How we photograph OURSELVES – Travel Photography – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

Have you ever struggled to capture the perfect selfie while traveling? With so many stunning landscapes and vibrant cultures to document, it’s easy to get frustrated when your selfie game is lacking. Luckily, there are some simple tips and tricks to help you master the art of photographing yourself on your adventures. In this week’s Quick Tip Tuesday blog, we’ll be sharing some insights on how to take the perfect self-portrait while traveling. From finding the best angles to utilizing natural lighting, we have you covered. Say goodbye to mediocre selfies and hello to stunning self-portraits that truly capture the essence of your travels.

How we photograph OURSELVES – Travel Photography – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

How we photograph OURSELVES – Travel Photography – QUICK TIP TUESDAYS

In today’s quick tip I’m gonna explain to you how we take photographs of ourselves and the one piece of gear that we use so you could do it too. I know earlier this week I said that my next video was going to be about goals and what’s going on with this channel for The year but I got the sickness that Morgan had last week but I got it this week so the last two days I’ve been like totally down and out so next week’s quick tip is now this week’s quick tip before we jump into today’s quick tip though make sure that you like this Video cuz it helps a tongue oh and share this with somebody if you learn something from one of these quick tips send it to your friend.

Favorite Travel Photos

People ask how do we take the photos of us traveling around the world. Most of our favorite photos are selfies or photos that we took of ourselves during our travels. For example, one of my all-time favorites is a photo of Morgan and I on the beach in sombreros. Technically, it’s a selfie and it was the photo we used for our wedding save the dates. We also have photos from the top of Castle Rock in Big Bear, hikes in Lake Tahoe, Zion National Park, San Francisco, and even moments after our daughter was born.

The Gear You Need

The key to taking these photos is having an intervalometer. This device is essentially a 10-second self-timer but much more advanced. We always carry it with us when we travel for easy self-portraits. Setting up the intervalometer is simple. You just attach your camera to a tripod, set your composition, adjust your settings, and then use the intervalometer to fire the camera at set intervals.

With the intervalometer, you can set a 10-second self-timer, choose the intervals between shots, and let your camera continuously take photos while you position yourself in the frame. This method eliminates the need to constantly run back and forth to press the self-timer button on your camera.

Solo Travel

If you’re traveling alone, you can still use the intervalometer for self-portraits. Simply set up your composition, focus on a spot where you plan to stand, start the intervalometer, and then position yourself in the frame for some cool shots.

Intervalometers can be used for various other photography techniques, but for us, they are indispensable for capturing unique travel photos of ourselves. So, if you want to take awesome pictures during your travels, consider getting an intervalometer and master the art of self-portraits.


How do you photograph yourselves when traveling?

To photograph ourselves while traveling, we use a combination of a tripod and a remote shutter. This allows us to set up the camera at the desired angle and distance, and then use the remote shutter to take the picture without needing someone else to hold the camera.

What if we don’t have a tripod or remote shutter?

If you don’t have a tripod or remote shutter, you can always ask a stranger or fellow traveler to take the photo for you. Just make sure to explain to them how you want the photo to turn out and trust them with your camera.

How do you ensure good lighting when photographing yourselves?

When photographing ourselves, we always try to find natural light sources such as sunlight or well-lit areas. This helps to capture the details and colors more accurately, and gives the photo a more professional look.

Any tips for getting creative with self-portraits while traveling?

One fun tip for getting creative with self-portraits while traveling is to use different angles and perspectives. Try taking photos from above, below, or even use reflections in mirrors or bodies of water to create unique and visually interesting shots.

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