How We Photograph Couples + Elopements (+ANNOUNCEMENT)

Welcome to our blog where we share the art of capturing love stories through photography. In this space, we delve into the world of photographing couples and elopements, exploring the unique challenges and creative opportunities that come with these intimate moments. From the initial connection with our clients to the final editing process, we strive to cultivate a comfortable and authentic experience, resulting in truly remarkable images. And speaking of remarkable, we are thrilled to announce a special surprise in this post that will undoubtedly elevate your couple and elopement photography game. So, join us on this journey as we unravel the secrets behind creating breathtaking visuals that encapsulate the love shared between two individuals.

How We Photograph Couples + Elopements

An Exciting Announcement

Hey guys before we get started with today’s video, we just wanted to let you know that we’re announcing our biggest news ever – our first ever in-depth comprehensive course for people who want to make money with wedding photography. If you’re too excited to wait for us to tell you about it, you can jump ahead to this time code to find out all about it. Or just sit around until the end because this video slaps.

Setting Up for a Styled Elopement

A lot of people are interested in the process of shooting weddings, and instead of being intrusive and filming behind the scenes of an actual wedding, we set up a styled elopement in the desert. Tomorrow, we’re heading out there now to do some location scouting to find the spots where we can shoot the couple.

Preparing the Bridal Area

When shooting the bride getting ready, you probably won’t get a say in where she’s getting her hair and makeup done. But do your best to tidy up the area, open any window blinds, and turn off tungsten lighting to get a room filled with the same color temperature. Always check with the hair stylist and makeup artist first to make sure they’re cool with you adjusting the lighting.

Detail Shots

We want to get a few different angles for a variety of shots. Shooting with a 35mm lens, we work around the room looking for interesting compositions and candid smiles.

Photographing the Wedding Dress

A detail shot of the wedding dress is something that every client expects, especially if there’s a wedding gown involved. We try to find colors or textures that match the feel of the shoot and a place that has a lot of natural light. In this case, we brought the dress into the garage of the Airbnb, opened the garage door to let in natural light, and shot with a 35mm lens to capture all the details.

Using Wooden Hangers

Another tip that we always recommend photographers do is to bring a nice wooden hanger along with them. A lot of times, the dress comes on a cheap plastic hanger, and it always feels kind of weird. So, we usually keep wooden hangers in our car and switch the dress onto the wooden hanger for better presentation.

Capturing Getting Ready Shots

For getting ready shots, we used to shoot with a wide focal length like a 24mm or 35mm. If there’s a wedding dress involved, we have the bride call one of us when she’s ready for us to come take photos. If there’s a groom involved, we usually focus on the finishing detail shots like cufflinks, tie, and jacket. Lighting-wise, we recommend using window light if possible and turning off interior lights for the best lighting.

First Look Reactions

For the first look, we position the groom in a nice mountain backdrop and have the bride come from a different direction towards the groom. One of us shoots with a wide lens, while the other uses a tight lens to capture both reactions without getting into each other’s shots.

Capturing Great Reactions

Assuming you have enough memory card space, you can go heavy on the amount of photos you’re taking during a moment like the first look. You want to make sure you capture great reactions, as those can happen in the blink of an eye.

Choosing the Perfect Location and Lighting

When shooting a styled elopement, you’ll probably have more say as the photographer on where exactly you have the couple go. Look for nice even light on their faces, a beautiful backdrop, and room for both photographers to get the angles they want. Framing up the shot and waiting for a nice emotional candid moment before snapping photos during the ceremony is a key technique we use.

Sunset Couple Portraits

If we shoot couples portraits earlier in the day, we always ask our couples to do about five minutes of sunset photos during their reception to get some of that beautiful golden light. These usually turn out to be stunning shots.

Frequently Asked Questions about How We Photograph Couples + Elopements (+ANNOUNCEMENT)

1. What is the difference between photographing couples and elopements?

Couples photography focuses on capturing the love and connection between two individuals in various settings like engagement sessions, anniversaries, or just for fun. On the other hand, elopement photography is specifically tailored to document intimate and unique wedding ceremonies, often in non-traditional locations with a limited number of guests.

2. How do you capture the essence of a couple’s relationship in photos?

We believe in creating a comfortable and relaxed environment for the couple. By getting to know them beforehand, we can understand their unique dynamics and preferences. During the shoot, we provide light guidance and prompts to bring out genuine emotions and interactions, resulting in authentic and heartfelt photographs.

3. What locations do you recommend for couple and elopement shoots?

We have a variety of stunning locations in our portfolio, but we always encourage couples to choose a place that holds meaning to them. It could be where they had their first date, a favorite hiking spot, or even their backyard. By selecting a meaningful location, the couple’s connection with the surroundings enhances the overall atmosphere of the photos.

4. Are you available for destination elopements?

Absolutely! We love traveling and documenting elopements in picturesque destinations. Whether it’s a mountaintop, a beach, or a romantic city, we are ready to capture the beauty of your special day, wherever it may be. Contact us for more information on our travel availability and pricing.

5. What is your announcement?

We are thrilled to announce that we are expanding our wedding photography services to include elopements! We understand that every couple deserves breathtaking images of their intimate wedding ceremony, and we are passionate about capturing those special moments for you. Contact us to discuss your elopement plans and how we can create timeless memories together.

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