How to find MUSIC for YOUR VIDEOS!!

Finding the perfect music for your videos can be a daunting task, but fear not! In this blog, we will explore tips, tricks, and resources to help you discover the ideal soundtrack for your content. Whether you’re a seasoned videographer or just getting started, choosing the right music can enhance the mood, tone, and overall impact of your videos. From sourcing royalty-free tracks to creating your own music, we will cover everything you need to know to elevate your videos to the next level. Get ready to take your video projects to new heights with the power of the perfect soundtrack!

How to find MUSIC for YOUR VIDEOS!!

How to find MUSIC for YOUR VIDEOS!!

Finding the Right Music for Your Content

What’s up everybody Peter McKinnon hearing today today today I’m answering the question I get asked by far the most of every question like 500 times a day where do you find music for your youtube videos music is so important it makes us feel happy sad stressed excited it sets The mood for whatever the pieces that you’re doing it’s equally important as background music for a tutorial as it is for your big speech your project you’ve been working on for months and months maybe even years just changing that track from hip-hop to rock sad piano to epic house will change everything it’ll Change the way people view your clips it’ll change the way people feel when they watch your stuff.

Using Epidemic Sound

We all know this we’ve already discussed it in the last couple videos but the burning question that everyone has is how do I find good music that’s modern and sounds good that Like all of these people use that’s not going to get me a copyright strike I’m going to get my videos taken down I’m going to find these songs in this music without getting busted I’ll put all this work into a video and then I find a track and I upload it and then it’s flagged and it’s taken down and all that work is for nothing but that’s the song I wanted that’s the vibe of the feel it was perfect and now I don’t know what to do you’re not going to be able to use Top 40 sellers in your videos okay the licensing fees alone to pay for that kind of thing ridiculous it’s just not going to happen so we need to find an alternative now there’s lots of different royalty-free sites where you can buy music but sometimes tracks alone or $30 for a License that doesn’t even really extend to YouTube past a certain amount of views sometimes a song license could be $300 to use one one time in one project but you’re spending 300 bucks you want to use it a couple times so buying individual licenses for individual tracks can also be super super expensive So this is the answer this is what I do I use a website called epidemic sound calm now you can sign up with the link below in the description head down there click that it’s going to bring you to their website now there’s different descriptions for different types of Services so if you’re only getting so many views per month the cost for you to license those tracks is going to be less per month but the nice thing about this is it’s just a monthly fee you don’t have to pay all this money per track you’re just paying fifteen bucks a month And you have access to everything on the website everything at all you just search what you’re feeling what you think your piece me all those results are going to populate and you just start playing through the tracks what sounds good what works what doesn’t and then You download it then you’re done you can monetize it without the fear that being flagged or taken down you’ve got that membership it’s all done they’ve partnered with YouTube to make this whole thing happen.

Exploring Free Options

Another really cool feature of epidemic is you can download something called stem so maybe you like This track but that base is just oh that base is chopping your ass that is not working so you can download the stem and take out the base or you can download the stems and only use the drums and the piano from that track I mean that opens up creative freedom exponentially maybe There’s some kind of rhythm in there that’s really obnoxious but you love the beat of the song so you can go in download the stem take out the rhythm completely and just keep the drum in the piano instead of that actual rhythmic synthesizer that was just howling in the Background and you’re like oh why so all the big youtube I mean pewdiepie I just seems oh well all those people are using the epidemic my friend Chris is he turned me on to it for me it’s the best thing that I’ve found so far now if That’s not for you and you’re like yeah okay cool thanks for all the info but I’m just not down to paying any type of fee I just want free music YouTube for creators do you have tracks that you can go through your Creator studio and use In your videos now it’s not as vast and massive of a platform and library as epidemic but those are options to you that cost you nothing that you can do today you can head into that creator studio and you can choose from songs that are already licensed and you’re not Going to get flagged for using some of them you can’t monetize some of them you can but that is a tool and that is something you can do right now without having to pay any money if that’s something that you’re interested in as well.

Networking and Collaboration

Now another thing you can do is you can find someone that to be right he’s like I’ve got a friend that I’ve worked with in the UK for the past six or seven years he’s a composer he makes incredible tracks so if I call him sometimes and say hey man I need like 10 to 15 good tracks that have this Kind of a beat to it can you do that for me he might say yeah it’s going to cost you this much and if that’s worth it to me then I’ll pay them and he’ll deliver ten tracks maybe one of your friends is up and coming and trying to get us Started producing and composing music why not strike up some kind of agreement with them and say listen I’ll drop your name and the links at the end of all my videos if I can use your music and you can produce beats for me so it’s all about networking it’s just finding Different people that do different things and it is being nice be friendly be kind help each other out that’s what we’re doing right here a lot of people say to me Pete why are you giving away all your secrets you don’t learn it for me you learn from someone else but I’m Happy to share this information with me because this platform that we call YouTube is big enough for everybody so if I can give you guys some knowledge that’s going to help you be better creators it’s going to help inspire you then I’m going to do that the last thing You could do is you could write your own music you could play your own music you go out by like a MIDI keyboard and plug it into your iMac and open up GarageBand or open up audition or whatever it is that you use logic and you can learn That software and you can start writing your own music you can get a drum pad or you can record guitar a lot more work for a video but if that’s your creative outlet maybe that’s the route for you maybe you’ll get more satisfaction out of knowing that you created and develop The sounds that are in this video and maybe it’ll shoot your piece better maybe there’s nothing out there that you feel suits what you filmed the best but by creating that yourself you’ve customized a track that fits your shooting style and what you created perfectly for bloggers and influencers And youtubers that make content on a regular basis I don’t have that kind of time to be scouring the internet for tracks or trying to track down friends that do music or even write it myself I’m a musician I’ve liked the drums for like 15 years my dad builds acoustic guitars my sisters Award-winning pianist music runs strong in….

FAQ – How to Find Music for Your Videos

Q: Where can I find music to use in my videos?

A: There are many websites that offer royalty-free music for video creators, such as Epidemic Sound, Artlist, and Audio Jungle. You can also check out the YouTube Audio Library for free music tracks.

Q: Can I use any song I like in my videos?

A: No, you must ensure you have the proper rights to use the music in your videos. Using copyrighted music without permission can lead to your video being taken down or receiving a copyright strike.

Q: How do I credit the musician or composer?

A: If you are using royalty-free music, the website will typically provide instructions on how to credit the musician or composer. Make sure to follow these guidelines to give credit where it is due.

Q: Can I monetize videos with copyrighted music?

A: You should avoid using copyrighted music in videos that you plan to monetize. Instead, use music that is licensed for commercial use to avoid any copyright issues.

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