How to Select and Change Colors in Lightroom

Are you tired of your photos not looking as vibrant and colorful as you’d like? Do you struggle with selecting and changing the colors in your photos to make them pop? Look no further – with Adobe Lightroom, you have the power to enhance and modify the colors in your images to create stunning and professional-looking photos. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to select and change colors in Lightroom, from adjusting the overall color balance to targeting specific colors for enhancement. Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a professional, mastering color manipulation in Lightroom can take your photos to the next level.

How to Select and Change Colors in Lightroom

Today I’m going to show you how to select and change colors in Lightroom. Hey there, welcome to Phlearn! My name is Aaron NACE. You can find me on where we make learning fun. In today’s episode, we’re switching it up a little bit and getting out of Photoshop. We’re going to hang out in Lightroom where I’m going to show you how to select and change colors. They’ve done some great advances with Lightroom pretty recently, including the ability to add range masks, which is the key to making selections in Lightroom. It’s super cool. We’re going to start off using our hue sliders to make subtle adjustments to our colors and then we’re going to go into the adjustment brush to make selections and move the colors even further. Let’s get started!

Using Hue Sliders

Here we are with our sample image, which you can download on so you can follow along. The place I recommend starting is here in your develop module. Let’s click on the develop module, where you can make your adjustments. Start by using the HSL/color slider, with the option to adjust hue, saturation, luminance, or all three at the same time. For now, let’s just take a look at hue. You can take your Reds and simply move these sliders to make adjustments. However, there are a couple of limitations to these sliders. One downside is that it adjusts colors in the entire image. The other limitation is that you may want to adjust the color further than the sliders allow. In this case, using the sliders is easy, but a little limited.

Using the Adjustment Brush

Another technique to make more adjustments is to use the adjustment brush. Start by clicking on the adjustment brush, where you can paint where you want on your image and then make your adjustments over that area. By default, the mask is not visible, but you can make it visible by pressing ‘o’ on your keyboard to see what you’re painting. You can also change the color of your mask by holding down shift and hitting ‘o’. Once you’ve painted where you want to make the change, you can use range masking to really dial in the color you want to change. Range masking allows you to mask by luminance as well as color. In this case, click on color and use the eyedropper tool to select a range of color. This will refine your selection, allowing you to make adjustments to that specific color. You can then start making adjustments, such as bringing the exposure up or down, to the selected color.

There are a couple of ways to change the color. One way is to adjust the temperature sliders to make the color warmer or cooler. Another way is to simply add a new color using the color picker. This allows you to choose a different color, such as blue, for the selected area. Using these techniques, you can easily select and change colors in Lightroom to achieve the look you want for your images. Have fun experimenting with different colors and creating stunning effects!

How to Select and Change Colors in Lightroom – FAQ

Q: Can I select specific colors to edit in Lightroom?

A: Yes, in Lightroom you can use the HSL/Color panel to select specific colors and adjust their hue, saturation, and luminance.

Q: Is it possible to change the overall color scheme of a photo in Lightroom?

A: Yes, you can use the Split Toning panel to change the overall color scheme of a photo by adding different tones to the highlights and shadows.

Q: How can I create a selective color effect in Lightroom?

A: You can create a selective color effect in Lightroom by using the Adjustment Brush or Graduated Filter tool to apply color adjustments to specific areas of the photo.

Q: Can I save and apply my color edits to other photos in Lightroom?

A: Yes, you can create and save presets for your color edits in Lightroom, and then apply them to other photos with just a few clicks.

Q: Are there any recommended resources for learning more about color editing in Lightroom?

A: Adobe offers a range of tutorials and resources for learning about color editing in Lightroom, including online videos and articles on their website.

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