I got a New Tripod…Seriously | Stills in Motion Ep.2

Are you tired of dealing with shaky or blurry photos and videos? Do you want to take your photography and videography skills to the next level? Well, I have some exciting news for you – I got a new tripod! In this episode of Stills in Motion, I’ll be sharing my experience with my new tripod and how it has improved the quality of my work. Whether you’re a professional photographer or just someone who enjoys taking pictures and videos, a good tripod can make a world of difference. Join me as I discuss the benefits of investing in a quality tripod and how it can elevate your creative projects.

Welcome to Stills in Motion Ep.2

Welcome everybody to a video sponsored by lumix and to the Lake District an incredibly wet Lake District the wettest Lake District I reckon I’ve ever seen and I mean it is February but apparently we’ve already had a hundred and fifty percent of the average rainfall for February and we’re only two-thirds of The way through February so yeah lots and lots of water.

On the Road Again

I’m on my way at low rig fell I don’t know if that’s how you pronounce it but yeah on my way up there not nearly as early as I’d hoped to be honest I am as many of you all know I’m Not a morning person I had a three hour drive this morning didn’t quite leave on time and also because of the rain there were delays on the road it’s not great not being a morning person as well as a photographer to be honest ISM sure you Can imagine but if you had a scale of morning person to not morning person I reckon I would be like well over here anyway today a couple of aims do walking and avoid swimming I’m gonna definitely don’t want to speak too soon but I think it’s brightening up it’s the Sun I think I spoke too soon to be honest the the sun’s gone and the Hales here sorry if you get a motion sickness I’m trying to balance you quite precariously on these rocks because I Want to show you my new purchase and that means I need to balance you on these rocks the Hales gon only last about two minutes so I no longer regret coming up here what I do regret is having my lunch at 10:30 this morning on route I was hungry But I like my lunch it was the same thing I had in the last video the avocado black bean chili pizza thing you probably don’t care but it was very nice and I’m I’m quite excited about that being my primary lunch I think going forward certainly a candidate anyway Before I forget this is a photography Channel so let me talk about photography and my new tripod yes you heard right I fought a new tripod now as y’all know if you’ve watched my channel for any length of time I I hate using tripods for pretty much everything but I need them Sometimes if it’s dark or if I need to film something and typically on days like this I’m I need to film things and if I want to avoid trying to rest the camera on rocks on every single shot I clearly need a tripod of some sort so I’ve bought one now it’s a bit bigger and heavier than I would like but given that I need one so much for filming I I just took my hit and well this is it so this is a small rig something or other it’s made by a company called small rig I’ve got an arms in 35 quid it’s not sponsored I’ve paid for it and I’m quite happy with it so far I mean it’s got quite sturdy legs and critically it’s got an ARCA Swiss plate so I can take my camera from my shoulder mount on my Camera back and just stick it straight in here so that is something that my other mini tripods have never had so yeah this I reckon will be pretty much the only tripod I ever take out with me most of the time so not ever but mostly This is this is gonna become my primary tripod I think it should do everything I need it to I I had a good laugh the other day because Nigel Danson was telling me one in Iceland that sometimes he gets people on his workshops asking if I seriously Don’t use a tripod for my stills which made me laugh simply because using a tripod for stills is is quite a niche thing when you’re in sort of daylight but lots of people do it for all of their photos typically because I guess they’re kind of landscape type photographers now Landscape photography is a big thing on YouTube but in the grand scheme of photography landscape photography is a tiny mesh and to be honest it’s much more common to hardly ever use a tripod than to always use one particularly for shots like this in in the middle of the Day you know things like focus stacking and using heavy nd filters they are in the scheme of things quite niche techniques and so it’s not particularly odd of me I don’t think that I I don’t use a tripod often it’s more odd when you do use a tripod often not though is Anything wrong with it it’s perfectly fine to use a tripod all the time it’s just I don’t want people thinking it’s strange not to use one because it’s it’s not really I don’t think Oh sunshine beautiful right speaking of photography I should probably do some so I think I’ll strap the GoPro on and do some point of view shooting now that the conditions have improved I mean it’s still largely overcast day in February and to be honest it’s quite windy and cold but I’ll take it given what it looked like an hour ago Medium odd go for a medium modify we kick things off with the tele the 35 to 100 and I’m just going at the snowline at the moment because the quiet above is super moody which makes a nice natural contrast I suspect that today as pretty as it looks Won’t be the sort of day that I get any portfolio images but to be honest that rarely happens anyway Oh a big puddle will I be able to find a decent reflection in it I’m gonna have to get low if there’s anything really don’t sink do not sink this is where a screen Fully articulated screen like this one on the g9 comes in so handy winds picked up reflection gone I think this might get a bit brutal still like Wyndemere over there that’s pretty I’ve certainly seen a prettier by well this is quite miserable to be honest but It could be worse it could be rain hail is better than rain because at least you stay relatively dry oh it’s people on the ridge right they are getting popped that didn’t really work I think I needed them to stand further apart maybe I’ll clone one of them out or Something this can’t be the right way and bright sun shining obviously not the way those trees and here though a couple of layers I think again it might need Again it just needs a person all that couples going up there okay I’ve probably end up easing well not quite the rule of thirds they’ll be in the bottom right third of the frame they’re not right on the ridge line which is fair enough I mean they’re probably probably just following the path Ideally one of them would have worn a bright color as well but not moaning oh that’s nice they’re layers layers layers f56 that gives me 16 hundredths of a second shutter speed as you can hear I’m bracketing so I’m underexposing by what my camera is saying is to stops At the moment so my middle exposure it’s two stops underexposed and that’s just to bring out the contrast really in the light at the moment if I’m being honest I don’t think I’ve I’ve nailed any of those people shots but I’m gonna move on for feareth looking like a creep Can’t exactly hide either I’m in an orange jacket I think they might be looking at me I’ll have to be quick today please do let me know in the comments how the how the wind is I’m just using the GoPro mic currently and I imagine the wind is Potentially a little bit annoying if so I think I’ll buy…

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What type of tripod did you get?

    We got a new carbon fiber tripod that is lightweight and durable, perfect for shooting on the go.

  2. How does the new tripod improve your photography or videography?

    The new tripod provides more stability, allowing for sharp and steady shots. It also enables us to easily adjust the camera’s height and angle for more creative compositions.

  3. Can the tripod handle heavy camera equipment?

    Yes, the carbon fiber construction is sturdy enough to support heavier DSLR or mirrorless cameras and lenses.

  4. Does the tripod come with a carrying case?

    Yes, the tripod includes a convenient carrying case for easy transport and storage.

  5. Where can I purchase the same tripod?

    You can purchase the same tripod from our recommended camera gear retailer, or check your local photography equipment store for availability.

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