I tried to copy DigitalRev TV…

Are you an aspiring photographer or videographer looking to sharpen your skills and stay up to date with the latest gear? Look no further! In this blog, we will be discussing my personal endeavor to emulate DigitalRev TV, a popular YouTube channel dedicated to all things photography and videography. With their unique and entertaining approach to camera reviews, tutorials, and industry news, DigitalRev TV has become a go-to resource for photography enthusiasts worldwide. Join me on this journey as I explore the challenges and triumphs of imitating their style, and discover how it has elevated my own creative process. Let’s delve into the world of DigitalRev TV and see how it inspired me to take my photography and videography skills to the next level.

I Tried to Copy DigitalRev TV

[Applause] hello everybody welcome back to Wales you probably can’t tell it’s Wales because visibility is about zero I’m up here in the hills for two reasons the first is to test up on a walking boots and to wear them in Which isn’t going that well actually and the second is replicate video I watched this morning from digital revenue back in the day I say replicate some might say copy others might say steal this will be a bit different yes in this video I’m talking about basically what They did was they took an expensive camera and paired it with a cheap lens and then they took a cheap camera and paired it with an expensive lens and the whole point of the video is to find out what was best it was quite enjoyable to Watch I’m sure they won’t mind me saying it wasn’t particularly scientific but if you followed my channel for a while you’ll know that I like doing videos that aren’t in any way scientific so I thought I’d do my own little test so for the purposes of this test as you might Be expecting the Panasonic g85 is going to form the sort of cheap camera but at 600 pounds it’s not that cheap and the cheap lens is going to be the kit lens that came with it which is the Lumix 12 to 16 in terms of the expensive cameras You might be expecting it’s going to be the Panasonic G 9 which is currently retailing for about 1500 pounds and screwed into the front of that I currently have the 35 to 100 2.8 again from Panasonic which is retailing for about 900 pounds which is about three Times more than the Lumix so I mean in the grand scheme of things neither of these cameras or neither of those lenses are particularly cheap or expensive I mean they’re not like 30 quid or 30 grand but it is what I use so I’m interested in in the results I

First Shots in the Woods

Wow right slight change of plan I’ve come into the woods because as you could see on that mountain it was quite a misty which isn’t ideal for an image quality Test so yeah come to the woods I’ve not found a particularly good composition nothing ready through out home about but the lights fading and I think if I walk any further my blisters will develop their own gravitational field so I’m not going to do that but also slight change Of plan on the lenses I did say that was going to use the 35 to 100 but no I’m not going to do that because the composition I found which is sort of roughly this kind of thing is better suited to the 12 to 35 which is roughly the Price there’s a 35 to 100 so for the purpose of this test it doesn’t particularly matter so as you can see down here I’ve got the G 9 and the 12 to 35 now and I’m pointing it roughly at these mossy tree things and What I’m going to do is going to take a shot with the G 9 and then I’ll take a shot with the G 9 but with this lens the Lumix 1260 kit lens and then using that lens I’ll take another picture with the G 85 and then I’ll take a picture with That lens with the G 9 and then I’ll go home put my feet in some sort of ice and and look at the images I’ve got a hurry up otherwise I will go very slow shutter speeds well it’s 2 days later and my fate is still absolutely killing Seriously I can hardly walk it’s 1:00 so a desk still it’s nice to be back this is a bit of a blast from the past isn’t it for the older viewers among you not older and age you hold in terms of how long you’ve you’ve been at the channel This is where I used to film all my videos before I moved to Manchester which wasn’t actually that long ago but anyway I am just about to go over some of the files that I got in the woods the other day but before I do so I thought I Should preface it with a couple of points the first sorry I’ll stop pointing at you with there with my pen the first is that the G 9 with the 12 to 35 or the 35 to 100 is about two and a half times more expensive than the Jtpharr with the kit lens but I’m not expecting to see anywhere near two and a half times improvement in image quality from the files not that I really know how you’d measure two and a half times improvement in image quality the point is that when you spend more money on Camera equipment that money goes into lots of different things on one of those things is potentially image quality but the other things are functionality speed auto focusing screen quality the F quality build quality weather proofing stabilisation loads of different stuff and all we’re really looking at in this Test is what’s the sensor like and what’s the glass like we’re not looking at anything else in terms of functionality and so for that reason I’m not really expecting to see a whole lot of difference in the files what I am expecting is to read the comments of This video I find people saying well you only use one focal length or you only use one aperture or oh you only shot at the base ISO you didn’t test any of the higher ISOs and your testing methods of rubbish it’s a completely pointless video and I agree with you I completely agree With you like I said this is not a scientific test it’s purely down to my own curiosity so so a quick look at the files shall we okay so here we are looking at the first two files and I thought what I’d do is start with the very extreme So on the Left we’ve got the g9 file with a more expensive lens there 12 to 35 and on the right is the G 80 or the G 85 depending on what part the world you’re in with the kit lens the 12 to 60 the Lumix 1260 I should say not the like 12 to 16 which is as you might expect a bit more expensive so I’m just going to zoom into both of them and what I can see is completely the same file basically I mean if you scroll right to the top you might be able to tell that The g 9 file is ever so slightly bigger because it’s got 20 megapixels this is 16 megapixels of the g18 but other than that I mean there is nothing between them just to clarify I’m not testing dynamic range or anything I’ve done absolutely nothing to these files both Images were shot at 18 millimeters which is not at the end of the focal length for either of these lenses they both start at 12 mil both images were shot at F 7.1 and both was shot ISO 200 which is the base ISO of both the G 9 and the G 80 and what I can say is that with those settings and in this kind of test setup on a tripod with no moving subjects no trucking and as I say not looking at the dynamic range or how much you can push the files or anything like that the Images look pretty much the same bar the fact that the gene ions is a tiny bit bigger which to be honest probably renders the rest of the test completely pointless because as I say this is the extreme cases I’ve got the more expensive camera with the more expensive…

Frequently Asked Questions about DigitalRev TV

What is DigitalRev TV?

DigitalRev TV is an online platform and YouTube channel dedicated to photography, camera gear, and cinematography. It offers reviews, tutorials, and entertaining videos related to the world of photography.

How can I access DigitalRev TV?

You can access DigitalRev TV by visiting their official website https://www.digitalrev.com/ or by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

What kind of content does DigitalRev TV provide?

DigitalRev TV provides a wide range of content, including camera gear reviews, photography tips and tricks, tutorials on post-processing techniques, interviews with photographers and industry experts, and entertaining videos related to photography.

Who hosts DigitalRev TV?

DigitalRev TV was originally hosted by renowned photography enthusiast Kai Wong, who became widely recognized for his charismatic and humorous presentation style. However, the channel has undergone some changes, and the current hosts may vary.

Can I submit my own content to DigitalRev TV?

Unfortunately, DigitalRev TV does not accept user-submitted content at the moment. However, you can interact with their community through comments on their videos, social media platforms, and by participating in their challenges and contests.

Is DigitalRev TV affiliated with any specific camera brand?

No, DigitalRev TV is an independent platform and is not affiliated with any specific camera brand. The channel provides unbiased opinions and reviews on various camera brands and gear.

Can I advertise or collaborate with DigitalRev TV?

For inquiries regarding advertising or collaboration opportunities with DigitalRev TV, you can contact their team directly through their website or social media channels.

Does DigitalRev TV have any other online presence?

Yes, apart from their website and YouTube channel, DigitalRev TV can be found on various social media platforms. You can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay updated with their latest content and announcements.

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