I Almost Missed the Photo in Slovenia

Have you ever traveled to a new destination and found yourself so enthralled by its beauty that you nearly forgot to snap a photograph? That’s exactly what happened to me during my recent trip to Slovenia. Nestled in the heart of Europe, this hidden gem is often overlooked by travelers, but oh, what a mistake that would be. From the picturesque landscapes to the charming villages, Slovenia is a photographer’s paradise. However, amidst all the awe-inspiring sights, I found myself so captivated by the breathtaking scenes that I nearly missed the perfect shot. Join me as I recount my unforgettable experience and share my solution for not missing out on those precious moments in Slovenia.

I Almost Missed the Photo in Slovenia

Heading to the Photography Spot

Oh my God it’s heavy and so it’s difficult while trying to film as well just you know I think straight we have to go like kind of through a park hey everyone good morning today we woke up at 4am oh you see that I see it I see it and we are heading to our destination for some Sunrise photography.

Finding the Perfect Composition

I think we found our photography spot. Oh yes! Do you reckon we should shoot a picture through the love heart? Anyway, I was checking the pier is super stable so I think we’re gonna set up ratio oh there’s a lot of buoys in the water that will definitely require some photo shopping. I don’t think I’m gonna need my 35 right now. What does that look? Okay, it’s stable but it’s not that statement. We currently have the 200-600 on the a74 at 200 millimeters because 600 is just too much Zoom for almost everything that I point my camera at. I like having a bit more context in the photo. Like here, the reflection of the church and the water is beautiful and the mountains in the background really frame the scene. So, I’m just shooting a couple of pictures at 200 millimeters, but I think the 85 is going to be the winner yet again for our landscape photography.

Exploring Different Perspectives

That composition looked quite flat. I feel like the castle, the church just kind of blends into the background and you can’t really see the layers of the mountain either. So, we’re gonna just walk around to the left side and see what that looks like instead. I’m just holding my tripod and Dan’s holding the other lens. Oh, it’s just a mess. The Ducks are so cute here. They remind me of Evie and Olive. Yeah, I wonder if I can get this tree in the foreground. We’ve walked a little bit more to the left-hand side of the church because I think it would look cool if the church is framed with the two peaks going down behind it rather than just having that hilly mountain. When we walk a little bit more, I think we might have that to work with in the foreground as well. It’s like a little section sticking out into the water. I really like this shot actually aside from the white buoys, which I will probably Photoshop out. I just feel like now we need some sun to cut through some of the mountains so the layers are a bit more prominent. And I see a little bit of sun poking out right at the very top of this one. So, it’s going to happen any minute now.

Playing with Filters and Different Lenses

Wow, that is really pretty. Dan just grabbed my polarizing filter for me because we both only have one hand at any given time, but I think we can pull a little bit more colors out of the reflection in the water. Yes, I’ll show you a little before and after with and without the polarizing filter. Also, we’re getting so many colors in the background there. So, I don’t know if you can see that, but I got bitten by a mosquito in the face last night, so that’s wonderful. Try uh one over eight exposure just to make the water look a bit softer. And then another thing is, I think I’m done with the 85. I’m gonna get some wider shots on my 35 now because oh, that looks incredible back there. I’m so glad I put my foot there. Switching over to just some handheld shots because let’s be honest, I feel like I just want to fire off a couple of different angles while the sun looks so beautiful right now. The gap of the leaves is too tight. That one was just right, but I want some like closer to me so I’ve got more bucket in the foreground, but I have to jump into the water for that, which I don’t want to do. Thank you. Oh, you were a stranger. You have an epic Lake behind you, is it right?

Capturing Different Perspectives

Since the sun is up now, we’re gonna drive to the other side of the lake to see if we can get the church on the island to be backlit because I think it’ll look better that way. We drove to the other side of the lake, and now the little island is backlit, so it looks amazing. Except this drive is a little bit sketch, and there was nowhere to park because I wanted to shoot this from the very entrance. So, there was nowhere there to kind of stop, so Dan had to drop me off and I’m just um just taking photos until I see him come back. But I found a really cool spot here, so you can see the island behind me, and I’m using these trees just here for framing. So, I’ve got two trees, so in the landscape photo, it looks really cool because the framing is on either side of the photo. And then for the portrait photo, I’m just using this one and I’m shooting the little island through some branches here. I feel like with a 35, it’s a little bit wide, so I don’t know, there’s too much negative space. So, I like using branches and trees and things like that to just add some interest to the foreground of the Fritter, make it a little busier, a little interesting, a little bit different, you know? I also still have my circular polarizer on my lens as well. Trying to keep an eye out for Dan too. I don’t want him to have to drive like a million times up and down the road. I think I’m officially done. I got some video shots for Dan, some Vlog shots, some photos. I forgot to bring my phone and I don’t have my phone cameras. So that’s gonna have to be not done today. Um, so cool. Okay, now it’s time for coffee.

Okay, I got so many shots. How’s that for service? You’re amazing. I might go for a swim, but we are also trying to work out where we’re staying tonight because we need to book some last-minute accommodation. We might stay maybe in Croatia or otherwise go up towards Italy, but that is all I have for today’s video. I really hope you enjoyed that chaotic mission to capture some photos of Lake Bled in Slovenia. Let me know which ones are your favorite photos down in the comments below. But as always, thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you in our next destination. Um, that’s it. Bye.

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Q: What is “I Almost Missed the Photo in Slovenia”?

A: “I Almost Missed the Photo in Slovenia” is a captivating travel blog written by an experienced photographer, documenting their journey to Slovenia and sharing their stunning photographs.

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A: On this blog, you can expect to find mesmerizing photographs capturing the scenic beauty of Slovenia. The author also shares captivating stories, memorable moments, and valuable tips and recommendations for travelers interested in exploring Slovenia.

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A: No, this blog is not exclusively for photographers. While photography enthusiasts will definitely appreciate the stunning visuals, anyone interested in travel or learning about Slovenia’s hidden gems can find value in the blog’s content.

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