How To HACK Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019 [Editing Trick]

Looking to add some excitement and dramatic effect to your videos? Speed ramping is a popular editing trick that can help you achieve that by smoothly transitioning from normal speed to slow motion or vice versa. In this blog, we will teach you how to hack speed ramping in the latest version of Adobe Premiere Pro 2019. With our step-by-step guide and tips, you’ll be able to master this editing technique and take your videos to the next level. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced editor, you’ll find our tutorial helpful in improving your storytelling skills and creating captivating visual effects. Ready to hack speed ramping? Let’s get started!

How To HACK Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019 [Editing Trick]

How To HACK Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019 [Editing Trick]

Introduction to Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019

Speed ramping is a popular editing technique that allows filmmakers to create dramatic and dynamic movements in their footage. It involves changing the speed of a clip over time, creating a smooth transition between slow motion and real-time action. Premiere Pro 2019 offers several ways to achieve speed ramping, but there’s a little-known “hack” that can make the process even easier and more versatile.

Understanding Speed Ramping

Before delving into the “hack,” it’s important to understand the basics of speed ramping. In Premiere Pro, speed ramping is typically achieved using keyframes and the Time Remapping feature. This allows editors to manually adjust the speed of a clip at specific points, creating the desired effect.

The Traditional Approach

Using keyframes and Time Remapping works well for basic speed ramping, but it can be time-consuming and limiting for more complex adjustments. Editors may find themselves constantly tweaking keyframes to achieve the perfect speed transition, which can be tedious and imprecise.

The “Hack” for Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019

Luckily, there’s a clever workaround that streamlines the speed ramping process in Premiere Pro 2019. By utilizing the Rate Stretch tool in conjunction with Time Remapping, editors can quickly and effortlessly create smooth speed ramps with maximum control.

Using the Rate Stretch Tool

The Rate Stretch tool, located in the toolbar or accessible via the “R” keyboard shortcut, allows editors to adjust the speed of a clip without affecting its duration. By simply dragging the edges of a clip with the Rate Stretch tool, editors can easily speed up or slow down the footage, effectively creating the initial speed ramp.

Integrating Time Remapping

Once the initial speed ramp is in place using the Rate Stretch tool, editors can further refine the effect with Time Remapping. By adding keyframes and adjusting the speed graph in the Effect Controls panel, editors can fine-tune the speed ramp to achieve the precise timing and velocity they desire.

Benefits of the “Hack”

By combining the Rate Stretch tool with Time Remapping, editors can enjoy several benefits when creating speed ramps in Premiere Pro 2019:

  • Efficiency: The “hack” provides a quicker and more intuitive way to achieve speed ramps, saving time and effort for editors.
  • Precision: The Rate Stretch tool allows for precise adjustments to the speed of a clip, while Time Remapping offers detailed control over keyframe manipulation.
  • Flexibility: With the combined approach, editors can easily experiment with different speed ramp configurations and make rapid adjustments as needed.


Speed ramping can add a dynamic and professional touch to video projects, and the “hack” for achieving speed ramps in Premiere Pro 2019 offers a valuable shortcut for editors looking to streamline their workflow. By leveraging the Rate Stretch tool alongside Time Remapping, editors can creatively and efficiently enhance their footage with stunning speed ramps.

Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019 FAQ

Speed Ramping in Premiere Pro 2019 FAQ

What is speed ramping?

Speed ramping is a technique used in video editing to create smooth transitions between fast and slow motion footage.

How can I hack speed ramping in Premiere Pro 2019?

To hack speed ramping in Premiere Pro 2019, you can use keyframe adjustments to create seamless speed changes within your footage.

Are there any specific editing tricks for speed ramping in Premiere Pro 2019?

Yes, you can use the time remapping feature in Premiere Pro 2019 to easily manipulate the speed of your footage and create dynamic speed ramping effects.

Can I achieve professional-looking speed ramping with Premiere Pro 2019?

Absolutely! With the right techniques and practice, you can achieve professional-looking speed ramping effects in Premiere Pro 2019.

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