How to use the X-RITE Color Checker for Color Correction and Grading

Are you tired of spending hours in front of your computer trying to perfect the color grading of your photographs or videos? Look no further – the X-RITE Color Checker is here to revolutionize your color correction process. Whether you are a professional photographer or a videographer, this powerful tool will ensure that your colors are accurate and consistent across all your projects. In this blog post, we will explore the various ways you can use the X-RITE Color Checker in your workflow, from capturing an accurate color reference to using it as a guide during post-processing. Say goodbye to guesswork and achieve stunning and consistent colors with this must-have tool.

How to Use the X-RITE Color Checker for Color Correction and Grading


What’s up guys, it’s Mitch here! In this video, I’m going to show you how to achieve perfect color in every shot, regardless of the lighting or camera you use. We’ve all encountered the problem of inconsistent colors when editing footage. Whether it’s due to shooting in the wrong color profile, improper white balance, or using a flat profile, the X-RITE Color Checker is the one tool that can solve all these issues.

Using the X-RITE Color Checker

To use the X-RITE Color Checker, simply bring the card with you and place it in front of the camera while recording a short clip. Make sure your fingers don’t cover any of the boxes on the card. Later in the post-production process, you can use this clip to correct the colors in your footage. This process takes less than 10 seconds and is extremely easy. However, it’s important to note that you need to capture a new clean plate with the Color Checker every time you change the lighting, camera settings, or scene.

Matching Multiple Cameras

The X-RITE Color Checker not only allows you to manage colors from shot to shot but also helps match colors from multiple cameras. Working with multiple cameras can be a nightmare during the color grading process since they have different color science, color profiles, and white balance values. By using the Color Checker with both cameras, you can easily match the colors in post-production without the need for tedious adjustments with curves and color wheels.

Color Correction vs. Color Grading

It’s crucial to understand the difference between color correction and color grading. Color correction involves correcting and balancing the colors in your footage to achieve a clean, balanced base. On the other hand, color grading involves adding your creative and stylistic choices to enhance the footage and make it match the scene or project. The X-RITE Color Checker is primarily used for color correction, ensuring a solid foundation for color grading.

Choosing the X-RITE Color Checker

There are various color charts available, but I highly recommend the X-RITE Color Checker. You can purchase a smaller version of the card, which comes in a convenient flip-out case. I personally prefer this version as it easily fits into the laptop compartment of my bag. I always carry two of these cards, one at home and one in my bag, so that I have it with me at all times. While these color charts may not be as cheap as you’d expect, their value in effortlessly solving color profile and footage balancing problems makes them worth the investment.

Using DaVinci Resolve for Color Correction

In this section, I’ll demonstrate how to use DaVinci Resolve for color correction with the X-RITE Color Checker. First, start a new DaVinci Resolve project and create a new timeline. Drag the footage containing the chart onto the timeline. To correct the footage using the chart, go to the color tab and click on the color match window in the bottom left corner. Select the correct chart from the list and open the color chart using the eyedropper tool.

Zoom in on the chart and align the corners of the boxes in the chart to their corresponding boxes on the screen. Adjust the handles to achieve a perfect alignment. Next, select the source gamma, which depends on the color profile you recorded in. Choose the target gamma and color space according to your preferences. Lastly, adjust the color temperature to the desired level. Press the match button to apply the correction.


The X-RITE Color Checker is an invaluable tool for color correction in video production. It not only ensures consistent color across shots but also helps match colors from multiple cameras. By investing in this tool, you can save time and effort during the color grading process, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of your project. So don’t hesitate to get your own X-RITE Color Checker and achieve perfect color in every shot!

FAQ – How to use the X-RITE Color Checker for Color Correction and Grading

Frequently Asked Questions – X-RITE Color Checker

Q: What is the X-RITE Color Checker?

The X-RITE Color Checker is a tool used for color correction and grading in photography and videography. It consists of a collection of colored patches that represent a range of colors.

Q: How does the X-RITE Color Checker work?

To use the X-RITE Color Checker, you need to include it in your shot or scene before capturing or recording. By placing the Color Checker in the frame, you ensure that it is exposed to the same lighting conditions as your subject. Later during the post-processing stage, you can use the color patches on the Color Checker as a reference to correct and grade the colors of your entire image or video.

Q: Why is color correction important?

Color correction plays a significant role in ensuring that the colors in your images or videos appear accurate and consistent. The X-RITE Color Checker helps you achieve this by providing a standard reference for color accuracy during the post-processing stage.

Q: Can I use the X-RITE Color Checker for both photography and videography?

Yes, the X-RITE Color Checker is designed to be used in both photography and videography. Its consistent color patches can assist in maintaining color accuracy across different types of visual media.

Q: Are there any recommended software applications for color correction using the X-RITE Color Checker?

Yes, X-RITE provides dedicated software applications such as X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom plugins that are specifically designed to work with the Color Checker for color correction and grading purposes.

Q: Is the X-RITE Color Checker suitable for both beginners and professionals?

Absolutely! The X-RITE Color Checker is a versatile tool that can benefit both beginners and professionals. It helps ensure more accurate and consistent colors in your visual content regardless of your skill level.

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