How To Get Perfect Focus In Your Portraits

Are you tired of taking portraits only to find that they are slightly out of focus? The key to capturing sharp and perfectly focused portraits lies in mastering the techniques of focus. In this blog post, we will discuss some tips and tricks to help you achieve that perfect focus in your portraits. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced photographer, these strategies will help you take your portrait photography to the next level. By implementing these suggestions, you will be able to create stunning, sharp images that truly stand out. Let’s dive in and learn how to get perfect focus in your portraits!

How To Get Perfect Focus In Your Portraits

How To Get Perfect Focus In Your Portraits

Shutter speed, aperture, ISO—these are all really important settings when it comes to taking great photographs. Most good photographers have a handle over these settings and they kind of become an unconscious part of the shooting process. It’s kind of like learning to drive a car—you’ve got the gas pedal, the brake, the clutch, changing gears, and once you’ve mastered all of that stuff, it kind of becomes unconscious and you’re more worried about how to get to your destination than driving the car itself.

Auto Focus Settings

One thing that I’ve noticed over the last couple of years, especially with all this new camera tech coming out in the form of these new mirrorless cameras, is that while most photographers have a great handle over their basic settings, it seems like there is a fair bit of confusion and debate over autofocus settings and which ones you should use. I wanted to clear this up for you guys because it’s a question that I get asked quite frequently. What are my autofocus settings and how do I get sharp images every single time?

Main Focusing Modes

There are two main focusing modes that I will use for every single photo that I take. The first is Face and Eye Tracking, and the second is Single Point Autofocus. All the other focus methods on my camera are intentionally grayed out so that I don’t have to cycle through them while on a shoot.

I use Face and Eye Tracking for shooting people, specifically on portrait or lifestyle shoots with one subject. This focusing mode is accurate and reliable. For everything else, I use Single Point Autofocus.

Auto Focus Mode Selection

When it comes to autofocus modes, I choose between Servo Autofocus and One Shot Autofocus. Servo Autofocus is used when I have Face and Eye Tracking enabled, as it continually focuses on the subject while the shutter button is half-pressed. One Shot Autofocus locks the focus until the shutter button is released, and I use this mode with Single Point Autofocus to recompose my shots.

General Tips for Perfect Focus

Here are some general autofocus tips to ensure sharp images every time:

1. Look for areas of contrast to focus on.

2. Be diligent and refocus as your subject or camera moves.

3. Take more than one shot to ensure you capture a sharp image.

By following these tips and utilizing the right autofocus settings, you can achieve crisp and focused portraits consistently. Remember to practice and experiment with your camera settings to find what works best for you.

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FAQ: How To Get Perfect Focus In Your Portraits

Q: Why is focusing important in portrait photography?

A: Focusing is crucial in capturing sharp and clear portraits as it helps draw attention to the subject’s eyes and creates a more visually appealing image.

Q: What are some tips for achieving perfect focus in portraits?

A: Some tips for getting the perfect focus in your portraits include using a wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field, selecting the right focus mode on your camera, and ensuring proper lighting conditions.

Q: How can I make sure my subject’s eyes are in focus?

A: To ensure your subject’s eyes are in focus, use the camera’s single-point autofocus mode to select the eye as the focal point or manually focus on the eyes using the camera’s viewfinder or live view.

Q: What should I do if my portraits are consistently out of focus?

A: If your portraits are consistently out of focus, check the camera’s settings, make sure your subject is well-lit, and practice adjusting the focus manually to ensure accurate focusing.

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