I Bought The Sony A7IV – But Will I Be Switching To Sony?

Are you considering switching to Sony for your photography needs? I recently purchased the Sony A7IV and have been putting it to the test in various shooting conditions. In this blog, I will share my experiences with the camera and discuss whether or not I will be making the switch to Sony from my current camera brand. Join me as I explore the features, image quality, and overall performance of the Sony A7IV to help you make an informed decision on whether or not to switch to Sony for your photography needs.

I Bought The Sony A7IV – But Will I Be Switching To Sony?

I Bought The Sony A7IV – But Will I Be Switching To Sony?

It is a really exciting day because it is new camera day yes i did buy a sony a74 my first sony camera and i will be quickly unboxing this camera for you guys showing you everything that’s inside and then after that i’m going to be sharing with you guys why i bought a Sony a74 and whether i’ll be switching from canon to sony so i actually got a whole bag worth of stuff as you can see i’ll get into what else is in this bag after i unbox the a74 by the way shout out digidirect uh they hooked it up for Me they’re my go-to uh for all my camera gear here in australia so here we go find the front of the box and if you can see that it’s kind of glary but that’s the a74 i’m just gonna unbox this pretty quickly um go through everything that’s inside all right so First up we got a bunch of different cables for some reason they’ve put all the different countries in here and we’ve got some paperwork here i guess that’s like the recommended sd card to use obviously sony brand first thing that caught my eye on the box is this strap actually Really nice it’s the first like leather strap that i’ve ever seen come with a camera as standard i might actually use that i might even put it on my canon r6 just for the lulls this looks like a usb cable maybe for charging the camera when the battery’s inside the body itself the Battery pretty small but it’s fairly thick other white bag i guess this is yeah like the power adapter so you’ll plug one side into the wall and then the other side you’ll plug a usb cable in and i guess that’s to charge as well so you need Those two pieces to charge the battery while it’s in the camera as well as the cable so you actually need all three pieces this cable all right and that’s pretty much everything in the box except for the camera body so here we go it’s pretty heavy actually so there we go a74 Flip screen which is uh what i was after i really wanted the flip screen so first impressions the grip feels really nice actually um i wasn’t expecting it to hug my hand this well i think previous sony bodies that i’ve tried they weren’t as comfortable as the canon camera bodies That i was used to i’m really liking this flip screen it’s actually a very thick and it feels like a sturdy screen so that’s really good we’ve got this other mode dial on top which i think is a new feature for the sony a7 cameras and Something else that i think is new is this switch for the photo to video and snq mode just feeling this button it doesn’t feel that comfortable to turn it kind of has like a little button that you press in in order to unlock and then To switch the mode and i get that you don’t want to accidentally move it but it just feels a little bit hard to get your finger in there so i guess that’s interesting oh i should actually put the battery in and see if we have any power Otherwise i’ll have to go and charge this battery up and then come back and record the rest of the video gotta lock the battery door as well that’s something that’s new to me and we’ve got power i gotta say i really like the feel of the dials especially This main mode dial feels super solid so it is saying low battery on the screen so i’m gonna go and chuck this on charge and i’ll show you guys everything else that i got today so i also got a battery charger for the a74 batteries this is a dual Charger from nightcore nightcore sent me their dual charger for the canon batteries and i’ve been really loving it so made sure i picked one of those up and i planned to get a spare battery for the a74 but i completely forgot about it so i’ll have to go back to the store at Some stage and pick one up next up we have a 67 millimeter basic uv filter just protection for the front of the lens for the next part that i’m going to show you which is i don’t know if you’ve already guessed but the sony gm 35 millimeter 1.4 i’m really excited To get back into a 35 millimeter 1.4 i’ve been rocking the 35 1.8 for the canon for a while now since i actually dropped my tamron 35 1.4 very sad day but yeah really excited to use this on a photo shoot see how it performs i’ve heard really great things about it i’m already looking for another sony lens to add to my kit so all your sony shooters out there let me know down in the comment section below what your recommendations are so for you guys that don’t know i actually started my photography journey on a nikon camera it was the nikon d7000 And i pretty much learned photography and video on that camera and i upgraded to the d800 as my first full frame body but then less than a year after that i decided to make the switch over to canon because i really liked what they were Doing on the video side of things and i jumped in with the canon 5d mark iii and actually still have that camera it’s here and it is probably not in the best shape little mode dial thing missing here but it actually still works so as you can hear still going still going Strong i think it’s got like 400 000 shutter actuations ever since then i’ve owned all kinds of different canon cameras i upgraded to the 5d mark iv and then i actually got a 1dx mark ii then i went over to the rf system with the eos R and now i’m on the r6 which is the camera that i’m filming on right now so why did i buy the a74 and will i be switching from canon over to sony well the answer is no i won’t be switching camera brands rather i’m adding a sony Camera to my bag so that i can make more content for you guys my channel has come a long way since back in 2014 and 15 where i would just post like random videos here and there when i had time to posting more consistently now in 2021 This being my full-time job and actually put out a poll on my community tab asking you guys what camera brand you shoot with and it wasn’t much of a surprise to me but around 50 of you guys are on canon and i think about 25 are Actually on sony i thought it was a great time to get into the sony system so i can make more content for you guys more varied content more lens reviews and more head-to-head comparisons gear reviews aren’t absolutely everything that i want to make on this channel but I really do enjoy making them and i know you guys love watching them there’s definitely three main reasons that i went for a sony over the other brands out on the market and the first one is definitely the lens choice i feel like because sony are around seven or eight Years into their mirrorless development they’ve already made all those staple lenses and they’re starting to come out with more interesting lenses like the 20 1.8 and the 14 1.8 and i’m really loving what sigma and tamron and samyang as well are doing in the space of e-mount lenses they’re actually just not really Making anything for the rf mount right now so i’ve actually had massive fomo for ages now watching all these…

FAQ: I Bought The Sony A7IV – But Will I Be Switching To Sony?

  1. Why did you buy the Sony A7IV?
    I decided to buy the Sony A7IV because of its advanced features, excellent image quality, and reputation for producing top-notch cameras.
  2. Will you be switching to Sony as your primary camera brand?
    While the Sony A7IV is a fantastic camera, I am still evaluating whether I will fully switch to Sony as my primary camera brand. I may continue using other camera brands for certain situations.
  3. What are the key features of the Sony A7IV that you like?
    I am impressed by the high-resolution sensor, fast autofocus system, in-body image stabilization, and overall build quality of the Sony A7IV.
  4. How has your experience been with the Sony A7IV so far?
    So far, my experience with the Sony A7IV has been positive. I have been able to capture stunning images and videos with ease.
  5. Will you be selling your previous camera gear?
    I am considering selling some of my previous camera gear to invest in more Sony lenses and accessories.

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