Is Lens Breathing Being BLOWN Out of Proportion? | The PetaPixel Podcast

Have you ever been engaged in a heated debate about lens breathing in the world of photography? If so, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the topic of lens breathing and explore whether it is being blown out of proportion. The PetaPixel Podcast addresses this issue and offers valuable insights into the controversy surrounding lens breathing. As photographers, understanding the impact of lens breathing on our work is crucial. So, let’s dive in and separate fact from fiction, putting lens breathing under the microscope to determine its true significance in the realm of photography.

Is Lens Breathing Being BLOWN Out of Proportion? | The PetaPixel Podcast


Hey welcome to the petapixel podcast. We’ve got some exciting topics to cover today. We’re going to look at SanDisk getting sued by their users, we’ve got some ink cartridge madness, and Kazuto Song from Sigma is calling us out over Focus breathing. But first, let me introduce us and I’m going to change up how we do this a little bit. If you were a character in the movie Speed, which would you be? Oh, I’d be Keanu Reeves for sure. I think you’re a hundred percent Dennis Hopper. Uh, I see. I really see Jaren as a Keanu figure, you know, like secure at the wheel and I think I’m kind of the Sandra Bullock who’s just like, I’m here for the ride, you know. I hope we can… Well, what it sounds like is I’m the guy who gets dragged under the bus wheels at the third of the movie in. Well, they’re all awesome. I was seven years old when this movie came out. OK, we got this thing figured out, and then Chris will like pull something, throw something on his desk that totally changes it all up, and it’s like, oh no, what are we gonna do now? So yeah, I’m gonna go with that. Anyways, I’m Jordan Drake, I’m Chris Nichols, and I’m honored to be based off Dennis Hopper. He’s a great photographer. Was… I’m Jaren Schneider. Yeah, we should do a better job of introducing ourselves every episode because I can’t assume that everyone has seen previous episodes and knows who any of us are. So thank you for… Well, now they not only know our names but also our character traits, so, I think I did a great job. Let’s start this. I think I look like Dennis Hopper. It’s great. Awesome job. Thank you. Thanks again to our podcast sponsor, OM System. Don’t miss out on incredible late summer savings brought to you by the petapixel podcast sponsor, OM System. Capture your end-of-summer adventures with style by taking advantage of this exclusive offer. Save a remarkable $699.99 when you bundle the OM5 body with the M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm F2.0 lens. Jordan, I believe that you have some history with this lens that you wanted to talk about a little bit.

History with the Lens

I did. I’d forgotten all about this lens, and then they mentioned it in the ad, and it took me back to when we got our very first Cinema Camera back in the Camera Store TV days. That was kind of the one lens that had a manual focus clutch on it, which I absolutely needed because back then, I don’t think it even had autofocus on the Panasonic body. So it was months where I was shooting our show on a 24mm full frame equivalent. It was like my primary lens, so I went and dug through the archives, and I actually found images of me at the pinnacle of my glory using this lens. If you’re only listening to this podcast, please do yourself a favor and when you get home or wherever you can go to actually look at the YouTube version of this, please fire up just this section because you have to see these pictures of Jordan because like Chris being in it is actually he looks unusual to me as well. I don’t think I’ve seen Chris look quite like this. But Jordan, you take the cake with this haircut. Well, and that the hair is long and awful, and this was at the period where I was almost never on the show. It was very rare. It was primarily Chris on it, so people haven’t seen how horrendous I was at that particular phase of my life, but I was in a band. I wanted long hair, so it was floppy when I was drumming, and mistakes were made. That’s the beauty of aging, Jaren, you can learn from your mistakes. Were you posing in this one next to the custom electric limited band? Were you like did Chris miss take your picture, and you posed?

