Is the BMPCC 6k Camera Worth It?

Welcome to our blog! Today, we will be diving into the world of filmmaking and exploring whether the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6k, or BMPCC 6k, is truly worth the investment. With advancements in technology, aspiring filmmakers have a wide array of camera options to choose from. The BMPCC 6k has earned a reputation for its exceptional image quality and impressive features. But is it the right camera for you? Join us as we delve into the pros and cons of this camera, discuss its capabilities, and help you make an informed decision on whether the BMPCC 6k is worth it for your filmmaking endeavors.

Is the BMPCC 6k Camera Worth It?

We don’t often do camera reviews because honestly no one really asked us hey I can’t do this anymore what the sound is so bad oh hey man you okay [Applause] Much better we don’t normally do gear reviews but since we got our paws on the new Blackmagic Design pocket Cinema Camera 6k we thought it deserved a video of its own if you are not interested in hearing about the specs and our thoughts about it just jump ahead to to see

Specs and Features

The 6k pocket camera will shoot in 6k resolution add up to 50 frames per second 4k resolution had up to 60 frames per second 2.8 K resolution had up 220 frames per second hands Hannity P resolution head up 220 frames per second it’s got 13 stops of dynamic range and dual native ISOs so it should work decently well in low-light situations it has an EF lens mount so we can use all The same lenses from our Canon cameras and it has a super 35 sensor the back features a 5 inch 1080p LCD touchscreen on the right we have a C fast card slot and an SD card slot there’s also an HDMI output and USB C for external recording

Audio Capabilities

For audio there’s stereo left and stereo right microphones for a total of 4 built in as well as a 3.5 millimeter jack and a mini XLR connection with phantom power it’s an audio test with the built-in microphones on the Blackmagic 6k this audio with the sure lens hopper shotgun mic Test test test check check check

User Interface

On the top of the camera you have three programmable function buttons which can be used to toggle your LUT bolt color focus peaking or you can use it to quickly jump to a precise aperture shutter or white balance you then have Three buttons for quick access to ISO shutter and white balance a button to take still photos and to record buttons ok let’s talk about software interface this is one of the areas that makes this camera really stand out you can tap on any setting or icon to quickly make Adjustments tap in the card slots to format cards tap on the FPS to change frame rate tap on the audio meters to adjust microphone levels tap on the histogram – well that one doesn’t do anything while the autofocus is not a selling point you can long press on the Screen to select your focus point and the camera will do its best to pull focus you’ve kappa whos on the rite for auto iris focus high frame rate zoom menu hand playback pros for us it’s simple the pros are the EF mount super 35 sensor the resolution the dynamic Range the interface and ease of use the ability to shoot in raw and pro res and the price the camera is fun to use and it looks really good also this camera is lightweight and compact cons for us the main issue we have is power this camera Sucks the life out of our LP e 6 batteries and will shut off when there should be 20 to 30% of battery power left also the Canon battery chargers we have do not charge the Blackmagic batteries so we had to buy a third party charger you can still use the included AC Adapter that comes with the camera to charge if you want but that can be restrictive if you’re shooting on the go you can also rig your camera up like Caleb for a moment using a bigger battery like a bee mount but of course that will weigh down and bulk up your Rig they also sell a battery grip which can double the battery life but it’s an additional cost and adds to the size and weight of the camera one of the other issues we had is mounting it on the Ronin s it’s just a tad too wide for it To fit before it starts hitting the side of the road in so we used a riser on the plate and that worked lastly you definitely aren’t going to buy this camera for the autofocus it’s slow and it’s not continuous you have to push the appropriate button to have a Focus we’re fine with manually focusing for the most part and the other con is that it looks like an aardvark so sick of not having a laptop that can handle all the photos and videos I’m editing probably to be it’s Daniel you’ll never guess what just Arrived no time I’m trying to figure how to get 16 gigs of ram into this laptop I’m making but it needs an 8th gen Intel Core i7 8 v 6 v u processor up to 4.6 gigahertz babe and it needs have color accuracy and a monitor yeah we’ve got it Needs to have all-day battery life at least 19.5 hours mm-hmm and it needs to be portable yep see it finally needs a 17 inch display at only 2 point 95 pounds which is lighter than any 13-inch laptop yeah this is literally all those things what what do you tell me [Applause]

