How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models | Taking Jessica Kobeissi’s Photo

When it comes to capturing beautiful photos of your friends who aren’t professional models, it can be a fun challenge to showcase their unique personalities and natural beauty. Renowned photographer Jessica Kobeissi has mastered the art of photographing everyday individuals in a way that highlights their best features and creates stunning portraits. In this blog, we will explore some helpful tips and tricks on how to pose friends who aren’t models, inspired by Jessica Kobeissi’s work. Whether you’re a beginner photographer or looking to improve your portrait skills, these techniques will help you capture beautiful and authentic images of your friends.

How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models | Taking Jessica Kobeissi’s Photo

How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models | Taking Jessica Kobeissi’s Photo


When it comes to photography, not everyone you want to take photos of will be a professional model. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can still capture stunning images of your friends who aren’t models. In this article, we will explore how to pose friends for photos, inspired by the work of talented photographer Jessica Kobeissi.

1. Establishing a Connection

Before you start posing your friends for photos, it’s important to establish a connection with them. This will help them feel more comfortable in front of the camera and allow their personalities to shine through in the photos. Take the time to have a conversation with your friends and make them feel at ease before you start shooting.

Tip: Encourage Natural Expressions

Encourage your friends to be themselves and let their natural expressions come through in the photos. Genuine smiles and laughs will always look better than forced poses.

2. Directing Posing

When posing friends who aren’t models, it’s important to provide clear direction to help them feel confident and look their best. Start by setting the scene and giving your friends an idea of the overall mood you want to capture in the photos.

Tip: Use Visual References

Show your friends examples of poses or images that you want to recreate. This will give them a visual reference and help them understand the look you’re going for.

3. Playing with Angles

Experiment with different angles and perspectives to find the most flattering poses for your friends. This can involve shooting from above, below, or from the side to create interesting and dynamic compositions.

Tip: Focus on Body Language

Paying attention to your friends’ body language can make a big difference in how they appear in the photos. Encourage them to elongate their neck, relax their shoulders, and stand confidently to create a flattering pose.

4. Utilizing Props and Locations

Incorporating props and utilizing interesting locations can add depth and visual interest to your photos. Consider using accessories or elements in the environment to enhance the overall composition of the images.

Tip: Keep it Simple

While props can be fun to work with, it’s important not to overwhelm the scene. Keep the focus on your friends and use props sparingly to complement the overall look of the photos.

5. Editing and Retouching

After you’ve finished taking photos of your friends, don’t forget to edit and retouch the images to enhance their appearance. This can involve adjusting lighting, color, and contrast to create a polished final product.

Tip: Enhance Natural Features

When retouching photos of your friends, focus on enhancing their natural features rather than drastically altering their appearance. Use editing tools to smooth skin, whiten teeth, and enhance eye color for a subtle and flattering effect.

By following these tips and techniques inspired by Jessica Kobeissi’s photography, you can confidently pose your friends who aren’t models and capture stunning images that highlight their unique personalities. Remember to have fun and be creative as you explore different posing styles and techniques to create memorable photos.

FAQ: How to Pose Friends Who Aren’t Models | Taking Jessica Kobeissi’s Photo

Q: I want to take photos of my friends, but they aren’t models. How can I pose them to look natural and flattering?

A: When posing friends who aren’t models, try to make them feel comfortable and confident. Encourage them to relax and be themselves, and guide them through natural movements and expressions. Keep the poses simple and focus on capturing genuine moments.

Q: What tips can I use to pose friends who aren’t models like Jessica Kobeissi does?

A: To pose friends like Jessica Kobeissi, pay attention to the lighting and composition of your shots. Use natural light whenever possible and experiment with different angles and perspectives. Encourage your friends to have fun and be themselves in front of the camera.

Q: How can I make my friends feel more comfortable while posing for photos?

A: To make your friends feel more comfortable while posing, create a relaxed and positive atmosphere. Take breaks, offer compliments, and give them guidance and encouragement throughout the photoshoot. Remember to listen to their feedback and make any necessary adjustments to ensure they feel confident and at ease.

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