Hybrid camera battle! Sony A7CR vs Sony A7IV

Are you torn between choosing the Sony A7CR or the Sony A7IV for your photography needs? In the world of hybrid cameras, it can be overwhelming to decide which model is the best fit for you. Both the A7CR and the A7IV offer incredible features and performance, making it a tough decision for any photographer. In this blog post, we will break down the key differences between these two models and help you make an informed decision on which one will suit your needs the best. Let’s dive into the hybrid camera battle between the Sony A7CR and the Sony A7IV!

Hybrid Camera Battle: Sony A7CR vs Sony A7IV


So this video is highly requested I’m going to be putting the brand new a7cr against my a74 now all you guys know I love the a74 made a whole bunch of videos on that camera it’s amazing for photos it’s amazing for videos it does pretty much everything it is the hybrid Camera the Jack of all trades but we have that new kit on the Block the a7cr is pretty much a smaller a7r5 and it pretty much has every single specs in that and slightly more but obviously takes out a few others as well but we’re comparing these two cameras and which One is going to be best in your situation.

Price Comparison

First of all we must discuss the price the a7cr comes in at about 2998 us whereas the a74 currently is 2298 us so there is a 700 us difference so take that into consideration when comparing these two.

Body and Features

The a7cr has that awesome full-frame 61 megapixel sensor That’s out of the A7 R5 now that sensor is incredible for photography and obviously videography as well whereas the a74 has that brand new 33 megapixel sensor that you do see in the new a7c Mark II as well now when it comes to the body the a7cr has a 2.36 million dot evf Whereas the a74 has a 3.69 million evf now when it comes to the evf as long as you can see it and it’s high enough resolution it’s perfectly fine and I don’t mind the 2.36 million dot it’s perfectly fine in my opinion but I know A lot of photographers don’t like that evf and they prefer that really high 9.44 million dot evf that’s in the a7r5 now they both have that fully articulating screen that you pretty much see on every other brand new Sony camera that’s out except for the A7 R5 has that 4D articulating screen it’s incredible it does amazing things but uh the a7cr did not inherit that one now when it comes to the dials they’re pretty much the same you’ve got two at the back one at the front you also have that hybrid switch that can go from photo video to Snq and then obviously the dial at top which can give you one two three custom buttons there’s a whole bunch of custom ability when it comes to all these dials which is great but the a74 has four custom buttons whereas the a7cr only has two custom buttons now I know a lot of People love custom buttons me myself I love having specific buttons for obviously specific scenarios like aps-c crop…


Okay now let’s talk about the internal video specs the a7cr does 4K up to 60 frames per second with a 1.2 times crop and if you do want 120 frames per second you do have to drop it down to 1080p whereas the a74 does 4K at 60 frames per Second with a 1.5 times crop and it also does that 1080p at 120 frames per second but there is one major caveat in the a7cr is that because it is an 8K sensor and if you do put into Super 35 crop mode you can actually get a 6.2 K down Sampled 4K image which actually looks pretty good but in saying that as well the a74 is a 7K sensor that down samples to 4K so it should look pretty similar but you are shooting in full frame mode rather than super 35 crop mode so the depth of field would actually look a Little bit different and also even the

Hybrid Camera Battle: Sony A7R vs Sony A7IV

What is the difference between the Sony A7R and the Sony A7IV?

The Sony A7R is known for its high-resolution sensor, ideal for landscape and studio photography, while the Sony A7IV offers faster autofocus and better video capabilities.

Which camera is better for video recording?

The Sony A7IV is better suited for video recording with its improved autofocus performance and 4K 60p recording capabilities.

Which camera is better for portraits and landscape photography?

The Sony A7R excels in portrait and landscape photography with its high-resolution sensor, capturing intricate details and producing sharp images.

What other features should I consider when choosing between the Sony A7R and the Sony A7IV?

Consider factors such as battery life, ergonomics, and price when making your decision between the Sony A7R and the Sony A7IV.

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