Printer Ink Cartridge Madness

I believe it was that. Yeah, a sample image, or maybe I was just posing a lot back at that point because I thought… I think it was affordable image for sure. Yeah, it was just outside the camera store, like, just in the back. I gotta pull up the metadata on this and see what we were. I mean, there’s some… You go to TCS TV videos, like the early stuff, there’s some Jordan behind the counter with that exact same haircut. Absolutely. You know you’re like, “Is this a skate shop, or is this a camera store?” I don’t know. Anyway, oh well, so this lens has some history. It does. It’s a wonderful lens. I love that it’s so compact but still has that little focus clutch, and it looks really stupid on a cinema camera. Well, okay, well it is a good lens. It’s originally priced at $1998.99, but right now you can own it in combination with that camera, the OM5, for $1299. Yeah, hurry though. This offer is only valid until September 3rd, 2023. That’s really hurry, like, hurry. That’s like in a week. Yeah, a week or two. September 3rd, 2023. Upgrade your gear today and seize the savings. Visit to learn more. And that link is in the description below.

Ink Cartridge Controversy

Moving on past Jordan’s questionable hair choices, it’s fine, we all had them. I had questionable hair in my early 20s and a look, not unsimilar to that but more Asian, and so like, it was a lot. It was a lot of hair. So I don’t know, one hairstyle the entire time I’ve known him, this is the look of Chris. I mean, it’s been slightly different lengths through the years, but the general swoopiness and firmness of it has been changed the entire time I’ve known him. Yeah, the color has changed. The color has changed. I’ve put on some weight. You still have that? That, yeah, I still have that. That was our camera store hats, you know? We’re starting a photo Republic kind of line with sort of an old school camping flavor, and yeah, it was a good hat. That was a cold day. That was Battle at f-stop Ridge number two, the sequel, and it was like minus 28 Celsius and we had a hundred people out in the cold. It was wild. It was so unfair. We were just rolling cars over so people could warm up between tanks. But just organizing, you know, this is why assistant directors are the best people in the world because they will organize the mass of people as opposed to me trying to shoot and be like, “No, you have to stand over there and run over there.” Anyways, that whole thing was a mess, and the video didn’t turn out. Oh man. Okay, moving on. Let’s talk about…

SanDisk Getting Sued by Users

This is actually kind of two weeks old, but it sort of has just been exponentially growing over the last week. Lee Morris from Fstoppers absolutely just raked Canon over the coals with their printer ink cartridges. He published a video where he cracked open a Canon PG-275 XL fine cartridge black and found that inside of it was basically no liquid ink, just a sponge that was pretty dry that he couldn’t actually squeeze any ink out of. And it sort of brought another the light back onto printers and printer ink again. And I think Canon probably feels this was unfairly targeting them because any company that makes cartridges like this is likely doing something similar, but that doesn’t necessarily mean…

Is Lens Breathing Being BLOWN Out of Proportion? | The PetaPixel Podcast

Q: What is lens breathing?

A: Lens breathing refers to a phenomenon in photography and videography where the apparent size of the subject changes slightly as the lens’s focus is adjusted.

Q: Is lens breathing a common issue?

A: Lens breathing is more pronounced in certain lenses and camera systems than others. While it can occur in both photography and videography, it is typically more noticeable in video footage.

Q: Why is lens breathing being discussed in this podcast?

A: This podcast episode aims to explore whether lens breathing is given more attention than it actually merits and if it is truly a significant problem for photographers and filmmakers.

Q: How significant is lens breathing in practical terms?

A: Lens breathing is primarily a concern for filmmakers who require consistent framing throughout a shot. For most photographers, the effect is negligible and does not impact their work significantly.

Q: Are there any techniques to minimize lens breathing?

A: While it can’t be completely eliminated, certain techniques such as using prime lenses instead of zoom lenses, avoiding extreme focusing adjustments, and choosing lenses with a reduced breathing effect can help minimize lens breathing.

Q: Should photographers and videographers worry about lens breathing?

A: It ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual. While lens breathing can be bothersome to some, many photographers and videographers have successfully worked around it and achieved outstanding results.

Q: What is the conclusion of the podcast episode?

A: The podcast hosts discuss different perspectives on lens breathing and argue that it is generally blown out of proportion, emphasizing the importance of focusing on more critical aspects of photography and videography.

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