I Bought a Canon EOS R7. I’m Sending It Back.

Are you a photography enthusiast in search of the perfect camera? Look no further as we delve into my recent experience with the highly acclaimed Canon EOS R7. As someone who values exceptional image quality and cutting-edge technology, I eagerly anticipated the launch of this mirrorless camera. However, after a week-long trial, I am reluctantly compelled to send it back. Despite its impressive specifications and a plethora of innovative features, the EOS R7 falls short in crucial areas. Join me as I highlight my disappointments and discuss the reasons behind my decision to return this much-anticipated camera.

I Bought a Canon EOS R7. I’m Sending It Back


I recently purchased a Canon EOS R7, thinking it might be an arbitrage opportunity and a cheaper alternative to the Canon EOS R6. However, after testing it out, I have decided to send it back. In this article, I will share my experience and explain why I made this decision.

The Appeal of the Canon EOS R7

The Canon EOS R7 seemed like a great option for several reasons. It offered similar features to the R6, including excellent autofocus and in-body image stabilization (IBIS), but at a significantly lower price. Additionally, I could use it with Canon’s legacy EF lenses, which would save me even more money compared to investing in the newer RF lenses.

My Initial Impressions

When I received the Canon EOS R7, along with an R6 and various lenses, I was initially impressed with its design and features. The control layout, particularly the quick control dial and on/off switch, appealed to me. The camera was also smaller and lighter than expected.

The Value of the Canon EOS R7

After testing the camera extensively, I can confidently say that the Canon EOS R7 offers excellent value for its price. It has a user-friendly interface and delivers high-quality images, as you can see in the footage you’re currently watching. Its resolution is modest, but the image quality compensates for it. Moreover, its affordability makes it an attractive option for photographers and videographers.

Suitability for Wildlife and Sports Photography

The Canon EOS R7 is especially suitable for wildlife and sports photographers who are willing to invest in Canon’s RF telephoto lenses. The camera’s 1.6x crop factor, coupled with these lenses, allows for extended reach and excellent image quality. It is also a great option for legacy Canon shooters looking to transition to mirrorless while preserving their investment in EF glass.

Event Photography and Video Shooting

Event photographers who also need to shoot videos will find the Canon EOS R7 to be a cost-effective choice. By selecting this camera instead of the R6, photographers can save money and invest in Canon’s RF holy trinity zoom lenses, which offer superior autofocus performance and hybrid optics.

Appealing to Smartphone Content Creators

The Canon EOS R7 could be an ideal choice for smartphone content creators who want to upgrade to a dedicated mirrorless interchangeable lens camera. The larger sensor and superior image quality will be a significant improvement for them. However, they may miss the shallow depth of field that current RF lenses cannot provide.

My Plan and the Reality

I had originally intended to keep the Canon EOS R7 for my YouTube channel, where I regularly review gear. I believed it would be valuable to have a camera from each major manufacturer for in-house testing. However, after further consideration, I realized that the EF 24-70mm f/2.8L Mark II lens, which I planned to use with the R7, was not suitable for my needs. It was heavy with the adapter and had significant focus breathing issues, impacting its overall performance. Additionally, the autofocus was not as smooth, fast, or silent as I had hoped.

No Arbitrage Opportunity

Ultimately, I decided to return the Canon EOS R7 and all accompanying equipment. The issues I faced with the EF lens and the limitations of using EF lenses with the R7 made it clear that there was no arbitrage opportunity for me. If I wanted high-quality optics with shallow depth of field, I would need to invest in RF lenses, which was not the cost-effective solution I had anticipated.


The Canon EOS R7 is a feature-packed camera that offers excellent value for its price. It is a compelling option for wildlife and sports photographers, legacy Canon users, event photographers, and smartphone content creators. However, for my specific needs as a gear reviewer, it did not meet my expectations. While the Canon EOS R7 may be a great choice for many photographers and videographers, it ultimately wasn’t the right fit for me.

Thank you for reading!

Short FAQ: I Bought a Canon EOS R7. I’m Sending It Back.

1. Why did you buy a Canon EOS R7?

I decided to buy the Canon EOS R7 because of its advanced features, such as high-resolution image quality, improved autofocus, and versatile shooting options.

2. What made you decide to send it back?

Unfortunately, upon using the camera, I encountered several issues that significantly affected its functionality. These problems included faulty autofocus, inconsistent exposure, and firmware glitches.

3. Can the issues be fixed?

Canon customer support attempted to resolve the issues, but despite their efforts, the problems persisted. Hence, I have decided to return the camera based on my overall dissatisfaction with its performance.

4. What are your plans now?

After returning the Canon EOS R7, I intend to explore other camera options and carefully consider reviews and feedback from other users before making my next purchase. I want to ensure that I invest in a camera that meets my requirements and functions optimally.

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