Final Thoughts

Okay enough with all the blabber let’s take a look at some of the footage we’ve taken so far using the 6k pocket cam We’ve really loved shooting on the 6k pocket camera so far and have been thoroughly impressed with the footage when we want either higher resolution or a higher bitrate or both this camera can take the place of our bigger bulkier Canon c200 the overall interface and ergonomics make it super easy to jump in And start using without topping through menus and submenus to find the right settings the simplicity and ease of use of this camera software is really what more camera company should strive for 6k in RAW also around 2500 bucks 6k resolution in RAW all for around 2500 Bucks makes this camera a winner in our book where as freezing special thanks to Nick sprach for helping us build this set .

Is the BMPCC 6k Camera Worth It? – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Is the BMPCC 6k Camera Worth It?

1. What is the BMPCC 6k Camera?

The BMPCC 6k Camera, also known as the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K, is a professional-grade digital cinema camera designed for high-quality video recording and filmmaking.

2. What are the key features of the BMPCC 6k Camera?

The BMPCC 6k Camera offers numerous impressive features, including:

  • 6K Super 35 image sensor
  • 13 stops of dynamic range
  • Dual Native ISO
  • EF lens mount compatibility
  • Blackmagic RAW and ProRes recording formats
  • Built-in 5-inch touchscreen display
  • Wide range of professional video settings

3. What kind of videos can be captured with the BMPCC 6k Camera?

The camera is primarily designed for professional video production and filmmaking. Its advanced features allow for capturing stunning cinematic footage, making it an ideal choice for independent filmmakers, content creators, and videographers.

4. Is the BMPCC 6k Camera suitable for beginners?

The BMPCC 6k Camera is more suitable for experienced users who have a good understanding of professional video equipment. Its advanced settings and features may be overwhelming for beginners. However, with proper learning and practice, beginners can also benefit from using this camera.

5. What are the advantages of the BMPCC 6k Camera?

The BMPCC 6k Camera offers several advantages:

  • High resolution and excellent image quality
  • Great dynamic range for retaining details in highlights and shadows
  • Wide range of recording formats and codecs
  • Flexible post-production options with Blackmagic RAW
  • Compatibility with a vast range of EF-mount lenses
  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

6. Is the BMPCC 6k Camera worth its price?

Whether the BMPCC 6k Camera is worth its price depends on your specific needs and budget. It is a professional-grade camera with exceptional capabilities, but it may not be suitable for everyone. Consider your filmmaking goals, budget, and the level of expertise required to operate this camera before making a purchase decision.

7. Can the BMPCC 6k Camera be used for photography?

While primarily designed for video production, the BMPCC 6k Camera can also capture still images. However, it may not provide the same level of convenience and features found in dedicated photography cameras.

8. What accessories are recommended for the BMPCC 6k Camera?

To enhance your filmmaking experience with the BMPCC 6k Camera, consider investing in accessories such as:

  • High-speed and high-capacity SD cards
  • Extra batteries for extended shooting sessions
  • A stabilizer or tripod for steady footage
  • A professional microphone for better audio capture
  • External monitors or viewfinders for improved framing

9. Can the BMPCC 6k Camera be used for live streaming?

Yes, the BMPCC 6k Camera can be used for live streaming. With the help of additional equipment, like capture cards or video mixers, you can connect the camera to a computer and stream your video content online.

10. Where can I buy the BMPCC 6k Camera?

The BMPCC 6k Camera is available for purchase from various authorized retailers, both online and offline. You can check with trusted camera stores or visit the official Blackmagic Design website to find a list of authorized sellers.

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