Improve Your Craft & Beat Creative Block! [Photography Contest]

Are you a photography enthusiast who is looking to improve your craft and beat creative block? Look no further! Our photography contest is the perfect opportunity for you to showcase your skills, challenge yourself, and push your creative boundaries. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, this contest is designed to inspire and motivate you to elevate your photography game. With exciting themes and the chance to win amazing prizes, participating in our contest will not only help improve your photography skills, but also provide a platform for you to share your talent with the world. So, dust off your camera and get ready to capture some stunning images!

Improve Your Craft & Beat Creative Block! [Photography Contest]

Are you feeling stuck feeling like you’ve done the best that you can do and you’re not sure how to get past the plateau? Do you feel like your creative juices just aren’t flowing and this sounds way too much like an infomercial? What is that people gonna hear and today we’re gonna be talking about how you can improve your craft, challenge yourself, and beat creative block. Make sure to stick around to the end of the video because I’ve teamed up with shut out and we’re putting on a contest where you can win some money with your photography!

Feeling Stuck? Here are 6 Tips to Get You Through Creative Block

We’ve all been in this situation before where we’re feeling passionate, we know we want to create, but the juices just aren’t going and the creativity just isn’t happening. Whether you feel like you have no ideas or whether you feel like you have way too many options, there are a million things that can get in the way of you making something awesome. And what I want to do today is give you six tips that not only do I think can get you through that creative block but I think you can actually improve your craft by using these skills. Just a quick disclaimer, I’m gonna be talking about photography a lot in this, but this will apply to anything you’re trying to do. Take these same tips and it’ll work. Let’s get it!

1. Limit Yourself

If you’re having trouble figuring out which direction to go with whatever it is you’re doing, give yourself some rules to follow. If you’re heading out for the day and you’re gonna take some shots but you’re not sure what you want to shoot or how you want to do it, take a cool idea and throw the word “only” before it. Only handheld shots, no tripod. Only tripod shots, no handheld. Only vertical framing, only horizontal framing. Only shoot with one lens, only shoot with one focal length, only shoot towards the sun. You get the idea. It might sound restrictive to limit yourself but it’s actually gonna force you to become creative and you’re gonna get some really cool shots that way.

2. Focus on Something Small

This is pretty similar to number one in that you’re kind of narrowing down your options. A lot of the time it’s kind of overwhelming how many options we have and it’s hard to just get started because we don’t know where to go. We’ve all been there, scrolling through Netflix and there’s just so many options, how do you know what to choose? Being creative can be very similar, there are so many different types of photography – portrait, street, landscape, architecture, all sorts of different things. So what you want to do is just take all of those options and just start to narrow it down. So first pick a style, then you want to try and narrow down what kind of a portrait do you want to do. Do you want to do a portrait in nature, or an urban portrait, or a blank background portrait? Then maybe you want to pick a specific color scheme or a specific model you like to work with. Really just start to narrow things down until it’s super obvious what you need to do.

3. Copy Someone Else

I know, I know, some people might say everything you do has to be original, you’re not supposed to copy people. But let me give you a quick example. Let’s say you’re learning how to play guitar. So you go pick up a guitar and then you start taking lessons. The first thing that happens is your teacher wants you to play a song. Now there are a lot of different things that you can learn from playing that song. You can learn about melody, about rhythm, about technique, about all sorts of different things. But if you played that for someone and said, “here look what I’m doing,” they wouldn’t be like, “you didn’t write that, Beethoven wrote that.” No, they would be like “cool, looks like you’re learning.” And then, once you’ve spent a whole bunch of time learning other people’s songs and absorbing all the information that you possibly can out of them, then you’re ready to kind of create your own thing. And at first, it’s gonna seem like it’s very strongly influenced by whatever you learned, but as you learn more and more and more, you’ll start to define your own style. So if we’re talking about photography, go to Instagram, pick a bunch of photos you really like, and try and copy them. One of the coolest things about trying to imitate other creators is that you often find your own style by mistake. That way, you don’t quite get what you were trying to get, or you don’t quite get the same style that they had, and you create your own thing. An important disclaimer to this, if you are taking inspiration from something and you still want to post it somewhere or share it around, just make sure you give credit where credit is due. If I post a picture that I took inspiration from, let’s say Sorella Moore, all I have to do is say “this picture was inspired by Sorella Moore and the things that she teaches on YouTube.” First of all, this is cool because you’re giving credit where credit is due, and second of all, it should fend off the haters who are gonna say you’re copying people, like I said. Eventually, if you are finding inspiration from other people enough times, you’ll start to develop your own style too.

4. Put Yourself in a New Situation

If you’re not sure what to do next, take a look at what you normally do, your normal process, and flip it on its head. Normally shoot with wide angles? Get out that telephoto lens. Normally shoot with this camera? Go rent a different one. Portrait photographer? Go shoot some landscapes. Just like tips one and two, this is gonna put you in a box and it’s gonna force you to be creative, to come up with solutions to problems you’re not used to solving. The coolest part about this is when you go back to whatever it is that you’re used to doing, you’re gonna have a whole new skill set that now you can apply to what you normally do.

5. Find Other People or a Community You Can Collaborate With to Inspire You

This is actually one of the things that I love so much about YouTube and Instagram, the community. There are so many other like-minded individuals who you can reach out to, who you can have a comment section conversation with. Something about connecting with other people doing the same thing as you is just so inspiring. And there are so many places that you can connect with more like-minded people. There’s YouTube and Instagram, Facebook groups, Reddit, and so many more websites that you can go and find other people just like you. Beyond the online world, there are actually more and more meetups happening every day where you can physically go and meet other people who are doing the same thing as you. Photo meetups or Instagram meetups are starting to become a pretty huge thing, so you can actually get up and get out of your house and go meet some people, take some photos with them, trade techniques, and all that kind of stuff. I know talking to real people, kind of weird, right?


What is the purpose of the photography contest?

The purpose of the photography contest is to provide a platform for photographers to showcase their skills, improve their craft, and overcome creative block.

Who can participate in the contest?

The contest is open to all photographers, regardless of their level of experience or location.

How can I beat creative block?

There are several ways to beat creative block, including trying new techniques, exploring different subjects, and seeking inspiration from other photographers.

How can participating in the contest help me improve my craft?

Participating in the contest can help you improve your craft by challenging you to think outside the box, receive feedback from other photographers, and experiment with new styles and concepts.

What are the prizes for the photography contest?

The prizes for the photography contest include cash rewards, exposure for your work, and the opportunity to network with other photographers and industry professionals.

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