I Shot 100,000 Portraits: Here’s What I Learned…

Do you ever find yourself struggling to capture the perfect portrait? Whether it’s for professional work or personal projects, taking a great photo can be a challenging feat. As a seasoned portrait photographer who has shot over 100,000 portraits, I’ve experienced every possible scenario and learned numerous valuable lessons along the way. In this blog, I’ll be sharing my insights and tips for creating stunning portraits, from composition and lighting to working with different subjects. So, if you’re looking to improve your portrait photography skills, stay tuned for some valuable lessons I’ve learned from shooting 100,000 portraits!

I Shot 100,000 Portraits: Here’s What I Learned

I Shot 100,000 Portraits: Here’s What I Learned

Over the years of shooting creative portraits, the photographer has shot approximately 100,000 images, comprising various styles, locations, and lighting conditions. While still learning new things every day, the photographer has gathered valuable insights into the art of portrait photography.

Different is Better than Good

The photographer emphasizes that being different is better than merely adhering to the technical rules of photography. While a technically good photo may follow all the hard and fast rules, it may not stand out in a sea of similar images. Experimenting with different angles, lighting, and framing can make photos more interesting and memorable.

Emotion Comes First

The photographer acknowledges that many early portraits lacked direction and emotion. Recognizing the importance of creating emotional impact through images, the photographer suggests planning photo shoots with the viewer’s emotions in mind. Understanding the emotional impact of various elements in a photograph can help evoke specific feelings in the viewer.

Lighting and Posing Work Together

The photographer stresses the importance of considering lighting and posing as a unified concept rather than separate elements. The interplay between light and pose can significantly impact the overall composition and story of a portrait. Ensuring that lighting does not detract from the subject is crucial for capturing compelling images.

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication

In a world where complexity is often equated with interest, the photographer advocates for simplicity in portrait photography. By focusing on the essential elements of light, subject, and background, photographers can create impactful images without unnecessary clutter. Embracing simplicity can lead to more meaningful and powerful portraits.

Trust Your Gut

The photographer encourages fellow photographers to trust their instincts and keep their approach simple. While complexity can sometimes enhance a photo, the photographer recommends starting with a basic idea and adding complexity only if it contributes to the overall meaning of the image. Embracing simplicity and making deliberate decisions can elevate the quality of portrait photography.

With these valuable lessons learned from shooting a vast number of portraits, the photographer hopes to inspire others to approach their craft with intention, emotion, and simplicity. Creating memorable and impactful portraits is a continual journey of learning and discovery, and the photographer looks forward to sharing more insights in future endeavors.


What inspired you to shoot 100,000 portraits?

The idea stemmed from my passion for photography and my desire to continue improving my skills. I wanted to challenge myself and see how much I could learn and develop as a photographer by shooting a significant number of portraits.

What did you learn from shooting 100,000 portraits?

Through this project, I learned the importance of connecting with my subjects to capture their true essence. I also developed a better understanding of lighting, composition, and storytelling through photography. Additionally, I honed my technical skills and gained valuable experience working with various types of individuals.

How did shooting 100,000 portraits impact your photography career?

This project significantly elevated my portfolio and allowed me to showcase my versatility and expertise as a photographer. It also opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations within the photography industry.

What advice would you give to aspiring photographers?

I would encourage aspiring photographers to continuously practice and experiment with their craft. Building a diverse portfolio and seeking out feedback from peers and professionals can also greatly contribute to their growth as photographers.

Can I view your portraits from this project?

Yes, you can view a selection of portraits from this project on my website/portfolio.

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