Is the Canon RP still a good choice in 2022? + your questions answered | 2022 Q+A

Are you considering purchasing the Canon RP in 2022 but not sure if it’s still a good choice? With the constant advancements in camera technology, it’s natural to have questions about the relevancy of a particular model. In this Q+A blog, we’ll address some common inquiries surrounding the Canon RP in 2022 and whether it’s still a viable option for photographers. From its performance in low light conditions to its compatibility with newer lenses, we’ll provide insights and answers to help you make an informed decision about investing in the Canon RP this year. Let’s dive in and get your questions answered.

Is the Canon RP still a good choice in 2022? + your questions answered | 2022 Q+A

Is the Canon RP still a good choice in 2022? + your questions answered | 2022 Q+A

Q+A in Joshua Tree

Today, the photographer is doing a Q+A in Joshua Tree, a fantastic place for taking photos and videos. Staying in a beautiful Airbnb, the photographer will be answering questions submitted over on Instagram. They thank everyone who submitted a question and invite others to follow them on Instagram for the next Q+A.

Drone Restrictions and Photography Tips

The photographer explains that they have not had trouble with drone restrictions as Australia is lenient with drone laws. However, they are mindful of stricter laws in other countries. They encourage beginners to practice photography, seek honest feedback, and use auto white balance for photos and custom settings for videos. They recommend the 35mm 1.8 and 50mm 1.8 lenses for the Canon R6 and share their use of studio ninja for business CRM.

Filmmaking and Editing Tips

Although the photographer previously focused on wedding videography, they now dedicate their attention to photography. They offer tips for shooting in direct sunlight, discuss their presets, and emphasize the importance of having two cameras for professional work. They also share their positive opinions on the Canon RP and the impact of perfectionism on photography.


The photographer assures viewers that they will continue to share valuable content and invites them to follow on Instagram for future Q+As. They thank everyone for their questions and encourage others to make their own stories worth telling.

Is the Canon RP still a good choice in 2022? + your questions answered | 2022 Q+A

Q: Is the Canon RP still relevant in 2022?

A: Yes, the Canon RP is still a good choice in 2022. It offers a full-frame sensor, compact size, and a reasonable price, making it a great option for photographers looking for a budget-friendly full-frame camera.

Q: What are the key features of the Canon RP?

A: The Canon RP features a 26.2MP full-frame sensor, DIGIC 8 image processor, Dual Pixel CMOS AF, and a vari-angle touchscreen LCD. It also has 4K video recording capabilities and is compatible with Canon’s extensive lineup of RF lenses.

Q: How does the Canon RP compare to newer models?

A: While newer models may offer more advanced features and improved performance, the Canon RP still holds its own in terms of image quality and versatility. It remains a popular choice for photographers who prioritize a lightweight and compact camera body.

Q: What are the potential drawbacks of the Canon RP?

A: Some photographers may find the limited 4K video capabilities, single card slot, and lower burst shooting speed to be potential drawbacks of the Canon RP. Additionally, the electronic viewfinder may not be as advanced as those found in newer models.

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