this blog, we’ll explore the reasons why it may feel like you’ve been waiting forever for something to happen, and we’ll discuss potential solutions to help bring an end to that waiting game. Get ready to learn how you can finally move forward and leave the waiting behind.

The Long Wait for a Refresh

It’s been five years since the announcement of the Panasonic S1 and the s1r and four and a half years since the announcement of the video Centric s1h will Panasonic make us wait another year or is a big announcement about to happen in q1 of 2024 well stick around after this short Message for an update but first subscribe to this channel for a chance to win a Canon e R5 I’ll be giving a one away to unlucky subscriber once this channel reaches 100,000 subscribers anyone above the age of 18 with a valid mailing address is eligible additional terms and conditions are linked in the Description down below

Looking Back at the 2023 Announcement

I remember a cold January announcement when we got the announcement of the Panasonic S1 and the s1r the leadup to this announcement was all based on rumors that we’d be receiving a full-frame version of the Panasonic gh5 with a phas detect autofocus syst system the launch of a New line A New Hope a chance for Panasonic to take on Nikon and Canon as well as Sony. I was tempted I was intrigued and since then Panasonic released the gh6 but most notably they announced the s52 and the S5 2x in January of 2023 with a new phase detect Autofocus system providing broad appeal to their cameras but still leaving a lot of questions unanswered.

Expectations for Q1 2024

while I suspect and while I forecast that any s refresh is going to have a phase detect autofocus system an improved version Over what we find in the s52 and the S5 2x I can’t believe that Panasonic is going to make us wait another year I can’t believe they’re going to make us wait 6 years for a refresh I think what we’re going to see is in q1 of 2024 I Think we’re going to see a refresh now what I think they’re going to do is they’re going to take the S1 and the s1r and make that a single camera and not do a refresh of both models and the s1h well I hope I hope I really do hope that We get a refresh of that camera as well now what they could do is an oun the S1 in q1 of 2024 and leave the s1h to a later time Q2 or Worse still Q3 now that would make it five and a half years close to six years for a refresh and From everything I’ve looked into I haven’t seen Panasonic make us wait as long as 6 years now 5 years we did have to wait 5 years for what was it the gh6 and we’re on the edge of 5 years well essentially they’re not going to make any announcement um at the end of November they they could but we’ve heard nothing they’re most likely not to announce anything in December so that leaves us January so once again they’re making us wait 5 years and that is a little bit frustrating.

Capabilities and Leaked Information

So we’re at the 5year Mark for the Panasonic S1 and the s1h but in Terms of capabilities and leaked information we have virtually nothing the only thing that Panasonic has come out and told us is that any of these new cameras well they’re not going to have 8K at the photo and imaging trade show in 2023 China Pan manager said that the Demand for 8K in digital cameras is very weak and therefore we should not expect 8K to be implemented anytime soon demand is very weak well I’m not so sure about that we have the Canon EOS R5 and about five or six other cameras the Nikon Z8 The Nikon z9 and a whole host of other cameras from other manufacturers you see 8K is becoming a thing and it’s not so much that we’re producing content in 8k to be be delivered in 8k I shoot an 8K and I shoot an 8K quite a bit but most Often I’m shooting product videos I’m getting information where I can crop and and post just like as a photographer you like shooting at 45 megapixels or 40 megapixels because pickles 40 megapixels no there’s no 40 megapixels here pickles here let’s just try and try Okay regroup so 45 megapixels that’s a lot of Information and most of us don’t need that information but when it comes to cropping and post well it gives us a lot of flexibility especially if the subject is in motion so 45 megapixels not only works in Stills but also in video and the amount of times where I’ve shot shot product Shots and then zoomed in to be able to do stuff in post well it gives me a lot of flexibility and that’s what we’re seeing with a lot of people shooting in 8k it’s not to deliver 8K it’s just to have more information so you can do Things in post without well reducing the detail or the level of information and I think 8K is one of those capabilities that is going to come into its own at some point especially if you shoot video and the more cameras that have 8K well the more people are going to start using It the more people are going to start realizing the benefits of it.

When I got the Canon e R5 back in 2020 I also thought that 8K was a silly thing and having 8K over sample 4K was the big selling point of that camera and it Still is today 6K over sample 4K is terrific right right we’ve all shot with cameras that have 6K over sample 4K but I can tell you I can tell you honestly that 8K over sample 4K gives us even that much more detail and it’s really impressive but I think it was about 8 Months after I had the Canon EOS R5 that I decided you know what let’s try this 8K out let’s shoot an 8K raw and I did I did an entire video in 8k and I was shocked I was truly impressed and I managed to capture snow falling from From a well tree tunnel back I think it was around January the 17th it was- 7° C outside and it was pretty cold and at that temperature when snow falls it just has this beautiful appeal to it it’s crystallized it’s the the the crystals are very sharp they’re they’re not DED In any way and when the light reflects off them especially coming through that tree tunnel seeing the blues and the green it was very powerful and when I saw it on my computer on that 5K screen I was truly amazed and even with the YouTube compression it looks pretty good here But I I have to admit before that YouTube compression looking at it it was almost like I was looking through a window the detail was amazing and at that point onwards I was captivated by 8K again not 8K for the sake of producing content in 8k but there’s so Many opportunities when shooting in 8k and you might be thinking the same thing that I thought there’s no purpose for 8K it doesn’t make any sense but once you start using it you’ll be impressed with it and most modern computers today like even this $1,500 laptop can edit 8K now Exporting 8K can certainly take time so it’s really dependent on your your video graphics card in terms of the encoders that it has that makes it easy to edit and Export 8K but I was able to edit 8K on an $899 computer and it was truly impressive the Results so I’m really surprised that pan Sonic is

Is the Long Wait Finally Over?

Yes, the long wait is finally over! After much anticipation, the new product is now available for purchase.

What was the cause of the long wait?

The long wait was due to production delays and high demand for the product.

Where can I purchase the product?

You can purchase the product on our website or at select retail locations.

What are the features of the new product?

The new product boasts a sleek design, advanced technology, and improved performance.

Is there a limited supply of the new product?

Yes, there is a limited supply, so we encourage you to act quickly to secure your purchase.

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