Where should photographers be in 2022 instead of Instagram? This question has been on the minds of many professional photographers as the ever-evolving landscape of social media platforms leaves them wondering where to showcase their work and engage with their audience. With the recent changes to Instagram’s algorithms and the decline in organic reach, photographers are seeking alternative platforms that prioritize creativity and provide a more authentic and supportive community. In this blog, we will explore some promising options for photographers to consider in 2022, offering a refreshing change from the saturated world of Instagram. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting your journey, these platforms may just be the new online home for your stunning visuals.

Instagram 2022 – Where PHOTOGRAPHERS Should be INSTEAD

The Lesson Learned from Losing My Instagram Account

Today’s video is brought to you by Squarespace, but before we delve into that, let me share a recent experience I had with Instagram. Over the weekend, my friends and I went to Big Bear to support our friend Morgan who was performing at the Big Bear Brew Fest. Naturally, I took a ton of photos throughout the weekend and was excited to share them on Instagram. However, when I went to post on Monday morning, I received a pop-up notification stating that my account had been deactivated. Just like that, 10 years of hard work and 20,000 followers were gone. While this was incredibly frustrating, it taught me a valuable lesson that I want to share with fellow photographers, videographers, and creatives of all kinds: Instagram is not your portfolio.

The Pros and Cons of Instagram

Before we dive into what photographers should be focusing on instead of Instagram, let’s quickly go over the pros and cons of the platform. The main advantage of Instagram (and other social media platforms) is that it’s a great place to get discovered. I’ve booked many weddings through clients who first found me on Instagram. However, Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing, and as a user, you have no control over it. It used to prioritize photos with the right hashtags, but now it’s favoring videos. Additionally, Instagram is a “what have you done for me lately” platform, meaning your best work may not even be featured first. Someone visiting your profile will see your most recent posts, not necessarily your top-quality work. Finally, and most importantly, you have no control over the platform itself. As I experienced firsthand, Instagram can deactivate or delete your account at any moment, leaving you completely helpless.

The Solution for Photographers in 2022

So, what should photographers, filmmakers, and creatives be focusing on in 2022 instead of Instagram? The answer is simple: a website. A website allows you to curate and control your portfolio, guiding your audience through your work and information in a way that helps convert potential clients into paying ones. Your website serves as the foundational element of your sales funnel, and it’s where you want to direct your audience’s attention. When someone visits your website, you have complete control over what they see first, how they navigate through your content, and ultimately, what actions they take.

One important tip for your website is to showcase your best work first. Additionally, prominently feature the type of work you want to attract more of. If you’re a landscape photographer, make sure your website is filled with stunning landscape images. Don’t confuse your audience by featuring unrelated work and expecting them to make the connection. Remember, you sell what you show, so show what you want to sell.

Why Squarespace is the Perfect Platform for Your Website

In my 14 years as a professional photographer, I’ve used Squarespace as my website-building platform, and I highly recommend it to fellow photographers, videographers, and creatives. Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that simplifies the process of creating and managing your website. Not only can you showcase your work, but you can also run a newsletter, blog, and even book clients directly through your Squarespace site. Additionally, Squarespace allows you to buy your domain name and set up a professional email address with Google Workspace. Most importantly, Squarespace puts you in control of your own platform, ensuring that your portfolio is safe and accessible.

Don’t wait any longer to have a place on the internet that you have complete control over. Visit the link below to sign up for Squarespace’s free trial. You can build and design your entire website and only go live when you’re ready. Take charge of your portfolio and start converting potential clients into paying ones today.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links for Squarespace. When you make a purchase through these links, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue creating content. Thank you for your support!

Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram 2022 – Where Photographers Should be Instead

Q: What is Instagram 2022 – Where Photographers Should Be Instead?

A: Instagram 2022 – Where Photographers Should Be Instead is a topic that explores alternative platforms and online communities photographers can consider moving to instead of relying solely on Instagram in the year 2022.

Q: Why should photographers consider alternatives to Instagram?

A: While Instagram has been a popular platform for photographers to showcase their work, changes in algorithm, reach limitations, and increasing competition make it necessary for photographers to explore other platforms to increase their visibility and reach a wider audience.

Q: What are some alternative platforms photographers can consider?

A: Some alternative platforms that photographers can consider are:

  • 500px: A photography community that allows photographers to showcase their work and connect with other professionals in the industry.
  • Flickr: A photo-sharing platform that offers a more traditional approach to showcasing photography.
  • EyeEm: A platform designed specifically for photographers to sell their images and connect with potential clients.

Q: How can photographers benefit from these alternative platforms?

A: By diversifying their online presence and utilizing other platforms, photographers can reach a different audience, gain exposure, connect with industry professionals, and potentially find new opportunities for collaboration and client work.

Q: Is it advisable for photographers to completely abandon Instagram?

A: Not necessarily. Instagram still remains popular and can be beneficial for connecting with a wider audience. However, having a presence on multiple platforms can offer photographers more opportunities and increased visibility.

Q: How can photographers effectively utilize these alternative platforms?

A: To effectively utilize alternative platforms, photographers should:

  • Create a professional and visually appealing profile.
  • Regularly upload high-quality images.
  • Engage with the community by participating in discussions and providing feedback.
  • Utilize relevant hashtags to increase discoverability.
  • Nurture connections by networking with photographers, potential clients, and industry professionals.

Q: Are there any other upcoming platforms for photographers in 2022?

A: While there may be new platforms emerging, it’s important for photographers to research and stay updated on the latest trends and advancements in the industry to identify potential platforms that cater specifically to their needs and target audience.

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