How to film YOURSELF like a PRO!

Have you always wanted to create high-quality videos of yourself but don’t know where to start? Do you envy those vloggers and content creators who effortlessly capture their best moments on camera? Well, you’re in luck! In this blog, we will provide you with the ultimate guide on how to film yourself like a pro. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, we’ve got you covered. We’ll discuss the essential equipment you need, the best camera angles, lighting techniques, and even share some pro tips to make your videos stand out. Get ready to unleash your inner filmmaker and produce stunning videos that will captivate your audience!

How to Film YOURSELF like a PRO!


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I call myself a solo filmmaker and in this very lonely journey of mine, I’ve learned some hacks that I know will help you. I am a photographer first, but when I decided to pursue this YouTube thing full-time, I think I’ve gotten pretty damn good at video at this point. I’m going to show you what and how I film my behind-the-scenes videos and next week, I’ll drop a video on how I film my talking head videos and my product B-roll. So, are you gonna stick around for that? Let’s get to it!

My Kit

For a normal production, my kit consists of two Sony A7S3 cameras, both paired with ultra wide lenses. The newest addition to my kit is the Rhino Arc II slider. This slider has dramatically improved my videos. I purchased the two Sony A7S3 cameras so I can shoot 4K 60 and 4K 120 at 10-bit 4:2:2. However, I now only use a 1080p timeline in Final Cut Pro for my videos. Shooting 4K on a 1080p timeline allows me to zoom in and recompose my footage without losing quality. This is why I have two ultra wide lenses attached to these cameras, the 12-24 and the 14-24. By using the two camera angles on each side, I can cover all my bases and angles with both cameras.

Gimbal and Stabilization

I have a gimbal, the Crane 2S, but I don’t need it with these cameras. Most of the B-roll in my videos is all handheld with good technique. The A7S3 has excellent built-in stabilization, and when mixed with a little bit of warp stabilizer, the footage is incredibly smooth. The A7S3 is my favorite video camera of all time.

The Rhino Arc II Slider

I reached out to Rhino and they sent me the Rhino Arc II slider in exchange for a video mention. I did my homework on this slider and I didn’t think I’d like it this much. The Rhino Arc II has changed the game for me. It is easy to use and I can have it loop back and forth as I’m shooting. It’s also a killer tool for epic product B-roll. This slider is not cheap, but for me, being able to add motion to my videos without creating extra headaches in my solo productions has been priceless.

Lighting with Aperture

Aperture recently sent me the P300C, which is the brightest and most advanced light I’ve ever used. With an output of over 9000 lux, simply facing it towards a corner of my studio gives me plenty of lighting. The best part is its ability to match the ambient light. I didn’t even know that was possible!


That is how I film my videos. Stay tuned for the next video on my talking head setup, and the one after that on my product B-roll using the probe lens. I’ll show you all the techniques and hacks that I use. Don’t forget to check out Squarespace for creating your own website, blog, or online store. Use the code “Manny” for 10% off your first purchase. Get yourself a website today. Thanks for watching!

How to Film YOURSELF like a PRO! – FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – How to Film YOURSELF like a PRO!

Q1: What equipment do I need to film myself like a pro?

A1: To film yourself like a pro, you will need a good quality camera (preferably a DSLR or mirrorless camera), a tripod or stabilizer to keep the camera steady, good lighting equipment such as softboxes or ring lights, and a clear background.

Q2: What settings should I use on my camera for professional-looking videos?

A2: Use manual mode on your camera for more control. Set a low aperture (around f/2.8) for a shallow depth of field, adjust the ISO depending on your lighting conditions, and set the shutter speed to twice the frame rate (e.g., 1/60th of a second for 30 frames per second).

Q3: How can I ensure good audio quality when filming myself?

A3: Invest in a good quality external microphone for clear audio. Consider using a lapel or shotgun microphone to capture your voice effectively. Make sure to position the microphone close to you and minimize background noise wherever possible.

Q4: What are some tips for framing and composition when filming myself?

A4: Aim to position yourself off-center in the frame using the rule of thirds. Make sure to create space above your head and at the sides for a balanced composition. Use a tripod or mount to ensure the camera remains steady and level while filming.

Q5: How can I achieve good lighting for my videos?

A5: Natural light is excellent for filming, so try to position yourself near a window. If shooting indoors, invest in softbox lights or a ring light to provide even and flattering illumination. Experiment with different lighting setups to find what works best for you.

Q6: Do I need to edit my videos to make them look more professional?

A6: Yes, post-production editing is crucial for a professional look. Use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro to trim and arrange your footage, enhance colors, add transitions, and apply filters. Editing can greatly improve the overall quality of your videos.

Q7: How can I improve my on-screen presence when filming myself?

A7: Practice and confidence are key. Speak clearly and engage with your audience. Be mindful of your body language, maintain eye contact with the camera, and use natural gestures. Don’t be afraid to redo takes until you’re comfortable with your performance.

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