How to Match Colors Automatically in Photoshop

Are you tired of trying to manually match colors in Photoshop and not getting the results you want? Look no further! In this blog, we will discuss how you can easily match colors automatically in Photoshop with just a few simple steps. Say goodbye to the guesswork and frustration of trying to find the perfect color combination – we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro, these tips will help you create stunning visuals with ease. Keep reading to learn how you can take your color-matching skills to the next level.

How to Match Colors Automatically in Photoshop

Automatically Match Colors in Photoshop

Today, the tutorial will teach you how to automatically match colors for composite images in Photoshop. Aaron NACE, known from Phlearn, will guide you through the process of using a tool that does this job perfectly. When compositing a subject into a background, color matching is crucial for a realistic result.


In Photoshop, ensure you have both the subject and background images ready for the composite. Cut out the subject from the background using a layer mask. If needed, refer to tutorials for help with this step.

Composite the Images

Drag the background image onto the subject image, adjusting the size and position as necessary. Duplicate the subject layer to preserve the original colors for later use. Matching the colors between the two layers will enhance the realism of the composite.

Applying Color Matching

Select the subject layer, go to ‘Image’, then ‘Adjustments’, and choose ‘Match Color’. Specify the source document and layer to match colors from. Adjust the luminosity and color intensity sliders to fine-tune the color matching. Use the ‘Neutralize’ and ‘Fade’ options to blend the colors seamlessly.

Final Touches

Review the color-matched composite and make any additional adjustments if needed. Remember that the color matching is a permanent change, so keep a duplicate of the original subject layer for backup. Once satisfied with the result, save the composite image.


Color matching in Photoshop can significantly improve the quality of composite images. By utilizing the automatic color matching tool and adjusting the settings to fit your specific images, you can create realistic and visually appealing composites in no time.

Additional Information

For more tutorials and downloadable images, visit Phlearn’s website. Experiment with different color adjustments to enhance your compositing skills and create stunning visual effects. Remember to practice and refine your techniques to achieve professional-level results.

Subscribe to Phlearn for weekly tutorials and stay updated on the latest Photoshop tips and tricks. Thank you for joining us today on this color-matching journey in Photoshop. Happy compositing!

Frequently Asked Questions about Matching Colors Automatically in Photoshop

What is color matching in Photoshop?
Color matching in Photoshop refers to the process of automatically adjusting the colors in an image to match a specific color scheme or reference image. This can be useful for creating cohesive designs or correcting color inconsistencies.
How can I match colors automatically in Photoshop?
To match colors automatically in Photoshop, you can use tools such as the Match Color feature, which allows you to sample colors from one image and apply them to another. You can also use adjustment layers, color lookup tables, or plugins to help with color matching.
Is color matching in Photoshop always accurate?
While Photoshop offers powerful tools for color matching, the accuracy of the results may vary depending on the complexity of the image and the color matching method used. It’s important to fine-tune the settings and make manual adjustments if needed for the best results.
Are there any plugins or extensions that can help with automatic color matching?
Yes, there are several plugins and extensions available for Photoshop that can assist with automatic color matching. Some popular options include Coolorus, MagicPicker, and Colorist. These tools can streamline the color matching process and offer additional features for creating harmonious color schemes.

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