I Shot The Entire Trip With This 30 Year Old Lens…

Are you tired of constantly buying the latest and greatest camera gear, only to find that it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations? Have you ever considered the idea of using older, vintage lenses to capture stunning photos with a unique and timeless feel? In this blog, we’ll explore the benefits of shooting an entire trip with a 30-year-old lens. From the beautiful vintage aesthetic to the budget-friendly price tag, using older lenses can offer a whole new perspective on photography. Join us as we delve into the world of vintage lenses and discover the magic they can bring to your travel photos.

I Shot The Entire Trip With This 30 Year Old Lens

The Trip with the 30 Year Old Lens

This video is sponsored by Millernote. If you spend a lot of time on YouTube learning about photography or getting inspiration, you’re probably used to seeing a lot of talk about camera equipment.

Older Lenses for Better Images

One of the biggest problems with watching online content is the emphasis on the newest camera gear. However, the latest equipment is not always necessary to create great images. Photographer on a recent trip to Tasmania, decided to shoot exclusively with a 30-year-old Canon EF 100mm f2 lens showing how older lenses can still produce stunning results.

Affordability and Quality

Older lenses like the Canon EF 100mm f2 may be second-hand, but they are still sharp and produce beautiful images. Investing in older lenses can be more affordable, leaving room to spend money on travel or education to improve your photography skills.

Using Millernote for Project Planning

Before the trip, Millernote was used to plan the itinerary, gathering location inspiration, and organizing essential details like flights and accommodations. The app offers visual organization and collaboration features, making project planning efficient and convenient.

Experience with the 30 Year Old Lens

All the photos and videos from the trip were captured with the Canon R6 and the 30-year-old Canon EF 100mm f2 lens. Despite its age, the lens delivered exceptional results, showcasing the capabilities of older lenses in creating stunning imagery.

Share Your Experience

What are your thoughts on using older lenses? Share your experience with older lenses you love in the comments below. Remember, creating something you’re proud of doesn’t always require the latest equipment.


What lens did you use to shoot the entire trip?

I used a 30 year old lens for the entire trip.

Why did you choose to use a 30 year old lens?

I chose to use a 30 year old lens because I wanted to challenge myself and see what kind of unique and vintage look I could achieve with it.

How did the photos turn out with the 30 year old lens?

The photos turned out great with the 30 year old lens. The vintage look added a nostalgic and artistic touch to the trip photos.

Would you recommend using a 30 year old lens for photography trips?

Yes, I would recommend trying out a 30 year old lens for photography trips. It can add a unique and creative element to your photos that you might not achieve with modern lenses.

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